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redgate sql compare free alternative dating is an open source web-tool written in PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. binary, integers, real numbers, date and time, boolean and GUIDs. SQL data generator by Redgate is a simple tool for creating large. SQL Change Automation is a capability of the SQL Toolbelt The NuGet package manager is free and open-source, so there are no hidden costs. And because. And then there's Red Gate's SQL Data Generator, which is none of these. . The best we could do is define an acceptable range for both dates.

Here are some popular approaches which are ultimately all pretty flawed: Using the app to organically create test data is just plain tedious. This is simply not the smart approach.

John Paul Cook : Diagnosing differences between production and development

So why not just write some scripts to insert the required number of records? Firstly, anything more than a very basic script becomes tedious. Have a half dozen tables with multiple columns and relational integrity considerations and there goes a significant amount of time. Pulling a copy of production data: It could also well mean that your test or development environments are beginning to create dependencies on a production state i.

They take traditionally laborious tasks and automate them into near instantaneous processes. In particular, I want to focus on these four tables: Out of the box, Northwind gives you 91 customers with orders containing 2, order details across 77 products managed by 9 employees.

redgate sql compare free alternative dating

Yep, 91, customers withorders containing 2, order details across 77, products managed by 9, employees. That oughta do it. Project setup is a piece of cake; just point it at a server and choose a database: We than land up on a screen consisting of three panels allowing us to configure the data generation. We could just generate everything right now but that would make for a very short blog post and not fully demonstrate the full power of the tool.

redgate sql compare free alternative dating

Consequently, deleting data from them might cause some dramas due to the referential integrity. Our little yellow warning signs from earlier on now make a hasty retreat.

redgate sql compare free alternative dating

Vey self-explanatory and as you can see, we can do things like set ranges, allow nulls, force unique values or manipulate the randomness via seed or sequence. Ah, welcome to the joyless world of regular expressions! SQL Data Compare is looking at the name of the field and determining the correct type of natural data to insert.

In the following example, I save each of the stored procedures above to files. Use the free WinMerge differencing tool to compare the files.

Three Very Useful Open Source SQL Editors

It is available as a portable application in case you are prevented from installing applications on your machine. Your time is valuable and you need to use the right tools to be efficient and effective. Scripting an individual object to a file only works well when you have a small number of objects and you know which objects you need to compare. There is a feature to script your entire database schema from SSMS into one file.

I have had people tell me that they tried to script their database schema to a file but it only scripted the database file creations statements and none of the objects inside the database.

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Scripting the objects that are in the database is a different menu option altogether. This is NOT the option to script all of the objects in a database. How to script all of the objects in a database. By default when database objects are created using this wizard, a descriptive header appears before each object. The header is a SQL comment that includes the date and time the object was scripted. Fortunately you can used the Advanced button on the third screen of the scripting wizard to prevent this problem from occurring in the first place.

Locate the Include Descriptive Headers and set it to False. Set Include Descriptive Headers to False.

Test data done right with SQL Data Generator

Just to clarify, you should use a proper database comparison tool to troubleshoot problems that may be caused by unintended database schema differences. I highly recommend that after deploying schema changes to a production database, you should use some sort of process to compare schemas to make certain that the changes made were exactly as intended. Your primary comparison should be to compare the production schema before the change to the production schema after the change.

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