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5 days ago Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Rae Won will be reuniting for the first time in 16 years “ Snowman” for the film “The Most Ordinary Romance” (literal title)! can't let go of his ex-girlfriend, and Sun Young (played by Gong Hyo Jin). Gong Hyo-jin (sinh ngày 4 tháng 4 năm ) là nữ diễn viên Hàn Quốc được biết . Năm , bộ phim dài tập Snowman ghép đôi Hyo-jin với Jo Jae-hyun, với vai diễn đầy . “Actress Gong Hyo-jin, actor Lee Jin-wook confirmed dating”. Gong Hyo-jin is a South Korean actress, model, and fashion enthusiast. Lee Jin-wook, Gong Hyo-jin has never been spotted dating anyone.

The maternal role served to soften and feminize her image, but Gong was also praised for her nuanced portrayal that grounded her character in reality, helping to prevent the drama from being overly maudlin or saccharine. After Thank You, Gong went back to film and took on supporting roles for the opportunity to work with some of the most talented directors in Chungmuro.

Hailed by critics as one of the most original Korean films in recent years, Lee Kyoung-mi 's feature directorial debut was divisive, and though its box office performance was a disappointment, it acquired a sort of cult status among Korean cinephiles. Reportedly urged on by fellow actress Jeon Do-yeon[44] she eventually accepted and threw herself into the role.

She played a widow traveling with her poet ex-boyfriend in Yim Soon-rye 's part- Buddhist meditation, part- road movie.

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You Are More Than Beautiful later received a theatrical release in InGong starred as a psychiatrist who falls for a mystery novelist with schizophrenia played by Jo In-sung in the medical-melodrama series It's Okay, That's Love. Gong plays a Music Bank variety show producer who has been working in broadcasting for 10 years. She played a former violinist who lives in Australia with her son. Gong Chek, which is a play on her surname and the Korean word for "notebook" []. In it, Gong gives a look inside her personal lifestyle habits and offers practical and simple tips.

What an antiquated law. If a spouse dies the surviving spouse should be free to marry again. There's no blood ties there.

snowman gong hyo jin dating

I think Gong Hyo Jin agreed to accept this drama because she thought it would be good to shine a light on this antiquated law so that it could be revoked.

She often seems to care about social causes in the scripts that are submitted to her for her consideration. Such an incredible actress! Apart from that, I just enjoyed the sincerity of this script, the fact that the characters held serious conversations with each other when things were troubling them, the fact that they held back physically and sought the right thing to do for all parties, this all contributes to making the show one for discerning grown-ups, who understand that feelings are simply feelings and how we react to them is what makes us strong, or what makes us crash and burn instead.

Compare to the awful K-drama Temptation, where outright adultery is sanctioned and condoned by that particular screenwriter. Night and Day with this show, which showed good people struggling against their feelings, trying to do the right thing.

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This is a special K-drama that will take a special person to understand it. Those who mainly enjoy simple fairy tale dramas might not appreciate it, but if you are tired of Cinderella and want to watch something more symbolic of a serious Shakespeare morality tale then check it out. Snowman is a mostly sad story dealing with love, inner conflict, and what is socially acceptable.

I wish there were more down to earth, real life story dramas like this one coming out of Korea today, and less fluff.

snowman gong hyo jin dating

I can tell from their lack of plot details stated in writing their reviews that they didn't understand the socially conscious theme of the story, the unfairness of an archaic marriage law which needed rescinding for modern times.

I feel the need to counter the blatant unfairness in which superficial folks approach this story in their reviews. This is a fascinating drama, filled with powerful performances, by some of the best Korean actors in the business. In fact, a solid argument could be made after closely examining her performance in Snowmanthat this is by far the very BEST performance she ever gave and that's saying a lot, because her career is filled with great performances! People, especially newbies to K-dramas, fail to understand that there is tremendous character growth during most Korean dramas, so that the way we see characters in the beginning of stories will not be the same way we will see them at the end of the stories.

In the beginning her character is certainly annoying, rather childish and whiny; she takes her loving older sister Oh Yun Soo who raised her for granted, she reacts in a knee-jerk negative fashion towards her Flight Attendant sister's new beau Jo Jae Hyun who is a cop with a rather brash way of dealing with criminals and anti-social types whom he encounters on his job. However, once off the job he tries to see things from her more childish perspective and he is patient and kind with her, which gradually leads to her accepting him as her sister's eventual husband.

The second thing to understand about this drama is that the action takes place before and the changing of the Korean law which liberalized marriage in the country. Before that year there had been strong taboos against people with the same family names, coming from the same clans, marrying each other.

In Korea an entire family had to agree to the nuptials and give their consent, otherwise the bride and groom would end up ostracized by their extended families. It was actually illegal for former in-laws to marry each other, even after the deaths of prior spouses. Snowman depicts the unfairness of the former rigid laws for people in a more modern age, folks whose religion or lack of it might not even agree with ancient Confucian law that guided these old traditions and practices.

Even in when this drama was made there was lingering prejudices against former in-laws marrying each other. This was why Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jae Hyun decided to take these roles, to bring some sympathy and understanding to this unfairness in Korean society.

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Gong Hyo Jin, in particular, often chooses dramas based on their socially conscious themes, and she doesn't seem to care if a certain portion of the population will find her choices offensive. In this drama, although Gong Hyo Jin's character begins to care for her brother-in-law in a more romantic way, she fights her feelings, hides them for as long as possible, and there is never one single attempt to seduce, kiss, or even embrace her brother-in-law during the entire series.

In his turn he tries to encourage her to find her own love, which she tries to do by engaging in a friendship with Kim Rae Won's character. He encourages her to switch departments she had become a cop like him and they ended up working in the same precinct. He never tries to encourage her romantically in any way, shape or form, constantly telling her he loves his wife. So anyone writing a review stating otherwise is just ignorant, having not watched it in its entirety, or they are deliberately lying.

Heck, you can see depravity of the worst sort every night on American television, yet THIS clean Korean show is what they choose to excoriate??? In the building the snowman scene above he's doing the right thing, she cries it out, and life goes on the next morning, with her eventually switching departments like he told her she should do. Nothing objectionable, folks, move on. When his wife, the girl's sister, dies tragically through an auto accident after shopping with her younger sister, both the sister and her brother-in-law are grief-stricken and old tenuous feelings between them are buried by both of them for a long time.

Then he listens to his interfering family who tell him to remove his young son from his aunt's influence, just at the time when the child needs his aunt the most. This eventually backfires on this meddling family, thank goodness, but not after some emotionally devastating scenes. But they are going to have to move far away, to a place where no one knows them, because the law at the time will not allow them to marry and make their relationship legitimate.