Who is ryeowook dating

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who is ryeowook dating

Appearing with his Super Junior bandmate Ryeowook on the South name is Siwon Choi) opened up about the dangers of dating too young. Instiz: The reason why SJ Ryeowook never gets into a scandal. (Someone sent him a concern of never dating anyone). "Ugh, you have no idea. These dating scandals were cleared up by the artists, but some fans continued to wonder if it was a cover up, and that the truth was still out.

Sandara Park from k-pop group 2NE1. However, both sides deny the speculations. He often says that he is busy focusing on his career and has no time for a love life.

The two have been friends for a long time.

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They were once spotted wearing matching bracelets in their concerts, which after fans spoke out their curiosity. But the two have confirmed to be good friends and nothing more. Fans took them as lovers and spread news about a possible relationship between the two.

He confessed that they go out to drink often which might have started all the fuss. Kyuhyun did not make any contradictory comments regarding his relation with Uhm Ki Joon. Choi Siwon Liu Wen and Choi Si Won played a couple on-screen, which led to fans speculating something was going on between the two.

There were even news about their love and closeness to each other. But no one can predict the future, so people hope they become a real couple as they have worked together in many drama series, understand each other, and look good together. But, he has said that he will go to Jeju Island when he will find a girlfriend.

This comment implicates that now a days he is single. Ryeowook is also credited for musical arrangement in the liner notes of the album. They announced that they would be releasing their first single 6 years after debut.

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Kyuhyun-sshi wake up will you! Donghae grabbed a glass of water and gulped it down in one go.

who is ryeowook dating

Ryeowook smiled and held your hand tight as the both of you went on your date. You moved to your left when he moved to his right.

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who is ryeowook dating

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