Stardom hollywood dating 2499 flower

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stardom hollywood dating 2499 flower

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Same situation as you! However when I'm not playing, I usually get a notification about how my publist Charlene wants to talk to me about getting on A-list or something and when I'm in the game nothing happens. I've been doing projects and everything, but even the receptionist at the Maxillion Talent disappeared and I don't know what I'm supposed to do now!

Stardom Hollywood: Fairuza at the high end resturant.

It's getting really boring just doing projects all over and over again I hope there's going to be some things that actually happen like the A list. Feb 26, Answer from: GrandmaCinder I read somewhere else that for Max, you need to be 1 with 50 million fans, buy the beach house and then his secretary will re-appear and schedule an appt with you. I haven't bought the beach house yet so I'm not sure.

Feb 27, Answer from: I've been an A-list actress with It's like the story has completely stopped and all I get are projects to do.

stardom hollywood dating 2499 flower

Mar 7, Answer from: Abbz I am on the a list, I have got about 18million fans, I have received a call from Arnie and had to go meet Maximilian at a restaurant.

I hope this helps Posted on: Mar 10, Answer from: Celia The game is fairly new, the creators are probably working on those areas now to be included in the next update. That's what happened in Stardom: I'm sure they'll update soon, can't wait to see what's next.

Mar 16, Answer from: Kiki2kim Well I got a phone call to do a movie and the director's Tempory office is in the neighborhood it's the Discount Law place. Also because I'm an A-list I go out top with another A-lister and they live in the apartment building in the Valley.

Mar 17, Answer from: Em The mansion unlocks when you are invited to a party by Charlene and max will be at the party with other people, the owner theb leaves the property and you can buy it, smith and associates unlocks when you meet a woman called marcia who also wants to represent you, globatech opens when you do a photoshoot with a woman called flower, discount law is the 'oz' directors temporary office: Nate I'm a number 1 A-Lister, level 16 nearing 17 and Charlene hasn't invited me to any party yet, but I checked and I had a notification from my publicist and when Arnie called he said something about Marcus liking me at the party, and the mansion is still locked, what do I do??

And I have Mar 18, Answer from: Sunbeam For Sunbeam Apartmen is your boyfriends house.

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I met him in starbeans then when we have reach lvel 3 relationship he gave me the key to his house and "ta-da" Sunbeam get unlock: I hope this help Posted on: Apr 3, Answer from: JaxxyTown I have max as an agent and the house is unlocked. Apr 11, Answer from: Apr 25, Answer from: Vickie Ok,i've done a lot of projects,A-lister, 89 millions fans but i cant get max! Apr 26, Answer from: May 2, Answer from: Shoska I am number one with Once your invited to the Headley mansion you will meet Maximillion and he'll want to represent you.

You'll meet alot of new people. The places will get unlocked when u go on photo shoots and things like that Posted on: May 15, Answer from: A-list boyfriends live in the Valley in the pink Fendelman apts where you will get a key after u guys reach relationship points when u get engaged.

Stardom Hollywood Dating Flower

May 24, Answer from: KrazyKorean When i reached level 3 in relationship with my A-list bf he gave me a key to his home. He lives in Fendelmen apartments at the valley. Not sunbeam apartments like other bfs.

I guess its only a-list bfs where they live in fendelmen and only bf below a-list live in sunbeam apartments. May 28, Answer from: May 30, Answer from: Archer You have to be level 16 for something to happen a party then after the party two people come up and want to represent you. Choose one max or Marcia but Marcia is just a phony but there's a glitch if u choose max so I'm not so sure: Jun 2, Answer from: Ioli I'm 16 level and im represented bt max and i dont think fans and houses matter because i jave only downtown and neighborhood houses.

Jun 6, Answer from: Em Ive posted before, my character is now level 20, Fendleman apartments unlocks when you're in a serious relationship. Jun 9, Answer from: Jun 11, Answer from: Mariah I can't get anymore fans? I'm currently number 1 with Is anyone else having this problem?

Also has anyone got married? If so what happens? Jun 15, Answer from: Jun 17, Answer from: We'll have to wait until the next update. For all of you who haven't had the mansion party, I'm level 19 and 1 with I'm pretty sure she invites you to the party after you finish Oscar Mike.

stardom hollywood dating 2499 flower

I had thought it was right after The Wooden Cuckoo but I guess not. Now I'm being represented by Max.

stardom hollywood dating 2499 flower

If you're dating an A-Lister, you'll be able to visit them in their apartment at the Valley. If you date an E-lister, you're able to visit them in the neighborhood, and so on.

The door to the apartment will have a heart on it. I think you have to have a relationship level higher than to visit them. And the different apartments Posted on: Jun 19, Answer from: Em Has anybody with the new update actually managed to get married yet?

The chapel in Las Vegas is locked?

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Stardom Hollywood Dating 2499 Flower

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stardom hollywood dating 2499 flower

Its nice to hear things from a different perspective once in a while. And I like this guys approach.

stardom hollywood dating 2499 flower

Here's a behind the scenes clip of our first season. Wise words from our 1st AD, guys and girls, pay attention. Like us on Facebook - datingadviceshow. Every guy wants her bc shes so mysterious and that makes you want. To get Datibg Dating. Wow…that Dating an awesome Ryunosuke of Foower.

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