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una mente brillante latino dating

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In his De Motu Cordis, the British scientist has obtained anatomic precision dynamization of Vesalius Factory with promising advances in the physiological study of fundamental aspects of human body and its functions. Healthy body is a consequence of moving, because life itself is represented by a series of movements in search for homeostasis and rheostasy maintenance of the internal medium, according to principles advocated a posteriori by C.

Bernard and Cannon As from the 17th century, most major discoveries took place in universities through a scientific method based on Bacon and Descartes mechanicist and rationalist concepts, against the empirics of previous speculative methods.

The new scientific method started to lead logic and experimental reasoning to elucidate major basic life scientific enigmas Definition of Serendipity Although scientific progress is commonly considered the result of strict research and consistent multifactorial analysis, one cannot exclude good luck and accidental surprises from discoveries and inventions. More than twenty of major science and medicine inventions, even being worth the Nobel Prize, were consequences of fortuitous chances. So, in developing a research protocol, unexpected facts or consequences of serendipity may be beneficial and even provide new scientific findings.

Serendipity in medicine and anesthesiology

Many scientific and medical discoveries happened without inventors having the slightest idea of was being discovered.

The common link among discoveries, such as X-rays, penicillin, vaccination, stethoscope, anaphylaxis and anesthesia may be luck, chance and bias, not always programmed. According to Pasteurfrequently favored by serendipity, "in the observation field, chances will only favor well prepared minds". American physicist Henry has expressed similar ideas: The Bible has something similar in the sower's parable "and other seed fell into good soil and brought forth grain" Mc, 4: Etymologically, English termination - ty has originated from Latin - tatis and medium English - tie, which have evolved to dade in Portuguese: Serendipity is starting to be part of our daily vocabulary to define fortuitous chances leading to unexpected discoveries, especially in the scientific field.

Most adequate adjective would be serediptic 26, British writer and politician Sir Horace Walpole has used this word for the first time in his letters to define occasional discoveries different from those being looked for.

In a letter to his friend H. Mann, he described his luck in finding an old painting of the countess of Tuscan, Bianca Capello: While Their Highnesses travel, they were always discovering, by accident or sagacity, things they were not looking for " So its origin is Serendip, old Ceylon name currently Sri-Lankaa Persian corruption of the Sanskrit Sinhaladvipa, "the island where lions live", for most known names Sinhala or Sinhalese.

This is an Eastern story "The Three Princes of Serendip", was published in Venice by Tramezzino, and talks about the trips of the three sons of King Giaffer with the description of their unexpected discoveries 4, The Brazilian literature has a folklore character similar to the princes, who is Pedro Malasarte: His intention, in fact, was to create an unfavorable mental state, combining Latin etymology for serene serena and stupidity stupiditas 20,24,26, In the realm of scientific discoveries, serendipity is a fortunate finding for the researcher with his mind prepared to understand the new picture and extract from it consistent deductions, as chemist Pasteur and physicist Henry had already stated 1, Even logic induction processes should be open and without prejudice, because observation should not be deprived of a certain level of fantasy and abstraction; it should go one step further, enabling deduction ability and allowing the acceptance of the unforeseen not only as a failure but also as a potential problem solution or deviation toward a new discovery.

Some authors are even developing special software programs to help the serendiptic research process 5, The linear approach of science development as direct result of rationality is far from reality, since a surprising number of scientific findings are result of fortunate chance: Beveridge, in his book Seeds of Discovery, distinguishes three types of casual discoveries: There are several opportunities in academic life to experiment serendipity: By practicing serendipity it is possible to find many things outside the initial search if a careful protocol is developed.

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This modern neologism was born from the fiction imagined in old Ceylon Serendip and may now be experienced during a dictionary query one word is initially looked for and another one is found ; or even when using keywords for Internet queries Ovid, Medline, favorite sites, etc. In fact, some authors already consider the Internet as the major forger of serendipity in modern science world 2,4,6, The term has also been extended to name restaurants, shops and travel agencies, among others, where it is expected that customers will make fortunate discoveries, by chance, of very interesting and pleasant things which they were not initially looking for 2,6, What is the role of luck or of fortunate chance in serendipity discoveries?

In addition to unexpected chance and luck, fortuitous discoveries are different from that being studied by scientific methods, because they require special investigation qualities to "see what others had not seen, and think on what others had not thought" Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize Serendiptic investigators' qualities are: It is important, however, to re-explain the role of researchers who have previously dedicated to the same subject with similar objectives.

Most spectacular medical discovery - penicillin - is the best known example of serendipity. If it weren't for the accidental discovery of glass by the Egyptians who cooked clay pottery b. The previous interest of the Scottish on the bactericidal action of tear lysozyme was also valuable Chinese, Egyptian and Greek reports bC already refer to the use of moldy bread to treat infected wounds. Fungi-contaminated cultures have generated several observations on bacterial growth among 19th century microbiologists, such as: Penicillium glaucum mold does not inhibit bacterial growth Roberts, ; Anthrax bacillus does not grow in mold-contaminated cultures Pasteur and Joubert, Listercreator of surgical antisepsis, has noted that fungi-contaminated urine samples did not allow for bacterial growth.

Duschene's doctoral thesisdescribes in animals the antimicrobial efficacy of Penicillium mold. However, it was only during the London Summer of that Fleming isolated the fungus inhibiting Staphylococci growth in culture medium and has named it penicillin, although considering unlikely its future systemic use.

In fact, if it were not for the efforts of Australian Florey - and of Oxford investigators Abraham and Chain -penicillin would not have been systemically used for the first time in osteomyelitisor cultivated in large scale in beer barrels, to be purified, crystallized and universally traded as from the allied war effort to save millions of lives from home or nosocomial infections. Chain, Florey and Fleming have shared the Nobel Prize of 3,10,13,14, Notorious Serendipity Examples in Science and Technology Many accidental technological discoveries are important for our daily lives, even outside the biological field.

Discoveries and inventions are not always fruit of super-intelligence or notorious creativity because numerous products, technical procedures and scientific principles were discovered by chance. Sometimes they are fascinating and even anecdotal stories because they reveal the curious and questioning spirit of human minds along time ,16, Accidental or not, inventions bread, wine, microscope, dynamite, Teflon, Velcro, etc. Some fortunate chances have already happened before Christ, as bread and wine fermentation.

Bread originated in the old Egyptian civilization: Grape fermentation by Bortrytis cinerea yeast peel contamination to produce wine goes back to years bC in old Mesopotamia, when some absentminded peasant has forgotten his bunch of grapes Finding it some days later, he has eaten the grapes and has become very happy due to alcoholemia!

In the 8th century, Carlos Magno asked for a wine different from the red one that dyed his beard. The monks had produced the white wine grapes without peels to grant him. In table II there are the main serendiptic inventions and discoveries in a chronological sequence.

Serendipity in Medical Research and Practice Systematic research carried out by privileged minds or very stubborn tempers has been successful in achieving its objectives and goals, especially in the academic world. The opening to integrate basic sciences and Medicine was started during the last two centuries of major discoveries and inventions.

According to old Chinese reports, witch doctors have discovered that battle wounds caused by darts and arrows were less painful and would more rapidly heal than those caused by other blunt or perforating weapons. Acupuncture was born from this "fortuitous" medical observation by replacing darts by needles to increase "yang" energy during war and peace!

Frontiers of natural sciences are no longer well defined and clear in research, and there are always conditions for casual and fortuitous "findings": Serendipity has played a major role in the discovery and development of devices, drugs and treatments; some serendiptic discoveries have even given place to new ideas influencing major scientific investigations of natural phenomena 1,4, Attchment II shows the chronological follow up of serendipity's participation on medical-related discoveries and inventions - devices and pathophysiological processes - as well as the chronological analysis of the evolution of drug and biological therapy throughout times as from serendiptic findings.

Serendipity in Anesthesia In the history of science and Medicine Attchment I and II several and admitted cases of serendipity have radically changed the destiny of humankind. The discovery of general anesthesia and local analgesia in the 19th century has banned the terror of supposedly implacable suffering and has become a barrier against the torture of irremediable surgical pain.

In addition, there is a re-reading of mechanisms and procedures which are the focus of modern Anesthesiology research, provided they were fruits of serendipity 3,5,21, Technical and scientific advances in drugs, monitors and anesthetic procedure-related techniques have slowly increased safety levels by decreasing anesthetic-surgical morbidity and mortality.

The first epidural anesthesia performed by Corning cannot be considered serendiptic, because not even him could understand what he had done; his anatomic conception was wrong and his clinical objectives - treatment and cure of a compulsive masturbator seminal incontinence and of a chronic neuropathy - were not reached De Virey has shown in that morphine would promote best analgesic effects at night, because in the morning the constipating action would prevail.

Currently, circadian variation of central action liposoluble drugs is well known and an example would be the highest potency of local anesthetic amino-amine during the day, and of etomidate and halothane at night 28,61, However, one cannot deny that major scientific Attachment Imedical Attachment II and anesthetic Attachment III discoveries may be called serendiptic, in spite of the commitment of the investigator, of accurate sense of observation and of creative skills for the experiment not to go unnoticed by the media.

una mente brillante latino dating

Serendipity has also influenced therapeutic and tactic option in at least two anesthetic situations, aiming at optimizing results and minimizing complications: In this case for cardiac surgeries the use of halogenate inhalational anesthetics in heart diseases with myocardial ischemia is recommended to improve hemodynamic conditions, when isoflurane had been initially condemned for cardiac patients, especially due to the "stealing" of coronary flow.

Urgency in decreasing hospital surgical costs was orienting cardiac surgery toward early discharging patients fast track. High opioid doses as single analgesics started to be replaced by short-life inhalational agents, for allowing earlier extubation and ICU discharge, decreased postoperative ischemic episodes and lower hospital costs.

Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile.

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Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper. Let us seek the peace and prosperity of the nation of our family and our own. In our prosperity the nation is blessed and in the blessing of the nation, we are blessed. Se goza y se sufre el futbol.

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una mente brillante latino dating

Hay muchas personas que viven su vida solo en el medio campo. Se preocupan de tener que comer hoy, reunir para la renta de este mes y la gasolina de la semana. Lo importante es proponerte metas en la vida. Estar consiente de todas tus virtudes y habilidades y aprovechar las oportunidades que te lleguen.

En la palabra de Dios se expresa un deseo que es lo que Dios quiere para cada uno de nosotros. Si se puede, si se puede. Tampoco estas solo o sola. Hay promesa para ti: Animamos a nuestros lectores a celebrarlas de la mejor manera posible.

una mente brillante latino dating

Personalmente yo agradezco a mi madre por haberme dejado vivir. Alguien le propuso que era mejor que me abortara porque no iban a poder criarme. Hay en todo el mundo opiniones encontradas respecto a si una madre tiene o no el derecho a interrumpir su embarazo. Me gusta la forma en la que la Biblia toca el tema de los bebes y lo desarrolla. Como cuando Eva dijo: Los hijos que nos nacen son nuestra recompensa.

La fe cristiana es uno de esos valores. No aceptan el testimonio de los testigos presenciales del Cristo resucitado ni el de todos aquellos que sellaron con su sangre ese testimonio. La respuesta del Vicepresidente fue: Si muchas familias testifican del impacto positivo que ha sido en su vida. Hay un mal en la sociedad norteamericana. Un querido amigo, a quien no conozco por religioso, me dijo hace poco. Pero Madeleine fue asesinada. Y dijimos que estaba bien.

Hay una gran diferencia entre disciplinar, tocar, golpear, dar un cachete, humillar, patear, abofetear, etc. Y ahora nos preguntamos: Probablemente, si lo pensamos bien, encontraremos la respuesta.

Creo que es tiempo de decir con el profeta: Por supuesto, esto es un chiste. Pero expresa muy bien lo que algunos piensan del matrimonio.

En ese tiempo hemos procreado dos hijos y hemos enfrentado muchos retos y vencido muchos problemas. Todos queremos amar y ser amados o sentirnos amados. En el matrimonio nos fundimos en amor para desarrollar un proyecto de vida. Es el encuentro de dos seres que emprenden la maravillosa aventura de formar una familia. En segundo lugar, el matrimonio es el encuentro de dos personas que se necesitan mutuamente y se complementan. Es la respuesta divina de lo que les faltaba en su estado de soledad.

Donde cada uno aporta lo mejor que Dios le ha dado. Juntos para enfrentar cualquier adversidad y disfrutar a plenitud la vida. Y a pesar de ello nos aceptamos. En exclusividad y hasta que la muerte nos separe. No una condena sino el placer de vivir plenamente juntos. El verdadero amor es descrito en la Biblia de la siguiente manera: Todo lo sufre, todo lo cree, todo lo espera, todo lo soporta.

Saul Carranza es originario de Guatemala. In a year with plenty of snow, a rider could, theoretically, ride a snowmobile from Iowa to the Canadian border.


The DNR oversees a grant program that provides much of the funding for their maintenance and grooming work, and it offers technical assistance and other support. The remaining miles are state trails maintained and groomed by the DNR. That trail system provides the backbone for much of the winter tourism in the state. Two of the four major snowmobile manufacturers, Polaris and Arctic Cat, started in Minnesota and remain based in the state.

If you want to try before you buy, a quick online search will turn up a number of rental opportunities spread around the state. Staying warm is a critical factor in having any kind of outdoors fun during a Minnesota winter!

As important as having the right equipment is, you also need to know how to use it safely and legally. Minnesota law requires anyone born after Dec. Jason Peterson, a regional enforcement supervisor for the DNR, stresses the importance of using common sense to remain safe while having fun on a snowmobile. Be cautious when riding on frozen waters; there should be at least seven inches of clear ice — and no ice is ever percent safe.

Peterson also emphasizes that all snowmobiles operated in Minnesota must be registered. And make sure you stay on those trails to avoid a citation for trespassing. Some of the best and most scenic riding opportunities in Minnesota are in the northern part of the state.

Popular winter travel destinations, such as Brainerd or Grand Rapids, have extensive state and grant-in-aid trail systems that are both beautiful and well connected to lots of amenities, like restaurants and small towns.

The North Shore State Trail is another great snowmobile ride, winding its way through forests on the ridgeline overlooking Lake Superior for miles from Duluth to Grand Marais. A GPS device also is useful for making sure one stays on designated trails.

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It might just provide you with a new way to spell F-U-N! By Harland Hiemstra, Minn. Close to half a million Minnesotans take to the fields and woods and waters each fall.

The state has about 30 species of animals that are commonly hunted, ranging from deer, elk and bears to rabbits and squirrels, as well as upland birds such as pheasants, and migratory birds like ducks and geese. People hunt for a variety of reasons, says Mike Kurre, an avid hunter himself who also works to get others involved in the sport as the hunting and angling mentorship coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources DNR.

Many do it to spend time outdoors with friends or family. Others hunt to continue a tradition passed down from their parents and grandparents. First, to hunt in Minnesota, you need the appropriate type of license. Making sure hunters are informed about safe handling of firearms and safe practices in the field is a major reason why hunting has grown into such a safe sport, with some studies indicating a person is more likely to be injured riding bicycle or playing tennis than while pursuing wild game.

Adults can take an online course to satisfy the safety training requirement. Youth 12 and under can hunt without the certification as long as they are accompanied by a licensed parent or guardian. Adults without the training also can get an Apprentice Hunter Validation which allows them to hunt in the presence of a licensed hunter for up to two seasons before getting their certificate.

More information on requirements, including online and classroom instruction, can be found at www. That way a person can learn about finding game and understanding wildlife habits, as well as enjoying the social camaraderie of hunting, which is part of the fun. Partnering with a seasoned hunter also might lighten the burden of determining what gear including an appropriate firearm is needed for a particular type of game. More information on mentored hunting opportunities can be found at www.

In addition to Wildlife Management Areas, hunting is allowed in most state forests, and on some Scientific and Natural Areas. It provides details on seasons and limits, spells out rules regarding appropriate firearms, safety, trespass and a host of other things to know. The free booklet is available in hard copy, online and through a smartphone app.

Looking into a crystal ball for answers to any question can be risky, especially when it comes to a Minnesota weather season. But your Minnesota Department of Natural Resources staff have been around for a pretty long time and feel confident with this prediction: So get out to your state parks with the kids and your cousins and your abuela and admire the rich, gorgeous leaf color.

Less rain has fallen in the west central and northwestern parts of the state, and that could actually increase the color display -- if a little rain should fall soon and ease drought conditions.

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All of the above begs a seasonal question that we get often at the Department of Natural Resources.