Vw golf 2015 review uk dating

Volkswagen Golf review: summary | Parkers

vw golf 2015 review uk dating

The Golf remains Europe's biggest-selling new car and was the UK's most popular family hatchback last year (assuming that you combine sales of the hatchback. Read our in-depth expert review on the Mk7 and Mk VW Golf, Golf It's been available in the UK since and we're currently on the out in to keep the design and technology right up-to-date. . strictly limited edition Golf GTI Clubsport S in boasting hp, and a top speed of mph. Here's what you need to know about the tech-laden new VW Golf Match, including July 03, Details are already available on our Golf review page; deliveries are expected to begin in VW Golf Mk8 price, specs and release date.

vw golf 2015 review uk dating

It's been available in the UK since and we're currently on the seventh generation, with a major facelift carried out in to keep the design and technology right up-to-date.

Evolutionary Volkswagen Golf styling Golfs have tended to be conservative choices, hence why the design bloodline is common to all seven iterations of the VW.

The Clarkson review: 2015 Volkswagen Golf R estate

Petrol engines start with a 1. For those seeking the efficiency of diesel power, the 1.

vw golf 2015 review uk dating

Official fuel consumption claims rate the BlueMotion version at Electrified Volkswagen Golfs If the ability to drive with electric propulsion is key, then there are two choices: Despite the GTE moniker, it's actually a very easy-going daily drive that happens to have a sub A Golf will cruise easily at 95mph, the same as a Bugatti Veyron. Volkswagen has spent the past five years working round the clock on an all-new model. The company started with a clean sheet of paper and an open mind.

And, as you can see from the pictures, what it has ended up with is a Golf. The boot is a little bigger than it was before. In fact all pets are the same.

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Some stand in a field. Some live in a tank. Some purr, and some have a shell. But they all need feeding and housing and. Economy is probably the big news with the new Golf. Other car makers are fitting their Golfs with all sorts of stuff — independent rear suspension, for instance — which is fine for the tiny number of connoisseurs. But for everyone else?

Independent rear suspension and the benefits it brings are less interesting and important than the result of a village cricket match in Pakistan. When it comes to cars these days, the top 10 things that matter are: My son is about to turn 17 and wants a car. Does he want it to be fast? All he is bothered about is economy.

VW has obviously realised this, which is why the 1. And then shuts down altogether at the lights. The engines have been titivated and recalibrated and there's now 10bhp more for the GTI version and a new seven-speed, twin-clutch gearbox for higher power models. The biggest news, though is the adoption of a 1.

vw golf 2015 review uk dating

A bhp Bluemotion version will follow later this year. With 14 trim levels and models, this is a bewildering line-up, where choice doesn't necessarily mean more. The facelift is light, with only new LED lamps at the rear The 1. The gearbox engages with a superficial ease, but speedy changes aren't encouraged and the lever feels slightly baulky when moving diagonally across the gate.

The engine has terrific shove at low revs, notably better than the equivalent 1.

Volkswagen Golf: facelift keeps it at the top of the class

It's manifested as a sort of double thump on lifting off and on the throttle. With the dynamic suspension control an optionyou can dial in sporting settings to the engine, and damping.

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Fact is, however, the button is best left in Normal, where even on the test car's inch wheels inch is standard on the SE Navthe body control is quite sublime, breathing gently over undulations, taking most sharp bumps quietly in its stride and riding quite brilliantly.