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zal batmanglij dating

Dec 19, Intrigued by Netflix's The OA? Filmmakers Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij have created an indie-movie universe all their own for you to explore. Jun 28, she drove there in a station wagon across America with Mike Cahill (Another Earth director and ex-boyfriend) and Zal Batmanglij (big brother. Aug 28, Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling's dreamy sci-fi series The OA first dropped on we are still waiting for a season 2 premiere date to be released.

The Indie Filmmakers Behind ‘The OA’ Have Been Making Weird/Great Movies For Years

I don't feel nourished by it. Out on the road, I found myself shocked at how alien normal life suddenly seemed.

zal batmanglij dating

One night, everyone stripped naked and got into a fountain in the rain. It was a different way of seeing the world; suddenly you see everything as public space waiting to be reclaimed.

Myles Aronowitz She tells another story about waking up one morning on a city rooftop, surrounded by other travellers.

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Across the way in a skyscraper was a guy in a suit, sitting at his desk on a conference call. I was rolling up my sleeping bag and we caught each other's eye.

zal batmanglij dating

There must have been six feet between the buildings, but the gap between our lives felt massive. How committed is Marling to the freegan cause? The East is a neat and provocative thriller, but its social message is hobbled by a high regard for youthful angst; Freud would be weak-kneed at the number of parental issues present here.

At its worst, The East is guilty of other-life tourism, taking advantage of a cause without committing to it, using environmentalism and corporate crime merely as convenient catalysts for the characters' internal quarter-life crises.

It's a green film by a green writer.

zal batmanglij dating

In each of her films, she has created relationships held hostage by questions of identity and threatened by the fear of discovery. In Another Earth, she befriends a man after killing his family in a drunken hit-and-run.

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In Sound Of My Voice, she plays a cult leader who seduces journalists with claims that she's from the future.

The East has been interpreted as a comment on her own life — the outsider infiltrating the system and bending it to her will — but Marling reckons it's "more to do with the fear of revealing oneself honestly to someone.

zal batmanglij dating

It's easier to take on a cover identity, and if that cover identity is rejected then you — who you truly are — remains intact. Maybe on some level it's all connected to the idea that, if you go in honestly and you're seen as who you are, that might not be enough.

However after finding the work unfulfilling, she turned down a permanent job offer, instead jetting off to Cuba to work on her documentary Boxers and Ballerinas with university friend and frequent collaborator Mike Cahill.

Brit Marling on How Storytelling Changed Her Life

She was a 'freegan' A free-what? For two months inBrit and her friend Zal Batmanglij joined the so-called 'freegans' who lived in tents on the street and ate food salvaged from rubbish bins - indeed on their official website they describe their way of life as the 'total boycott of an economic system where the profit has eclipsed ethical considerations'.

Of the experience, Brit said: We spent the summer traveling—train hopping cross-country, living on organic farms—and fell in with anarchist collectives and freegan groups.

We were changed by that experience.

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She's collaborated several times with two of her uni friends Brit made great contacts when she was studying: She's not dating Zal Batmanglij Sorry, Internet, stop trying to make this happen. As much as fans of the talented twosome would love for them to be a 'thing', they're sadly not. In fact, they were together for 8 years, from Brit with former boyfriend Mike Cahill 7.

She gets quite deep on Twitter and is funny too Unafraid to share her opinions, Brit is often outspoken about everything from the current political climate to her innermost thoughts, as well as refreshingly open with her fans, disclosing funny anecdotes, such as this one: She got inspiration for her The OA character at a party 'I saw her from across the room, and she just seemed to be operating at a different frequency,' Marling told USA Today.

zal batmanglij dating