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Boy's mother shows up, The desi girl is presented as the girlfriend rather than the actual girlfriend herself because the boy (who openly talks. Are you the owner or the admin of Date: Fri, 23 Nov GMT Online scan for trojans, worms, exploits, etc. Global Traffic Rank, 1,, +, Visitors, / Day. Page Impressions, K / Day. Domain Creation Date, April 25, Domain Age.

A good woman never wears anything but full-sleeved shalwar kameez.

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A good woman always interacts with a Fast Girl in jeans which makes you realise that all Fast Girls must wear jeans. Or that any western wear must obviously denote the amount of Evil Fastness. A good woman is always shown in namaz, because Fast Girls have no notion of prayer or God. Since wearing jeans took away the morality and replaced it with a cigarette because good, devout men can smoke, but women cannot. A good woman waits for the right to be done to her.

And always stays quiet. So this movie is a classic plot, 2 girls, 1 guy. All living in the same apartment, everyone knows that is a recipe for disaster. Boy falls for the modern girl, they sleep in the same room. The other girl is a FOB fresh off the boat and still adorns to her shalwar kameez and long sleeves.

She is demure, she has the flutter of innocence and eyes that look down only.

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As a modern woman, who was duly educated by her family beyond their means, and as a woman who was raised to have her own voice, understand her rights in Islam, in marriage, and as a citizen of her country, I am enraged.

Women do not have to be dressed in white and in full sleeves as a proof of chastity. Women do not have to stay in a crappy marriage or accept to be viewed by rishta aunties who come and comment on her appearance, that which must be acceptable to their sons. Modern women choose to dress in whatever they feel comfortable. Wearing 9 yards of fabric in ? And modern women, for all you boys-hoping-to-be-men-one-day, can just as much take care of home, build a family and give your children and your parents more well-rounded attention because she is more aware of herself and what she can do.

Accept it, face it. Clothing, professions, and choosing to smoke or not are not the paragons of virtue. When you were enemies to each other, and He brought your hearts together, so that, you became brothers through His blessing. You were at the brink of a pit of Fire, then He saved you from it. This is how Allah makes His signs clear to you, so that you may take the right path.

You will not enter Paradise until you become a believer, and you will not be a believer until you love one another. May I not guide you to something by which you will love one another? Spread Salam amongst yourselves. Muslim Anas Radiyallahu 'anhu narrates that Rasullullah Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam said: Help your Muslim brother whether he is an oppressor or is oppressed. I will help him when he is oppressed, but how can I help him when he is an oppressor?

You stop or prevent him from oppression for indeed that is your help to him. Bukhari 'Abdullah Radiyallahu 'anhu narrates that Rasullullah Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam said: To abuse a Muslim is disobedience, and his murder is infidelity. Anyone who calls his Muslim brother: Then surely infidelity returns to one of them. Either he is infidel as it is said, o infidelity returns to the one who accused. Muslim Abu Dhar Radiyallahu 'anhu narrates: I heard Rasullullah Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam saying: He who calls someone an infidel or enemy of Allah, but that person is not guilty, then t!

Muslim 'A'ishah Radiyallahu 'anha narrates that Rasullullah Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam said: The man who is most hateful to Allah is the one who quarrels and argues the most. Whosoever has done a wrong, affecting his brother's honour or something else, must ask him for forgiveness now, before that Day comes when he will have neither Dinar nor Dirham.

If he has any good deeds, then these will be subtracted, equal to his wrong doings; and if he has no good deeds, then the evil deeds of the one wronged will be taken and laid upon him.

Bukhari 'A'ishah Radiyallahu 'anha narrates: Verily, a Mu'min by his good conduct acquires the rank of one who fasts and stands in Salat during the night. Ullah Umer-Din-e-Islam Aitadal Sikhata he na ke Afrat wa Tafrit | Tahreek-e-mowakhat

He will not enter into Paradise who has the smallest particle of arrogance in his heart. I guarantee an abode on the boundary of Paradise for him who gives up a quarrel, even if he is right; and an abode in the centre of Paradise for him who abandons lying, even if it is for the sake of fun; and an abode in the highest grade of Paradise for him who excels in good conduct.

Abu Dawud 'Abdullah ibn 'Amr Radiyallahu 'anhuma narrates: Indeed, a Muslim who strictly confines himself to Sharia'h and owing to his fine conduct and polite manners, achieves the rank of that person who fasts frequently and stands for prolonged periods in Salat at night reciting the verses of Holy Qur'an. Do not harm Muslims; do not condemn them; and do not look for their faults.

O the community of people! Undoubtedly he who seeks out the faults of his Muslim brother, will have his faults sought by Allah; and whose faults are sought by Allah, He will disgrace him even at his home. Shall 1 not inform you of something more excellent in degree than fasting, Sadaqah and Salah? Certainly, do tell us! It is putting things right between people; for undoubtedly discord between people is destructive.

Tirmidhi Humaid ibn 'Abdur Rahman narrates from his mother Radiyallahu 'anha that Nabi Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam said: He who has spoken untruthfully to strike a reconciliation between two persons has not lied.

Whoever is deprived of kindness is deprived of all good. Muslim Abu Bakrah Radiyallahu 'anhu narrates: When two Muslims draw their swords on each other, the killer and the victim both will be in the Fire. I or someone else asked: The killer about him we can understandbut why the victim?

Indeed he too intended to kill his companion.

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Muslim Chapter 3 Hard Realities of Current Groupism in Ummat Islam is a natural religion and the only way of salvation for whole mankind till the day of qiyamat. Islam is very clear and easy to understandable religion. Rather Allah has kept it easy so that each and every person could follow it without any difficulty.

Allah has given clear command against groupism. Academic Discussion or Sectarian war? Great Ulemas are not on the scene in this group fighting anywhere especially on internet.

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Rather they have mostly harmonious relation and respect each other. They sit together and praise each other in conferences and in their personal letters. There are some people on facebook even their real Identity is unknown and the manner they put Postings and comments, at times what to talk about Muslims even a gentle non muslim will not do in such bad manner and words. Ulma e Haq Righteous Scholars are isolated? Ulema e Haq The Rightous Scholars of Ummat are very good people and are not involved in any hate campaign against any group.

The Ulmae Haq feels isolated and restricts themselves under the wall of Madarsas and Islamic Institution.