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american horror story s3e5 online dating

American Horror Story: Coven season 3, episode 5 “Burn, Witch. by watching a promo, view episode stills, and find out where to catch the episode online. They're usually OnDemand the following day of the premiere date. How to watch all of American Horror Story online before the season 8 crossover Six of the seven American Horror Story seasons to date are. American Horror Story is a groundbreaking anthology horror drama series created and produced Get access to American Horror Story Ad Free8 Seasons 93 Episodes .. Gloria arranges a terrifying play date for Dandy. S3 E5 Burn, Witch.

They start ripping the throats and guts of unwitting trick-or-treaters, and when he realizes it's getting bad, he starts to run it - but a zombie catches him and hurts his leg. Nan Jamie Brewer runs out and tries to save Luke and they take refuge in a car. Delphine's heart overcomes her head and lets in her zombie daughter. They have a real unheart-to-unheart, where Delphine apologizes for being a bad mother in a tearful embrace.

Bad move - Delphine's rotting daughter grabs her throat and then goes after Queenie Gabourey Sidibe upstairs.

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Queenie uses all of her human voodoo doll magic to ward off the zombie, but it doesn't work. Miraculously, Delphine reappears with a fireplace poker and ends her daughter's un-life.

I think this means Delphine is really immortal. Just as things start looking very bad for Nan and Luke, Zoey Taissa Farmiga comes to the rescue with a giant chainsaw and starts tearing through the zombies herself - heads and limbs flying everywhere. She even splits one right down the middle, King Solomon style. As my roommate said: But she holds out her hand and utters a short spell, and back in the Ninth Ward, Marie falls out of her trance and the zombie comes crashing down as well.

She shakes her head.

Burn, Witch. Burn!

Could Zoey be the next supreme? At the hospital, Hank comes to see Delia Sarah Paulson and gets into a screaming match with Fiona, during which Fiona tells him he's one step up from "the men who stand in front of Home Depot.

Is she referring to greeters at Home Depot? Undocumented workers eager to build your stuff? Hank reaches out to touch the now-blind Delia's hand and suddenly Delia is overwhelmed with mental imagery: She sees Hank's entire "business trip" and all of the extramarital fun he got to have. Fiona and Delphine bond over being bad mothers as they watch the zombie bodies burn, but Fiona's world is rocked again when the Witch Council returns and asks her to abdicate her title as supreme because of Madison's "disappearance" and Delia's accident, among other incidents.

Fiona gives Myrtle Snow a look that could kill and accuses her of throwing acid on Delia's face. But he persists in the name of love, and the two knock knees to pulsing red lights and a sax solo. Zoey teaches Kyle to say "food" "fooooood" and "bed," but he freaks out when he hears the latter word.

Madison walks in and when Zoey steps out, she tries to bond with Kyle over their mutual undead status; the two share a tearful embrace.

american horror story s3e5 online dating

Queenie is visiting Marie and discovers that Madame Laveau is making a big ol' pot of gumbo. Marie urges Queenie to ask Delphine about all the things she's done and invites her to join the Ninth Ward's House of Voodoo — under the condition that she brings Delphine with her. Queenie asks Marie what she would do to Delphine if she brought her, and Marie tells her not to worry. Delia tells Zoey she's one "hot s—" witch and warns her that her power won't be unnoticed.

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She warns Zoey that Fiona will slit her throat just like she slit Madison's if she thinks she's the next supreme. Delia and Zoey start hatcing a plan to kill Fiona, but when Zoey walks back to her room, she finds Kyle and Madison in a very compromising position — Kyle has Zoey up against the wall and it looks like being undead isn't so bad after all.

american horror story s3e5 online dating

Fiona is about to leave the Axeman's apartment and tells him the dead body in the bathroom is a bit of a turn-off. She also says that she has called the police, but he calls her bluff. He tells her they're one and the same, and reveals that he's been watching her since she was eight years old. The walls have eyes!

There's a flashback to Miss Robichaux's, when an older girl tries to knock a glass of milk onto Fiona's lap, but Fiona uses her telekineses to throw the milk onto the bully, after which a bookcase falls on the girl.

But the Axeman reveals that he was the one responsible for the bookshelf collapse — he's watched her grow up, and fallen in love with her.

'American Horror Story: Coven' recap, Season 3, Episode 5, 'Burn, Witch, Burn'

They kiss but she slaps him because she hates being reminded that she has grown old and snaps, "What was that? Spalding wakes up tied down to his bed and he speaks for the first time in decades. He wonders how his tongue came back and Zoey informs him that she found it in a little box, still alive, because Myrtle Snow had enchanted it.

Myrtle wasn't a strong enough witch to restore the tongue, but Zoey is, and now Spalding can finally tell the truth. He admits he didn't kill Madison and that he knows who killed her. Zoey forces him to confess that Fiona killed Madison. After Zoey gets her information, she stabs him dead. Queenie finds Delphine carving a ham and asks her what the worst thing she ever did was, but Delphine doesn't want to talk about it.

Queenie asks her again, and coaxes her by saying friends need to trust each other, and Delphine gives in.