The dating game creator

the dating game creator

Chuck Barris, the mastermind behind popular game shows for newlyweds and singles, died Tuesday afternoon. Shorts Music Videos Movie Trailers Food & Drink How-To Video Games Beauty How-To Amazon Exclusives Technology Literature & Books · Video Shorts. Chuck Barris, whose game-show empire included “The Dating Game,” ''The Newlywed Game” and the odd-talent contest, “The Gong Show,”.

The show is the longest lasting of any developed by his company, broadcast untilfor a total of 19 full years on both "first run" network TV and syndication.

Game Show Network airs a current version with Sherri Shepherd.

Chuck Barris

Barris also made several attempts through the years at non-game formats, such as ABC's Operation: The last was his most successful program other than a game show. The Gong Show[ edit ] Main article: However, Barris became a public figure in when he produced and served as the host of the talent show spoof The Gong Showwhich he packaged in partnership with television producer Chris Bearde.

The show's cult following has endured, though it ran only two seasons on NBC —78 and four in syndication — As with some of Barris' other projects including The Newlywed Gameit was at one point possible to see The Gong Show twice daily, a relatively uncommon feat in the years prior to cable TV's expansion into the commercial market.

the dating game creator

The original host of the NBC show was John Barbourwho misunderstood the show's concept and considered it a straight talent show, as opposed to Barris' parody concept. Barris dropped Barbour at the last minute; in order to save the show, Barris followed the advice of an NBC executive who suggested that he should host his own show.

Chuck Barris — The Creator of “The Dating Game” — Died at 87

Barris' jokey, bumbling personality; his accentuated hand-clapping between sentences which eventually had the studio audience joining in with him ; and his catchphrases he would usually go into commercial break with, "We'll be right back with more er Barris joined in with the eccentricity of the format, using unusual props, dressing in colorful and somewhat unusual clothing such as strange hats pulled over his head, if not his eyeshe became yet another performer of the show, and for many viewers, quite a cult hero.

Dubbed "Chuckie Baby" by his fans, Barris was a perfect fit with the show's goofy, sometimes wild amateur performers and its panel of three judges including regulars Jamie FarrJaye P.

the dating game creator

Morganand Arte Johnson. In addition, there was a growing "cast of characters", including an NBC stage carpenter who played "Father Ed," a priest who would get flustered when his cue cards were deliberately turned upside-down; stand-up comedian Murray Langstonwho as "The Unknown Comic" wore a paper bag over his head with cut-outs for his eyes, mouth, and even a box of Kleenexand " Gene Gene the Dancing Machine " Gene Pattonarguably the most popular member of the "cast", the show's stagehand, who would show up and dance whenever the band played the song " Jumpin' at the Woodside ".

In the early s, Patton was even pointed out by tour guides of incoming NBC tours as his onscreen character, while at the same time adhering to his more typical off-camera work duties. One Gong Show episode consisted of every act appearing singing the song " Feelings ", which was popular at the time.

One of its most infamous incidents came on the NBC version inwhen Barris presented an onstage act consisting of two teenage girls, slowly and suggestively sucking popsicles. Morgan opened her blouse to reveal her bare breasts.

The film was a major failure at the box office.

Chuck Barris - Wikipedia

Its storyline and approach, though including a number of Gong Show segments, was actually quite less "zany" another favorite Barris phrase than most audiences may have expected. Comebacks and setbacks[ edit ] Barris continued strongly until the mids, when ABC cancelled the Dating and Newlywed games.

This show provoked protests from enraged feminist and socially conservative groups two otherwise diametrically opposed viewpointswho charged that the show deliberately exploited adultery, to advocate it as a social norm.

Most stations dropped this show months before the season was over as a response to those criticisms. So strong were the feelings of the Autrys that Newlywed came close to being expelled from the KTLA facilities, but the show was discontinued by the syndicator before any action occurred. Gong Show and Dating Game also ended otherwise successful syndicated runs in because of the Three's a Crowd and Newlywed controversies, likely because stations were fearful of community and advertiser retribution on account of Barris' reputation.

Although a noncontroversial format, it lasted only a short time in syndication.

Chuck Barris — The Creator of “The Dating Game” — Died at 87 | Spirit

By Septemberfor the first time in his company's history, Barris had no shows in production. So he walked away, selling off his holdings and moving to the south of France with his future second wife, Robin Altman.

He told friends he planned to write the great American novel while in France. So I know what my legacy will be.

It's 'The Gong Show,' and that's a shame. It's not the legacy I want to have. Was any of it possibly true? The CIA said no, but Barris was coy.

the dating game creator

A Memoir of My Daughter," a sorrowful look inward after the overdose death of his only child. He wrote that he blamed himself for her fate, that he was so caught up in Hollywood that he had overlooked her needs until she dropped out of Beverly Hills High School and ran away from home.

Years later, she was found dead in a Hollywood apartment. Inas George Clooney had just wrapped up work on the film version of "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" — perhaps pushing the storyline even further from the truth — Barris sat down with The Times and reflected. He was upbeat, and at times, melancholy. He worried that his eventual obituary would be just what it was — the creator of the "Gong Show" and "The Dating Game" has died.

I've written rock songs, but I'm not a big music star.

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