The shiksas guide to dating jewish

Boy Vey!: The Shiksa's Guide to Dating Jewish Men by Kristina Grish

the shiksas guide to dating jewish

The definitive, hilarious guide to why Jewish men make the best dates, where to snag a hot mensch, and how to win his mother's heart After all. Given the rate of intermarriage in America, which hovers at slightly over fifty percent, it would seem there is little need for Grish's Shiksa's Guide to Dating Jewish. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Kristina Grish is the author of three books, including Simon Spotlight Entertainment's Boy Vey! The Shiksa's Guide to Dating .

So if you are using this book to score a hot rich Jewish husband, I don't think she is the person to give you advice. She is super predatorial in a creepy "pickup artist way" but with the false bravado of a New Yorker and the spunk of a Shopaholic book.

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Her jokey quirkiness makes it creepier for me. I was horrified by this white Christian woman happily pulling her privilege, expecting unlimited praise for basically being white and Christian and being willing to bless the Hebrew nation with her White Christian Vagina.

the shiksas guide to dating jewish

She endlessly objectifies Jewish men, belittled Jewish customs, and gleefull fulfilling the role of the Aryan Superwoman It is the equivalent of calling someone a filthy worthless whore. This entire book is based on the racist and xenophobic American stereotype of Jewish men being upper middle class, materialistic, liberal, weak, urban, mamma's boys.

Boy Vey!: The Shiksa's Guide to Dating Jewish Men

It is offensive, fetishising, and extremely demeaning to the people she claims to love so much. Even if a racist stereotype is framed as a positive, it still diminishes someone's humanity.

Boy Vey! The Shiksas Guide to Dating Jewish Men

Along with Jewish men being pushovers, Jewish women are harpies, and non-Jewish woman are manipulative man-eaters. You will learn nothing of value about the Jewish faith or culture from this book. You will learn nothing about having a healthy and productive interfaith relationship. Of course, her recipes are not Kosher.

the shiksas guide to dating jewish

Yes, seduce your man by trying to induce him to betray the ideals of his forefathers, or because you are too lazy to learn our dietary laws, or because you actively get off at watching this person conform to your will, that's some wife material if I ever saw it.

Unless conversion is your idea of a hot first-date topic, don't waste your time with Conservative and Orthodox observances.

the shiksas guide to dating jewish

Whether your love mensch is super religious is seldom the issue. I've found that interfaith coupling gets most sticky -- and believe me, this Presbyterian has dated enough Jews to make their ancestors shvitz in their graves -- when wondering how to navigate daily interactions: Interfaith relationship snafus arise because Jewish cultural nuances are ingrained in his psyche and not in yours.

So if you want to hang with a Jew, you need to identify with his faith and lifestyle.

So what's a Shiksa? The word is simply Yiddish for a non-Jewish woman, though the term carries a long history of cultural weight that's far too academic and arguable for the attention span of dating-guide devotees myself included.

the shiksas guide to dating jewish

Suffice it to say that Shiksas are traditionally viewed as the attractive, mysterious, and forbidden other -- and not always in a flattering way. However, most of the young, Jewish studs I meet insist that the femme fatale rep is an antiquated ideal that's upheld more by their older parents and grandparents than by today's cooler Bens, Joshes, and Andrews.

When it comes to compatibility issues, your religion or lack thereof is but one part of your gorgeous profile -- and ranks right up there with charisma, looks, education, family, ethnicity, and bra size.

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Honestly, your cutie doesn't adore you because he wants to explore your hidden temptress or piss off his family. And if you suspect he does, dump the loser and hide his yarmulke. Because you, my dear, can do better. Since you bought this book, I'm going to assume you have an elementary knowledge of the Jewish faith and its lingo or at least a piqued interest.

Beyond apologies for your beliefs or stereotypes about his, here's what you won't find in these pages: The Shiksa's Guide to Dating Jewish Men is simply that -- a fun dating guide written for outsiders, by an outsider.

Not to mention, one who's proved to be a natural at the Jewish dating shtick or so the exes and mothers say But this gal ain't buyin' none of it!