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binnelanders online dating

May 12, Upcoming 'Binnelanders' teasers, previews, updates, episodes, highlights and and Karli don't see eye to eye when it comes to online dating. If Samuel L. Jackson decides to move to South Africa following Donald Trump's big presidency win, he will have a TV role waiting for him. May 22, 'Binnelanders' actor Zak Hendrikz felt the wrath of a passionate fan who just couldn't hide her deep contempt for his villainous character on the.

The puzzle pieces begin to fall into place for a doctor, and Kallie makes a request towards Lika. Ruben shares his shocking news. Threats on Social Media are not something that one can prepare for, and Chanel chastises herself. Conrad asks Steve to buy some time, but Zac has already implemented a safeguard.

Conrad realises what could be the root of all evil, while Danny and Lexi both discover a piece of the puzzle. Medication could be a significant factor, and then Steve has a bigger crisis on hand than to tell Lexi the truth.

binnelanders online dating

Eben realises what Zac has done, while Binneland Stereo is buzzing about the footage. Quinton teases Lika relentlessly, and Conrad will have to think on his feet during the press conference. Conrad is stunned by news about Lika and Tertius.

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Eben divulges his fears and suspicions to a visitor. Conrad and At have advice for Elana regarding Steve, while Eben tries to figure out where Zac is getting his money. Guilty feelings hang over the inhabitants of Koster Mansion, and Lexi devises a plan. A secret meeting could easily not be so secret anymore, while Tertius observes an interaction that makes him think.

Elana is aware of how guarded Lexi is about Eben, and At, once again, comes to a big realisation in his life. Lexi and Danny knows what the right thing is to do, and a life is celebrated in the Koster Mansion.

Steve tells Elana about his complicated relationship with Tim, and Danny questions Tim about a building that he owns. Chanel does her best to save the party at Nagskof.

Chanel explains why the party is so important to her. A doctor becomes a patient, while Danny tests Tim. Allegations leave Lika stunned, and Danny shares his suspicions with Steve. All hope is placed on Tracy, while Elana takes her brother into her confidence.

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Coming up on Binnelanders this January Steve wants to help Eben, while Annelize confronts Tim. Conrad confronts At about his deeds, and Danny takes a patient under his wing. At makes, an important announcement and Steve and Lexi have a heartfelt conversation about her future.

Annelize warns Danny about Tracy.

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Annelize receives shocking news! Jax tries to persuade Tertius about a new appointment, while Steve tries to warn his daughter against a man. Tertius realises that Annelize is not herself. Monique feels she owes someone an apology, and Adler blames Delia for everything that has gone wrong.

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Delia thinks she knows what is going on with MedFirst, and At mocks Adler with his new project. Tertius and Jax think Quinton has the wrong end of the stick. Delia gets an upsetting phone call, while Conrad has advice for At regarding Louis.

Conrad is encouraged to call a board meeting. Delia realises that Adler has it in for her.

binnelanders online dating

Al reads the builder the riot act, and Okkie admits his fears to Ilse. Monique tries to make sense of the strange car and the flowers, and Louis is not impressed with Naomi.

binnelanders online dating

Okkie discusses Louis with Ilse, while Conrad tries to confront Annelize. Love letters makes two sisters suspicious, and Ilse has advice for a girl about Quinton. Dries knows how to play this game, while Jana and Herman come clean with one another. Naomi and Karli give advice freely, while Bronwyn and Lexi are unable to keep quiet any longer.

Karli bulldozes ahead with her plan. Steve has to inform Jana about the latest crisis, and Bronwyn and Ilse are not impressed by what they hear. Jana refuses to let At take the reins in a sensitive case, and a private investigator gives his feedback.

Steve needs to calm down an upset Bronwyn, and Wimpie has news for Karli. A resignation is the last thing that anyone expects, and a scooter causes problems within a household. Steve, Jana and At differ on the manner in which the Watsons should be handled, while Karli has to deal with a major dilemma.

Ivanka hears from Margie, and an unexpected kiss clears up all confusion. Danny is up to his old tricks. Once again the linen room is a very busy place, and Jana gets assistance from an unexpected knight.

First At is in the hot seat — and then he receives the cold shoulder! Tertius tries to keep the peace between a brother and a sister, and Adelyn finds herself in a confusing moment with Steve. Annelize confronts Jana, while a farewell uncovers a few truths.

Deon is confused by his orders, and it seems like old habits die hard. Adelyn makes an unexpected declaration of love, while the board votes on Annelize, leading to a huge confrontation between At and Jana. Herman and Conrad are at loggerheads again, while Steve tries to comfort Adelyn. Karli arrives for dinner with Pokkel, and Rian is concerned about an interaction that he witnesses. Rian tries to convince another candidate to apply for the ER position, and Karli and Naomi are worried about Adelyn.