Who is joss stone dating 2012

Joss Stone gives her answers to our probing questions | Daily Mail Online

who is joss stone dating 2012

The first person I meet when I arrive at the Roundhouse to interview Joss Stone introduces himself as Si. Adding that he is also Stone's. The British soul singer Joss Stone is in a relationship with a family friend she grew up with, according to reports. Danny, who still lives with his parents - close to Joss's family home - is her first steady boyfriend since Beau Dozier, the music producer. She met Beau Dozier when. Published: EST, 14 July | Updated: EST, 18 July But now singer Joss Stone has revealed she is 'down to nothing' after handing in the group SuperHeavy, once asked her out on a date and she turned him down.

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People want to see their stars dripping in diamonds. I was on the dance floor with these silly things on, dancing my little butt off, when I felt my ears and one of them was gone. My parents are too good for me to do that.

who is joss stone dating 2012

The first Soul Sessions was an entirely different story, however. People would rave about the songs but I spent a lot of time in tears. I was a bit like a freak show. I hated my voice and that just made me miserable a lot of the time. She might be performing at the Grammys one week or collaborating with Jeff Beck the next. When Jagger asked her out to a club, she said no.

Joss Stone: 'I gave away a fortune to get my soul back'

I think he was only joking anyway. I always felt it was so totally fake. On the plus side, her stardom ensures she gets to meet her heroes. My mum and I went to his house.

He made us tea and we just chatted about music and film. I was 18, I had to sing for her and I was terrible.

Joss Stone: 'I gave away a fortune to get my soul back' | Daily Mail Online

I over-sang because I was so scared. She is my absolute musical hero. It nevertheless debuted at No.

who is joss stone dating 2012

Stone is the first Product Red artist to do so. World Tour Stone was photographed by Canadian singer-guitarist and photographer Bryan Adams for Phonak 's Hear the World initiative, whose main goal is to raise global awareness for the topic of hearing and hearing loss.

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Live at Ronnie Scott's. In mid-DecemberStone was named the new Flake girl to star in a series of television adverts for the Cadbury Schweppes product in the spring of According to the company, she is the first non-model to take the role. Stone launched a legal battle in a bid to leave her record label, EMIand free her of her current three-album deal with the record label in April In lateStone's voice and likeness were used for the " Bond girl " character of Nicole Hunter, a jewellery designer and MI6 agent, in the video game James Bond In addition to portraying the character, she also performed the game's theme song, "I'll Take It All", which was co-written and performed with Dave Stewart.

Stone in Madrid in Stone's fourth studio album was written and recorded in about a week in Devon in early It's a bunch of musicians, writers and myself, and we're just jamming, basically.

It was changed to simple text and no picture of the singer on the American edition, the original cover was used on the other editions worldwide. The compilation was released on 30 September The debut single, "Miracle Worker", was released on 19 July In she performed live shows including Indonesia and the Philippines.

She also made an appearance on UK series Top Gear. Stone announced to newspaper La Vanguardia back in July that she would work on a reggae album. She stated that it would be recorded and produced by her and Damian Marley, who previously worked in SuperHeavy.

In Marchshe elaborated that the new album would be a little bit different and "more eclectic" with a "little bit more hip-hop and reggae". People also expected someone with a voice like hers to be black. The couple ended their relationship in November Stone owns a number of rescue dogs.