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suncare 100 totally free dating site

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You can read more about the research that Badger has conducted with Scanning Electron Microscope Imaging and Light Scatter Analysis to confirm this claim below.

suncare 100 totally free dating site

Badger has been aware of this type of clear zinc oxide sincebut we had to be absolutely sure it was safe before we started using it.

We conducted independent analyses on the ingredient and followed all the published research.

suncare 100 totally free dating site

After almost a decade, we now feel confident that this type of clear zinc oxide is safe for use in our sunscreen creams. See below for images and particle size analysis of clear zinc oxide. Shop Clear Zinc Sunscreens What is a nanoparticle and what is non-nano zinc oxide? A nanoparticle is a particle smaller than nanometers, or billionths of a meter.

Furthermore, many particles are not spherical in shape and thus are difficult to measure. The US FDA has declined to weigh in on this controversial issue and does not currently define 'nano' or 'non-nano. This means that if either of the following are true, the zinc oxide material is considered to be non-nano: To date, we have not observed any new behavior in the zinc oxide when manufacturing our sunscreens.

According to our SEM micrographs, sedimentation analysis, surface area calculations, and dynamic light scattering studies, our primary particle size is greater than nm, so Badger zinc oxide also fulfills the requirement in a above.

How do we measure zinc oxide particle size to determine nano or non-nano? In addition to obtaining written statements from our zinc oxide manufacturers outlining the particle size ranges, we've done some independent research into our zinc oxide particle sizes using the following methods: We thought these were pretty cool and wanted to share them with you.

Notice that the first image is at lower magnification with a 10, nanometer scale bar and the other 3 images are more zoomed in with nanometer scale bars. Note, these photos were taken of the raw zinc oxide powders, not of sunscreen products. Visual analysis of these SEM images reveals the following: At low magnification you can see that the product is composed of large aggregates of between about and nanometers in diameter.

The high magnification closeup of one of the aggregates shows smaller nanoparticles fused together into a larger particle.

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There do not appear to be any loose nanoparticles. This image shows that the non-nano zinc oxide contains few, if any, particles smaller than nm and that most particles appear to be in the to nm range. You can also see that some of the particles appear to be stuck together into loosely formed agglomerates. You can see that this zinc oxide powder is made of a variety of smaller particle sizes, most of which have at least one dimension that smaller than nm, classifying it as 'nano'.

These particles are clumped together into loose agglomerates which easily break apart. Light Scattering Analysis of Sunscreen Zinc Oxide We hired a third party independent lab to analyze our clear and non-nano zinc oxide particles sizes via light scatter analysis using an instrument called a 'Saturn DigiSizer II'. Looking at the charts below, we expect that the bumps in the larger right hand end indicate agglomerates, or the natural sticking together of particles.

Because of this we expect that the true particle sizes are somewhat lower than the averages which include these agglomerates. Note, these data were from our actual sunscreen products, not the raw zinc oxide.

suncare 100 totally free dating site

What is the zinc oxide nanoparticle controversy about anyway? The nanoparticle controversy stems from the potential health risks caused by nanoparticles if they were to enter the human body.

When a substance is so small that it is measured in nanometers 1 to billionths of a meterthe surface area to volume ratio is so great that the actual properties of the substance may change.

One comprehensive review of the scientific literature 1 shows that nano-particles of zinc oxide greater than 30nm do not exhibit properties any different than those of larger non-nano sized particles. Science overwhelmingly shows that particles of zinc oxide greater than 30nm, when applied to the skin in a lotion or cream based product, do not get absorbed into the body, do not enter the bloodstream, and are not a threat to human health.

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The biggest concern with nanoparticles in cosmetics is the threat of inhalation when they are used in powders and sprays. This is not a concern when the zinc oxide is dispersed in a cream or lotion base. Even the Environmental Working Group recommends the use of nano-sized mineral sunscreens over chemical sunscreens.

Additionally there are studies showing that very small nanoparticles smaller than 35nm of uncoated zinc oxide and uncoated titanium dioxide can be harmful to the environment by being toxic to marine life. The extremely small size of these particles generates oxidative stress under UV light potentially causing cellular damage to sensitive organisms such as coral or juvenile fish and invertebrates.

Why doesn't Badger use nano zinc oxide? Many mineral sunscreens use nano sized zinc oxide because it is less whitening and therefore more aesthetically appealing than larger particle zinc oxide. Our customers have insisted that they don't want nanoparticles in our sunscreens.

We've figured out a method of working with larger particle zinc oxide that allows us to use a minimal amount of zinc oxide making it less whitening than ever. We would rather not use nanoparticles if we don't need to because of their shorter record of safe use and their potential environmental concerns.

What does uncoated zinc oxide mean? Many sunscreens use zinc oxide particles that have been coated with an inert substance.

Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles & Clear Zinc Sunscreens

The reasons for coating zinc oxide particles are usually to make them less reactive see belowand to make them easier to mix with the other ingredients. Badger used coated zinc oxide for years, until we found a better way to mix uncoated zinc oxide into our base then we switched to using larger particles which are less reactive than smaller particles.

The zinc oxide we now use in all our sunscreens is uncoated pharmaceutical grade zinc oxide, the same kind used in calamine lotion and diaper rash cream. We know that uncoated zinc oxide is somewhat more photo-reactive than coated zinc oxide, but we believe that this is not a health risk. Find a punch with us, a guide to our chatpit.

suncare 100 totally free dating site

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suncare 100 totally free dating site

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