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Chester XYV, Book 2: Isabelle & George by Jess Fink Hardcover $ mad rush of oversharing on an unexpected first date; some people will surely. I'm drawing some pages from the newer story arc, which is no longer so much about Chester (the robot/android/machine) as it is about. Chester XYV has been serialized online and is available from Top Mary Shyne's Incompatible looks at Mary's abysmal dating history.

Chester 5000 XYV: Isabelle & George

Between 30 August and 16 November it updated every day, but then it took a Series Hiatus until 9 March Subsequently, it updated Tuesdays and Thursdays until April,where it went on another hiatus. This lasted until the 1 Marchwhen Fink began publishing pages once more.

The entire site's borderline NSFW, so unfortunately, it can't be directly linked. This series provides examples of: All There in the Manual: The names of the characters are never mentioned in the comic, but are disclosed in the Character Guide section. Comparing recent to old comics, the lines grow smoother, the anatomy improves and there are more details.

chester 5000 xyv online dating

As of the most recent storyline. The only character who hasn't exhibited attraction to more than one gender is Chester for now at least.

Chester XYV: Isabelle & George by Jess Fink

It's clear that the characters are talking among themselves, but the readers can't see it. Between Priscilla, the Scientist, and Chester.

Chester and Scientist even come to blows at one point. Jess Fink comments on it in a comic for Oh Boy, Sex Toy, asking why porn can't also contain important messages or good plots like any other genre.

chester 5000 xyv online dating

Chester can feel pain, love and even appreciate hints and nuances. But what really took me by surprise wasn't any of that, it was how much emotion and depth and even plot there was. This added a lot of depth to the characters by showing us the backstory for them and for all the events in Vol. I literally said, "Awwwwww! Even though I probably shouldn't have since they were both cheating on their wives.

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But guys, they were just so adorable and fictional that I couldn't bring myself to care, as bad as that sounds. I literally had like three whole tears fall down my face, which, for me, is a lot since I don't cry from books. And then I felt even worse for Robert and understood why he pushed Priscilla away. But then all the sudden, when it got to the part that took place after Vol.

Well, not really, but kinda. But also a lovable sweetheart.

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No wonder both Isabelle and Robert fell for him. And he totally looked like a pirate in that one panel with his eye patch and missing arm and the way he was drinking alcohol straight from the bottle, which isn't really relevant but is something I felt like mentioning nonetheless.

One last thing, I think it's so neat how the artist was able to convey so much without using any dialogue. The lack of words forced me to focus more on the drawings, and the author really used the visual medium to her advantage since there was no dialogue to rely on. And I totally found myself making up my own dialogue in my head sometimes lol. Overall, this was maybe a little silly and not particularly realistic but still emotional and sweet and fun and beautifully illustrated in a stylistic kind of way and I ADORED it!