Wayne dating


wayne dating

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It was a really heart-breaking feeling to meet a girl who says she is not into dating but just a couple of days later posts a picture of her and another guy on Facebook. Now I finally understand women. All the years it was not my looks or age which stopped me, but my annoying and repelling behaviour.

Of course, I am not a male model but girls still can have fun during sex with me, so I am okay. The biggest lesson I learned was commitment: Now I am dating 3 girls at the same time who kind of hate each other, so a threesome is not really an option. Well, luxury problems, I guess Tate, 38, England Most guys will never get good with women It is a tragedy. Can you imagine yourself being in your deathbed and regretting to have missed out on sleeping with gorgeous girls?

And also, do you really want to sleep with fatties? Do you want to have an average girlfriend, an average sex life bad sex once in month and an average wife with average children? They want the hottest ones. Those you see in magazines, in porn movies or in TV. Those girls are high in demand and therefore the competition is high.

wayne dating

If you are approaching girls, you might have realized that often the hottest ones are often not focussed or bitchy when you talk to them. They are getting hit on by guys often and it is hard to stand out. You need to be better than all the other guys the girl can chose from Online Dating, Clubs, Social circles, other guys who approach her on the street. Yes, better than the other guys who liked her new Instagram picture and want to sleep with her, too.

Most decently attractive girls get hit on often.

wayne dating

You need to stand out if you want to make an impact. Most guys will never be able to. They try something, take action, fail repeatedly until they give up or drastically lower their standards. Deepak is the best coach for you! Many guys get laid but very few can teach it.

wayne dating

You can only learn from somebody with worse or at least equal circumstances because the degree of seduction skills necessary for you will be the same or lower. What does that practically mean? Therefore it is more efficient to learn from somebody with similar or worse circumstances. Deepak has a strong Indian accent is reaching his forties, however, he is still sleeping with one super-hot girl after another. You can learn the skills from Deepak.

WHITE MALE learns Seduction from an Ugly Asian Dating Coach - John Wayne Bootcamp

Look, you can get dating advice from everybody. Ask you mum, your friends or the one cool guy from the club. What makes Deepak a world class coach is that he Has proven outstanding success with women, despite his circumstances Has scientifically broken down seduction to the point where he understands every part clearly and can teach it to you He has taught hundreds of average guys how to get the women they want His methods are tested and proven to be very effective all over the world Teaches his bootcamps himself.

You will learn from the number one in person! Deepak, you are a god among men!

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I never would have thought picking up girls in the Middle East is possible, let alone so straight forward! Rahim, 29, Turkey You make the impossible possible, Deepak and Michael! All my life I was rejected by women.

I have bad skin, acne and an average face. Living in a small city did not help either. Still, your bootcamp has worked for me. Holy shit, you literally saved me from a lifetime of solitude. Ramakrishna, 25, Germany I am dating two girls at the same time. Nobody would ever thought I could do it. Short Chinese guy cmconservative upbringing.

I should respect women, they said. Treat them like queens - obviously did not work out for me at all. Deepak and Michael Wayne - you guys have been my role models for a long time. I was watching your videos and asking myself: Just four days ago I picked up a girl who was a 27 y. She is so sweet and hot. Yazhu, 42, Munich Germany Most guys progress but then stagnate The path to success with women is actually very linear and clear. You overcome your approach anxiety, learn to start a conversation, have a conversation, make the girl invest in you emotionally, build a romantic sexual connection and so on until you have sex.

It is very hard to learn to pickup women if you do not have somebody assisting you. Are you doing it right? Are you connecting with them and leading the conversation in the right direction or are you just entertaining them and wasting your time? The difference lies in the subtleties.

We have seen many clients having just a couple of odd behaviours or mistakes which they have made repeatedly for years. They went out regularly, tried every new trend, bought every new product but did the same mistakes, as nobody has told them. It very hard to analyse oneself, especially if you do not know how good seduction for you looks like!

With a coach you can find the right path very quickly. Without you might waste a lot of time dabbling around and be more frustrated in the end. Learning from YouTube or books is very difficult The key problem from in learning is that you do not get direct feedback. You might think your tonality is good but in reality it is not.

You might think you are calibrated but in reality you are not. There are only two cases: You might also mistake correlation for causality: You try a certain way of touching a girl and she seems to like but actually the way you touch you is creepy but she just liked you from the start.

During the bootcamp Deepak will help you with his experience, which he gathered over years and ten thousands of approaches and tell you exactly what to do. Just use his knowledge! What will you actually learn during the bootcamp? Clear understanding of the seduction process: You need to do the right things, in the right way at the right time with the right girl.

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Sounds like a lot of guesswork? Deepak will lay out the blueprint of a perfect seduction for you Method to talk indefinitely: How to talk with girls for HOURS and at the same time making her feel more attracted and comfortable with you Precise understanding of what good pickup looks like: You will see step by step what needs to be done and after that do it yourself with in-ear coaching assistance Humor: How to be funny on command in a manly way How to read her bodylanguage to know what she is going to do before she knows it.

Critical for calibration Immediate feedback: Whatever you do will be analysed and immediately corrected, so you can pickup girls in an effective but also authentic manner Killer tonality: How to use your voice, how to have a powerful voice and change your voice depending on the situation Important! Use your strong points: Pickup is different for every person. Deepak will identify your unique strengths and help you use them for maximum results Individually developed game: Together you will develop an approach to seduce any type of girl you want, which you enjoy and which suits your personality When and how to kiss a girl in different situations You will never miss an opportunity again!

How to touch a girl in a romantically sexual way How to build a deep intimate connection which sets you apart from all other guys Leading: How to make her follow you important! After three classes he pulled a girl twice. Results, few dates, 2 pulls, no f-close. This student asked for advice. He is more on the advanced level of game.

He wanted to know what to do with too many girls at once on a date. I taught him to date both hours apart. Then flake on the last girl if he pulled. I taught him long ago.

Half Native and half white. I taught him purely indirect game. He always made it work. He went to Japan which some Asian guru called the hardest place in the world. He got laid many times.

Also a blow job. Two students showed up to the class. Latino and an Asian. Both pulled at the Latino guys first classed with two girls. One of the most stubborn student ever but still pulled. Pulled a girl home. With another student, they both pulled a girl home each at the same apartment. Is a good looking guy.

With a cool job and status.

wayne dating

But had issues with his game. It was too platonic or gamey. He got 4 pulls and laid 3 times.