Who is kidada jones dating 2013

Did Tupac's Girlfriend Kidada Jones marry after Tupac's death? Know her dating history

who is kidada jones dating 2013

Kidada Jones is a famous actress, model, and fashion designer; Even before she In , she appeared in a music video of Jay-Z and Beyoncé's song On the. Kidada Jones news, gossip, photos of Kidada Jones, biography, Kidada Jones boyfriend list Relationship history. Kidada Jones relationship list. Kidada. Tupac Shakur and Kidada Jones were in a relationship for 1 year before Tupac Shakur died aged They had a child named none none.

She lost her best friend Aaliyah that left her shattered to pieces. It was just easy.

who is kidada jones dating 2013

As soon as we met we just started talking and that was it. Kidada Jones with her best friend, Aaliyah.

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But unfortunately, the plane crashed within few minutes of takeoff, few hundred feet from the runway. Following the accidentAaliyah died on the spot, and the funeral was carried out on August 31,which was closed to the public.

Ignatius Loyola Roman Catholic Church. Her parents gave her more freedom, and she took more control of her projects. She fell in love with Damon and that was it. She wanted to have a family, and we talked about how we couldn't wait to kick back with our babies.

who is kidada jones dating 2013

After a series of tragedies, Kidada has undoubtedly become stronger, and we hope to see that strength in the days to come!

But then Tupac apologized for the remarks he made which changed Quincy' mind and later the two became very close. Inthe couple got engaged, but unfortunately, on 7th SeptemberTupac was murdered. That day, Kidada and Tupac were in Los Vegas. While returning to the hotel around 11 p.

He died at the hospital at the age of It took a while to Kidada to recover from the loss of her fiance's. However, their relationship did not long last, and the same year the couple broke up. Then, she dated Jeffrey Nash and tied the knot with him in February After living nearly three years as husband and wife, the pair divorced in Despite the divorce, they have remained friends. She spoke with a little…twist in her language. Rashida spoke more primly, and her identity touched all bases.

When I was 11, a white girlfriend and I were going to meet up with these boys she knew.

Kidada Jones Biography - Affair, Divorce, Ethnicity, Nationality, Salary, Net Worth, Height

Everyone wanted to put me in a box. Caucasian, Black, Hispanic, Asian. She uses all the adjectives: A year ago a taxi driver said to me, That Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful woman.

who is kidada jones dating 2013

Thank God she left that disgusting black man, Puffy. Rashida has it harder than I do: She can feel rejection from both parties.

Kidada Jones Biography

So I searched for a private school that had a good proportion of black students, and when she was 12, I found one. I lived in a gated house in a gated neighborhood, where playdates were: But any family, from any background, can have that coziness too.

who is kidada jones dating 2013

I started putting pressure on Mommy to let me go to a mostly black public school. I was on her and on her and on her. So one day when Kidada was 14, we drove to Fairfax High, where I gave a fake address and enrolled her.

Who is Kidada Jones dating? Kidada Jones boyfriend, husband

A deejay in the quad at lunch! All those cute black boys; no offense, but I thought white boys were boring. I fit in right away; the kids had my outgoing vibe. My skin and hair had been inconveniences at my other schools—I could never get those Madonna spiked bangs that all the white girls were wearing—but my girlfriends at Fairfax thought my skin was beautiful, and they loved to put their hands in my hair and braid it.

The kids knew who my dad was an my stock went up. Mom was very depressed after the divorce, and I made it my business to keep her company. I wanted to live with Dad not because he was the black parent, but because he traveled. I could get away with more. At this time, anyone looking at Kidada and me would have seen two very different girls.