Who is kim hyun joong dating 2012

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who is kim hyun joong dating 2012

They noted that plaintiff A or Kim Hyun Joong's girlfriend said in her police report that she fractured her ribs after Kim Hyun Joong physically. Kim Hyun Joong was accused of hitting his girlfriend last year, causing injuries on The victim had stated that the two have dated since the year , and was . According to Dispatch, Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend claimed that she of his girlfriend revealed that the couple had been dating since

Hyun Joong and his friend agreed to propose to the girl, and whoever wins they would still be friends, with no hard feelings. But then Hyun Joong made it, he invited the girl for a movie and the girl agreed, and started dating.

who is kim hyun joong dating 2012

The relationship did last for three year, they broke off after his debut with SS In another talk show with Lee Sora, Hyun Joong was asked about the same question, and he related similar story about his love which lasted three years.

I was assuming he was talking about the same girl. The video was taken two years after his debut with SS, I think it was taken after he had home from Japan. Hyun Joong talked about his relationship, as he related and translated as: Although two persons love each other, they often have to break up. Then I thought for the first time we could break up regardless of love. Since it ended nothing matters now. But my love that time was I think a real love.

I wonder if she ever watched that video which is at YouTube.


While watching that video, I was so touched on how Hyun Joong disclosed his emotions. Our biggest goal is to reveal the truth. Because of this, acknowledgment, apology, and self-reflection must come first. They knew each other for two years, and as they used to be a couple, conflict was created as they broke up.

Kim Hyun Joong is also trying hard to untangle that. We are also in the midst of refining the apology in order to loosen up the feelings of a lover who had loved at one point. We are focusing on the emotions as well as relieving the pain. I think we'll be able to make a decision on whether to have another summons investigation sometime next week. Kim Hyun Joong admits to one of the four assault charges made against him by a former girlfriend.

Earlier today, Kim Hyunjoong makes a public appearance as he made his way to the police station for the official investigation of the assault case made against him.

The inquiry lasted for more than four hours and Kim Hyunjoong headed straight home to avoid the reporters.

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The investigation led to Kim Hyunjoong admitting to one of the four charges filed. However, it was stated that he denied allegations about such abuse being habitual and confessed that he was unaware of the rib fracture.

who is kim hyun joong dating 2012

He says that the rib fracture occurred when they were playing around and had no idea about the injury right after. Kim Hyunjoong only admitted to be guilty of the charge where a physical fight ensued during their break-up. Investigators plan to proceed with the cross-examination and has summoned the plaintiff for her testimony. Kim Hyunjoong presented himself at the Songpa Police Station today after being summoned for an inquiry.

Posted by allkpop on Sept2: Posted by koreaboo on Sept3 He is due to perform at Guangzhou, China on August The agency also said that the two were indeed involved in a physical fight but dismissed claims that he had beaten her twice. The report showed that the couple had dated for two years, just as alleged by the girlfriend. From the series of text messages, Kim Hyun Joong also acknowledged and apologised for the bruises and pain his girlfriend was going through. The shocking photos show multiple bruises on her collar bone, arm, shin and elbow.

A medical certificate, which was submitted to the police was also released by Dispatch. Police will question Kim Hyun Joong when he returns from his world tour. Posted by hellokpop on Aug30 Dispatch has released evidence from the assault case against Kim Hyun Joong. The images below may be disturbing to some readers. The released document and photos shed more light on the exact nature of the reported assault committed against the star's girlfriend. The chest, both arms, left buttock, and left shoulder are listed as injured in the alleged altercation or altercations between Kim Hyun Joong and his girlfriend.

The label stated, "For now we are sticking to what was said in our official statement, and any further information will be released through police investigations. Dispatch then released text messages that seem to support his girlfriend's allegations. Kim Hyun Joong is currently set to be summoned for investigation next week.

What are your thoughts on the new developments? Posted by allkpop on Aug27 Sports DongA has released a report about Kim Hyunjoong and the assault charges that he faces by his ex-girlfriend. According to the report, Kim Hyunjoong will be summoned for investigation as early as next week.

Early next week, we will be summoning Kim Hyunjoong for investigation. Posted by koreaboo on Aug27 Earlier, Kim Hyun Joong's agency KeyEast Entertainment spoke up about the assault charges against the actor by alleged girlfriend.

The agency also said the two knew each other sincebut started dating only a few months ago. Meanwhile, Dispatch jumped in, raising some suspicion and speculation about the case by saying some things did not seem to match up between the two stories.

who is kim hyun joong dating 2012

The media outlet revealed both pictures and text exchanges between the two to support their argument against KeyEast's statement. How long have they been dating?

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KeyEast claimed that the two only started dating recently; however, Dispatch's findings were different. The first point Dispatch made was that Key East Entertainment claimed the two knew each other sincebut only started dating a few months ago, whereas 'A' claimed the two started their relationship in April, Dispatch got ahold of a picture the two took together in April taken inside Kim Hyun Joong's home in Cheongdamdongas well was one from March two on a date in a restaurant while he was filming for 'Generation of Youth'.

In August,'A' is also said to have been seen at the wedding of Kim Hyun Joong's older brother. Even earlier this year, the two enjoyed dates at a golf course, on Jeju Island, and more.

There were also text exchanges. How is 'a few recent months. I hope you rediscover the two years that you had lost. A's side revealed, "Even inhe continuously sent text messages like, 'I miss you,' 'I love you,' 'Let's live together,' etc.

How is 'a few recent months'? I hope you rediscover the two years that you had lost.

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This is how I truly feel. What does it mean by things got physical?

who is kim hyun joong dating 2012

Dispatch revealed A's claim that she confronted him about another woman and wanted to break up to which he replied by demanding why she kept suspecting him before using his hands and feet to hit her. Here, more text messages were revealed. A wrote, "My whole body is covered in bruises I'm so upset about this.

who is kim hyun joong dating 2012