Who is seth rollins dating

Seth Rollins & Girlfriend Hang Out at Concert with Impact Wrestling Knockout

who is seth rollins dating

The Nazi-endorsing ex-girlfriend of Seth Rollins is now dating WWE Superstar Sonya ordendelsantosepulcro.info of Schreiber and Deville's relationship. Top 15 WWE Stars Of Who Are They Dating? .. Seth Rollins has had quite the eventful when he turned face and dethroned the. Seth Rollins Wife, Dating, Girlfriend Information. Seth Rollins is currently one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling. He is a former World Champion in.

But fans were actually pretty happy for Finn when it was discovered that he was dating WWE talk-show host Cathy Kelley a few months back. Balor and Cathy were seen to be holding hands and roaming the streets together. They've tried to keep their relationship very private as they never upload pictures together and have rarely been seen after that, but it seems that Finn is finally settling down in his personal life, as he has landed quite the gorgeous queen for himself in Kelley!

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They are both quite obsessed with keeping themselves in good shape and seem to be really happy together, as well as helping each other with their training. Strong has found a loyal wife in Sharif, who not only keeps him at the top of his game but also supports him no matter what he does in wrestling.

who is seth rollins dating

Ryder has was dating the sexy diva Emma a year or so ago, but the two mysteriously broke up earlier this year for some reason. The current Impact's Knockout Champion is enjoying a lot of success in the brand and while she and Ryder can't stay together all the time, they definitely love to spend quality time together when they are free.

Bliss has won both the Smackdown And Raw Women's Championship in just over a year, with her antics making her a terrific heel in the Women's Division. They have been a very happy couple ever since, despite people questioning exactly how someone like Murphy landed Bliss as his girlfriend. The two got engaged recently, as Murphy is a really lucky man to have a "goddess" in Bliss as his partner. Banks has been pretty successful on the main roster as well, winning the Raw Women's Championship multiple times ever since her call-up.

who is seth rollins dating

Banks is a stunning woman who is also very happy with her fiancee Mikaze, who works as a costume designer for the WWE. Banks and Mikaze have been together for a long time now, as they got to know each other from their time wrestling in the Independent circuit.

The two get to spend a lot of time together because of both being in WWE, and Banks loves to spend some quality time whenever the two get some free time from WWE. He has since gone on to feud with the two stables of NXT in Sanity and Authors of Pain, who helped save Roderick Strong from getting beat by the three. He is currently dating Britt Baker, who is herself a wrestler in the Pittsburgh area.

who is seth rollins dating

The two love to travel together and train each other to become better, and the leader of the Undisputed Era is lucky to have a hot girlfriend like Baker. The two probably don't meet that often because of their work schedule, but love to have fun and seem like a really joyous couple. The former Smackdown Women's Champion is loved because of her powerful style of wrestling and she looks like "straight fire" as well.

Lynch is a very attractive woman who is currently dating another athlete like her in Luke Sanders. He is a mixed-martial artist who competes in the Bantamweight division in UFC, and Lynch can often be seen supporting him in his fights. They also attend basketball games and are awful seeing together in public, as the two seem to be a cool couple in real life. They complement each other very well, and Sanders is a lucky man to have a fiery woman like Lynch as his girlfriend.

The Eater of Worlds shocked many when it was discovered that he was cheating on his wife with WWE announcer Jojo, as he is going through a bitter divorce with his ex-wife Samantha right now. Wyatt seems to be madly in love with Jojo right now, with the two seemingly living together as well because of how both of them were caught the virus a month or so back.

Bray may be a terrifying presence in WWE, but he's really enjoying the company of Jojo and his crazy love for her was proved when he left his wife to be with the hot ring announcer.

The architect may have everything planned out in WWE, but he's been part of some really dodgy relationships in the past. His controversial relationship with Leighla Schultz and Zahra Scheiber almost derailed his WWE career, but he has found a stunning new girlfriend in Sarah Alesandrelli this year.

who is seth rollins dating

Schreiber fell victim to this as she was reprimanded for posting a pro-Nazi picture via her social media accounts. That was actually the case as the two were engaged back in though as you probably know, the relationship would come to a terrible end.

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Once Schultz found revealing pics of both Seth and his secret mistress at the time Zahra, she decided to let our her frustrations by embarrassing the two via Twitter posting revealing photos of both Seth and Zahra, in truth, that was not the right thing to do. After cooling down, Schultz apologized for the way she reacted and posting the private photos without their consent. She was also the one to reveal that Seth and Zahra had broken up back in February of After doing some snooping around we caught this steamy photo of Sarah a couple of years back as she worked in the Chicago night life district, one can assume she made a heck of a lot of money dressed like that as a bartender.

Schreiber was instrumental in helping out Paige and the two remain closer than ever, so much so that Schreiber has accompanied Paige to various events thus far during her in-ring return.

WWE star Seth Rollins’ ex dating female WWE wrestler: 'She's my girl'

In one corner, we have the heels well not really but just cause someone needs to be the bad girls Paige and Zahra, on the other end, we have the duo of Noelle Foley and Sarah, the babyfaces. Sarah herself has made some connections in the wrestling business, one of which is the beautiful female you see in the photo above, Noelle Foley.

The two were recently partying it up out and about on Labor Day, and might we add that both looked like Perfect Tens dressed in tightly fitted attire - Seth you lucky son of a gun. She hit the indie scene following her release inking a deal with DreamWave Wrestling.


But what even that sort out a winner? Probably not, though we give Sarah the victory in the photo above for her ultra steamy dirty look. Zahra certainly played up her Halloween outfit, the revealing attire is truly jaw dropping and perhaps even enough to make Rollins himself click the like button. Hopefully he unfollowed her cause we can only imagine the amount of sleepless nights he might have endured looking at some of her recent posts.

Every one put your devices down for a second and applaud Mrs. Seth Rollins on this stunning outfit, okay now stand as we give her a brief but effective ovation. Okay, you can sit back down.