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ryan eggold dating

After being slammed by the breakup news once, actor Ryan Eggold has kept his current dating life behind the curtain. Is the key reason for. Ryan Eggold is a handsome TV actor who has performed on many hit Ryan Eggold is dating a girl named Haley Bennett since after. Ryan Eggold as Tom Keen in The Blacklist. [SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched "Ian Garvey," the fall finale episode.

The romantic comedy tells the story of Adam who is invited to his former girlfriend Allison's wedding, and he tries to win her back.

ryan eggold dating

I wrote and directed the short film and people responded well to it. People came up to me to tell me that they felt or thought or said the same things as the characters.

ryan eggold dating

I wanted to tell the full version of this story and I just went for it. You are the captain of this ship and don't realise that you are not just free to translate your imagination. It's also a very collaborative effort to create this thing.

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I'm working on a couple of scripts actually and one I'm leaning towards is about love and relationships," added the actor, who is known for his character as Tom Keen in "The Blacklist" -- aired in India on Star World and Star World HD. Eggold also has projects like "Entourage", "" and "The Single Moms Club" on his resume as an actor.

He also got attached to the business side of showbiz as a producer with his directorial debut.

ryan eggold dating

He has embarked on a journey to spread love with his stories, and the actor is eager to start a love story with Indian cinema too. He loves Indian cinema and wants to work with Indian actress Priyanka Chopra -- with whom he was on the jury panel for the 16th edition of Tribeca Film Festival last year.

ryan eggold dating

And she is doing so well for herself. When we first pitched the series, Tom was going to die in the pilot. Then you have the mystery of who he is.

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Even so, a spouse on a procedural is usually a third banana by episode four. But Ryan is so singular and undeniable he overcame that inherent obstacle and become one of the main reasons that the show has gotten to episodes. If you kill him, you lose the love of the person who means the most to you in the world. I think now made the most sense. Having done the spin-off and the network canceling that, it was sort of anticlimactic to come back.

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Tom and Liz were pretty hot as a couple. I loved working with Megan. We tried to make each other laugh, surprise each other. These two guys have given us such a journey to take together and so much to play in terms of loving each other, hating each other, spying on each other, forgiving each other.

Find out which show Boone wishes she could guest star on! Tom was one of the few things really grounding her; he provided an emotional anchor. Without that, with the volatility of her job and her relationship with Red, that hole will have to be filled in some way.

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And it might be filled with the wrong things. That comes naturally to her. Tom calls Liz to meet him at home from a pay phone in a train station. Are there still pay phones around?

We got a note from a Sony exec who said, "I live in New York and there are no pay phones.

ryan eggold dating

I keep getting that question!