Vietnam dating saigon

7 awesome ways to meet locals when travelling Vietnam alone

vietnam dating saigon

Whether you're heading out for a first date, or you're taking your special someone out for a long overdue night of romance, Ho Chi Minh City. Meet Vietnamese singles. The largest Vietnamese specific dating and singles site with over + members. Review your matches. Join free. Unfortunately, the dating scene for western women in HCMC is not very good. There is pretty much an unlimited pool of hot Vietnamese women.

The only issue you might run into is that if she can approach you, then she can approach other foreigners.

Where the hell do you meet people for dating here? (HCMC) : VietNam

I like to work in cafes and the cafes here like to hire cute year old girls with tight little bubble butts to distract me from getting any work done. The waitresses will recognize you after two or three times because foreigners stick out like a sore thumb.

Just ask what their name is and go from there. Ask for their Zalo and setup a coffee date. They view Westerner men as super wealthy and would love to date one.

vietnam dating saigon

Making Her Your Girlfriend The first step to making a Vietnamese girl your girlfriend is to fuck five different girls. This is super critical. It might be the most important step in this whole process.


Just wait for her to ask. She might ask after one day or two weeks, but usually it will happen fairly fast. Also, you should know after the first meeting or two if the girl is girlfriend material or not Does she cook? Does she suck dick? Then feel free to keep doing that without having her officially be your girlfriend. All the perks of sex without having to commit to being her boyfriend.

vietnam dating saigon

Sounds like a deal to me. How to Flirt with a Vietnamese Girl Flirting with these girls is piss easy. I mean, you still do.

vietnam dating saigon

Just not nearly as much. You can literally just tell the girl that she is cute. Dating Culture in Vietnam Dating culture here is a little different than dating culture in America. First, things move fast in Vietnam. You can land at the airport, find a Vietnamese girlfriend, and then a Vietnamese wife in a span of a week. Things here move FAST.

11 Best Vietnamese Dating Sites By Popularity

Keep that in mind. These girls have one thing on their mind and that is marriage. Just how it is over here. All you need to do to write a post and ask if any locals are willing to help you. You can also ask for tips and things to do before arrival. This group is supportive and locals often go out of their way to help you.

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As this is a closed group, make sure you send requests to join at least a few days before your departure. Where to go on Facebook? Most people are happy to send a few messages to organise a meet up.

vietnam dating saigon

Many solo travellers have come to Vietnam and found love. Go to backpacker areas In one night you can expect to meet a lot of people without even leaving the first bar you set foot in. A lot of the bars are also open 24 hours a day, so you can meet all types of characters depending how late your willing stay. Although this is a generally a backpacking area, it is full of locals hanging around. Just as the cheap drinks attracts the backpackers, the locals cannot resist a bargain as well. Once you are here, all you need to do is look for any bar that has plastic chairs outside.

This is where all of the young locals and travellers drink cheap beer together and chat. There is also a good spread of food on offer here, which is just as cheap as the drinks, so having a great night out here while meeting lots of people wont put a dent in your wallet.

Also, this area is known for petty crime, make sure to take care of your belongings and dont leave anything unattended. Once you keep these tips in mind, you can go here and have an absolute blast as there is an insane amount of bars here for one street! Bui Vien street area Hanoi: Ta Hien street area 5.

vietnam dating saigon

Make friends at local coffee shops This is the classic way to meet locals. Also, if you are a digital nomad, try to spend some time in coffee shops where a lot of young locals work and hang out. I have made many Vietnamese friends at coffee shops. The Vietnamese youths are very friendly and willing to interact with foreigners. Cong cafe chain 6. Go to beer clubs On the balcony of Vuvuzela beer club on 54 Nguyen Trai Beer clubs for Vietnamese people are the equivalent of a nightclub for a westerner.

The only twist is you go to a beer club to eat, drink, and stand around your table.