What is it like dating a pisces woman

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what is it like dating a pisces woman

Watch for these signs a Pisces woman likes you or is in love. Like a Libra woman, a Pisces woman will rarely say no to a direct request from someone she . Coincidentally, we're also in the midst of Pisces season, which has us all flames, future loves, and what it's actually like to date a Pisces. But dating a Pisces will teach you more about patience and understanding then They will be the first to realize if someone doesn't like them.

You may need to cross-examine her, but if you ask the right question, the truth will come out. Pisces women are usually hopeless when it comes to practical matters. They can get lost going somewhere they have been many times, so a new place will be quite a challenge for her. The best practice with a Pisces woman is to let her suggest the place and perhaps time. She may not want to do that, as Pisces women do not like to make decisions, but it really is safer that way.

If you do decide to go somewhere unfamiliar to her, it is best to meet her somewhere she is comfortable finding on her own and to escort her to where you are going. Also, be sure she has your cellphone number and that you have it on. You may still need to rescue her, even if you have taken these precautions. Becoming Friends — Signs a Pisces Woman Likes You and is Feeling Close to You After you have met and gotten to know each other, if all goes well, the relationships will turn into a friendship.

Friendships are 11th House relationships, and the 11th House from Pisces is Capricorn. As stated before, Pisces women do not really like the material world very much, but they will come down from the clouds for those they care about. When a friendship develops, you will see a more serious side to her personality. This is one of the clear signs a Pisces woman likes you and is starting to feel a connection with you.

She would prefer to let you make the decisions. When you start to become important to her, though, she will become more active and decisive. She may suggest activities, and she might even plan ahead to your next encounter.

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It is due to a dislike of and discomfort in the material world. In modern times, in particular, there are a lot of practical details to manage, and the world can seem like a cold, hard, and demanding place for a Pisces woman. She will, however, brave this world if she has a reason. Having a person that she cares about is a good reason in her eyes. So, if she surprises you by being able to handle things she could not before, this is one of the signs that Pisces woman likes you and that you have become important to her.

The traditional ruler of Pisces is Jupiter. A Pisces woman will be as comfortable in areas such as philosophy, metaphysics, or theology as she is uncomfortable in areas of practical, worldly concerns.

what is it like dating a pisces woman

While a Pisces woman might have trouble remembering her own address or phone number, she will understand and remember deep and complicated spiritual concepts effortlessly. When a Pisces woman feels close to you, she will share her knowledge and insights.

Dark Side of The Pisces Woman In A Relationship

The 5th House from Pisces is Cancer. When a Pisces woman falls in love, she will develop deep care and concern for the object of her affection.

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Her sweetness will ripen into tenderness. Below are the signs a Pisces woman likes you and is falling in love.

what is it like dating a pisces woman

They do not need to employ the elaborate protections that Scorpio women do. Their ability to float above the world acts as a natural barrier. When they fall in love and come down from the clouds, however, they feel the emotions of others as deeply as they feel their own.

A Pisces woman falling in love will almost always know if something is upsetting you or bothering you. She may know even before you do. This is one of the clear signs a Pisces woman likes you. She will want to know where you are, and that you are ok. In fact according to some experts, the zodiac is associated with the intuitive self as well as a world of dreams and secrets.

With a psychic bent of mind, Pisceans are inexorably attracted to mystery. While courting, you can thrill your Pisces girlfriend by adopting the persona of a mysterious admirer or a strange, hooded character.

Her sense of imagination loves to roam into the unknown and so if you wish to retain her interest in the relationship, spice it up by adding loads of mystery and suspense.

Keeping in with the mutable quality of the zodiac, Pisces are highly adaptable people. They have fluid natures which can go with the flow or adjust to changing conditions and personalities. This quality makes for an extremely agreeable companion and you are likely to find your Pisces girlfriend equally so.

For a guy who has got the worst of the unrelenting nature of a Scorpio or a Taurus woman, the cool adaptability of a Piscean can make a most refreshing change.

However the selflessness of a Piscean has a flip side. Very often their compassionate natures are taken advantage of by unscrupulous characters. You may notice your Pisces girlfriend have a soft heart for down-at-luck cousins, starving painters or penniless poets.

This Is How You Date A Pisces

While she may be drawn to help them because of her innate charitable self, the conveniently-unfortunate guys may want something more materially substantial than a shoulder to cry on.

You can do your bit to keep these hangers-on away but for that you are going to need loads of tact and patience. The downside of an extremely emotional nature is that Pisceans tend to get very upset if things are not going their way.

Because of the position of the Sun in this sign, the image of the father is almost always off. Either he was not present in her life, or he is wildly idealized, and she has difficulty finding a partner to achieve this image of an almighty man.

Whatever the situation, she can be lost, and the only way she can compensate for her differences is to follow her mission, whatever she feels it is.

what is it like dating a pisces woman

Her partner must never obstruct her on this path, or their relationship will be no more. Pisces Woman Likes and Dislikes She is gentle, compassionate and exciting, and she will do anything for her partner while she is in love.

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She will inspire and lift up, fly above the clouds and take her loved ones with her. On the other hand, she is unreliable, changes with the smallest negative circumstances and she could end a relationship at any moment if she finds it lost its purpose. Write her a poem, sing her a song, learn how to play the flute and surprise her by singing her favorite tune.

Paint her a picture of the two of you in a place she wishes to see. Make a collage of your pictures together and frame it so she can hang it on a wall. She will enjoy a beautiful perfume, but when you choose one, take her sensitivity to smell into consideration.