Tahmoh penikett dating

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tahmoh penikett dating

A reminder: if you see someone spreading lies about @TahmohPenikett, please DON'T ENGAGE with her! We're dealing with it. Thanks & RT. Tahmoh Penikett and Victoria Pratt photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. the award-winning Battlestar Galactica as Karl 'Helo' Agathon, Tahmoh Penikett starred in the final season Follow him on Twitter: @TahmohPenikett Library, which has an extensive archive of still photography dating back to the 's.

tahmoh penikett dating

So, without further ado, we give you 3 short stories to start with! I met Tahmoh at DallasCon I had won a spot at the Meet and Greet auction, but the first time I spoke to him was during the autograph session. I was extremely nervous because I really admired his work in Battlestar Galactica.

I got my autograph and continued on my day through the convention. Later, after his panel, they announced one of the winners of the music video contest which I had entered. I wasn't expecting to win, but I saw the opening frame of my entry and my mind went blank. After the video was over and Richard [Speight Jr.

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A few of the people there got some good shots of the enormous hug that Tahmoh gave me. That is one of the best convention moments that I have had so far. It was so amazing since I've loved him since the Battlestar days. It was the first time I met Tahmoh and I haven't took a photoshoot with him yet.

But it would take more than a stalker to break a relationship up unless he got caught talking to her or something else? Everyone has the right to privacy. Although being on Supernatural will only project that curiosity even further.

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This went on for years until one day it stopped. Don't know what exactly happened but glad it stopped.

tahmoh penikett dating

Honestly,some of us are just curious,that's all. But I really doubt being caught talking to Kary Cook would be threatening to any relationship--I've seen her picture.

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She's way older and NOT attractive in any way. Total frumpy dumpy frau, not to mention clearly off her nut. I do agree with r that he has a right to be private.

I'm actually not all that stuck on finding out his orientation, I just find him generally interesting.

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His background, the way he speaks and moves, and a number of other things about him strike me as subtly but noticeably unusual and for some reason I just want to figure him out. So I think there's really a small core group of us here really interested in this guy, right?

Not in creepy stalkery ways, just, he's really cool and we're curious or smitten or both and we want to talk about him. But there are some things I might have found that aren't definitive in any direction and I would like to share them with the other interested people and talk about them, but I'm not about to post speculation to a public discussion site--I'm not at all interested in starting rumors about him, I just have some stuff that some others might be interested in seeing and talking about in a non-mean non-gossipy way.

So is there a place online to have off-board discussion about something where interested parties can sort of rendezvous without posting our email addresses or other personal information? Forgive me if I am completely wrong thinking there is anyone else who would be interested in this, it's just a sense I get that there might be.

tahmoh penikett dating

Knowing this I am just saying that I am interested but that is far as it goes. I don't know if have an account there but you can go to imdb his board and you can DM another without having publicly display information. I'm not on any social media sites.

I decided to try it even though the boards there seem kind of dead in general; I found I did have an account I must have set up a zillion years ago and forgotten about.

tahmoh penikett dating

So I got my password re-set, logged in, and tried to reply to a post I mean, please, what possible legitimate reason could there be for them to have that information, and for the mere privilege of posting on their moribund site no less! But thanks for the suggestion anyway.