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tim ferriss experiment dating service

Do Not Date Anyone from San Francisco (Guest: Amy Andersen, Founder of . Featured Matchmaker on The Tim Ferriss Experiment, “The Dating Game”, April "4 matchmaking services for the ultra-wealthy,” Fortune, February Hacker Samy Kamkar in "The Dating Game" Samy Kamkar is one of the most He got raided by the United States Secret Service for that one. Last, if you haven't yet seen The Tim Ferriss Experiment, please check it out!. Related: Tim Ferriss on Treating Life as an Experiment he could do to minimize the likelihood of damage; and third, the things that could be done to repair the situation if it goes badly. . For now he is happy to be dating.

And I got some sort of crazy response about how he is only checking email twice a day and then instructions on what to do.

I emailed him back to tell him that I do not want automatic emails from him every time I try to contact him. But the scope has widened. I cannot believe how many automated announcements I receive saying that Tim does not have a Blackberry. Yes, the email really says that.

What if we all sent automated emails like that?

tim ferriss experiment dating service

Email would be totally nonfunctional. What if Tim just shut up about his email and if he thinks its fine to answer twice a day, then he should do that?

tim ferriss experiment dating service

And not spam everyone about it. Productivity is about meeting your goals, not getting out of doing work The week that Tim actually works a four-hour work week will be a cold week in hell.

Tim got to where he is by being an insanely hard worker.

How One Computer Hacker Conquered Online Dating, Opens Locked Cars, and More

Somehow, sliming me into having coffee with him to talk about his book is not work. But then his four-hour work week is merely semantic. Because everything Tim does he turns into what the rest of us would call work, and he calls it not-work. How you earn money is probably just a day job. So most weeks Tim probably has a hour workweek. And it reminds me of him winning the Chinese National Kickboxing Championships by leveraging a little-known rule that people are disqualified if they stop outside the box.

So he pushed each of his opponents outside the box to win.

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He is winning the I-work-less-than-you game with a similarly questionable method: The stuff that makes time management the most difficult is relationships. Which Tim does not excel in. Not everyone has to be good at making real connections. And figuring out how to judge time in terms of competing values is the hardest thing of all. Share How does one end up with a list of k inactive users?

However, he revived the email program one test at a time over the past year, and we interviewed him to discuss his recent successes. Readers were missing things that were time sensitive.

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So I really viewed email as, in a world where email addresses change less frequently than physical mailing addresses, just a great way to simply ensure my fans get the content they want to get from me. Here I have captured some key steps and extra insights Tim and his team took to avoid disaster when emailing and engaging a list of this magnitude for the first time. For this part of the process, Tim and his team took several actions: First, they turned to a third-party list cleaning and validation service to remove any bogus email addresses likely to cause issues.

These services ensure each email address actually exists, is accepting emails and checks for damaging but deliverable addresses including spam traps, honeypots, frequent spam complainers and disposable domains, among other issues. DKIM is an email validation system designed to detect and ultimately protect against spoofing, and is often used as a component in spam filtering. In addition, the ESP handled hard bounces not eliminated by the cleaning, complaints from users and email deferrals emails that are temporarily refused by a receiving server.

Thirdly, the team segmented the emails by year of acquisition and throttled their sends to ensure they could identify problems with the data early and avoid blacklisting and other deliverability issues. Number one, before I emailed anyone in my audience, I wanted to take their temperature and see how they would respond to it, which I did with a blog post. The blog post, and the comments in that blog post, put everyone on alert that I was considering emailing and was likely to email.

The email explained how they opted in many of the older subscribers likely forgotwhat would be sent to them, what type of content to expect, frequency of sends and the privacy policy. It also enabled users to opt out from future mailings if so desired. Finally, a pre-header with a clear reminder statement and unsubscribe button rounded out the warm-up email.

Subscription form location The team suspected that the header would get the most subscriptions, but wanted to test how the sidebar or footer would affect conversion rates on the same form.