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Date reviewed: January | Tested by: John Milbank | Price: ££ | A premium flip-front – or modular – helmet made in Germany , the Schuberth C4 is designed for touring and sports riders. cheap – a friend likened it to the sound of the helmets you use on your CBT. Schuberth C3 Pro helmet white: Sports & Outdoors. Also check our best rated Motorcycle Helmet reviews · Auto store. Visit our Car & Motorbike. The SCHUBERTH C3 Pro is the highest-tech, most advanced flip-up The SCHUBERTH C3 Pro is an evolution of the popular SCHUBERTH C3 (review). .. The C3 Pro warranty is 5 years from date of purchase or 7 years from the . I purchased mine in the UK about 2 weeks ago, and like you found the.

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It performed pretty badly on the side impact tests and was less than glowing on the rear impact tests too which is disappointing. Intensity Black design On the plus side, where many flip-up helmets fall down is that they fail to keep their chin guard closed and locked through all the tests. Looking to buy a Schuberth? We recommend SportsBikeShop UK for competitive prices, free delivery and day returns backed by outstanding reviews. We also recommend GetGeared UK who offer free delivery and free day returns and who get very good online reviews for service too.

Or if you'd prefer to buy from Germany in Euros, Motoin are a quality operation with decent prices and great review scores. Or you can click through to the Roof helmets pages at Amazon if you prefer to buy from there.

Please see here for more info on our recommended stores or click the links to go straight to their Roof helmets pages. Conversely if your last helmet was a well-padded touring helmet, then you might not be so impressed. However, the C3 Pro is only constructed in two shell sizes. Having said that, Schuberth do offer replacement cheek pads to allow you to fine tune the fitment.

The C3 Pro has a single chin vent operated by a very easy to use toggle switch and a slider on the top of the helmet to open the forehead vents — again which is easy to use. Broadly, it can be summarised as OK.

They pull enough air in to keep you cool in the summer, though some owners suspect that opening the vents does increase noise inside the helmet. Visor The Schuberth C3 Pro comes with a clear external visor and a drop down sun visor. It has a couple of tabs at the bottom which is a great idea and allows riders and pillions to easily open the visor from either side. It also has small triangular shapes protruding from the top of the visor called turbulators — there, according to Schuberth, to reduce wind noise and whistling.

Moody C3 Pro Dark in classic orange There are also one or two reports of visors not sealing so well against the rain but other than that, the main visor has a nice positive feel, works on a ratchet and has an excellent tool-free quick removal system.

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The internal sun visor works well too. People who owned the previous model also complained it had a tendency to rattle or slam closed — something fixed on the C3 Pro. A final note on the visor is that it comes with a Pinlock Original anti-fog insert in the box, which is great.

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New sun visor shape and material with anti-scratch coating. Claimed to prevent deformation and hazing. Reworked chin bar parts with new slots for better venting, less draft.

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New anchors for wind cuff. The blue has a very vibrant hue with a tiny metalflake background that really pops. As expected, all of the moving parts on the C3 Pro work with a precise feel. One of the complaints we had with the C3 was thin padding in the liner and the revised and thicker padding in the C3 Pro addresses that more on the optional liner in the next section.

Also, the quality of the liner fabric and the padding overall seems improved, which makes the helmet more comfortable. The face shield and rotating flip-up visor both have a precise feel in their movements and the face shield is easy to remove and replace.


The lower-profile micro-lock chin strap retainer is a very welcome addition; many C3 owners said that the previous chin strap was positioned too far back in the helmet and it pressed against the throat. The combination of the thinner retainer mechanism and moving the strap forward gives the C3 Pro a much better comfort level. See the Summary Table at the end of this review for a description of the rating system.

The standard C3 Pro liner in the XL size helmet can be replaced with a C3 liner to make a half-size smaller fit. Usually but not alwaysa size L is a and an XL is a As ofthat liner is no longer made and no longer in stock.