Ronson standard lighter dating

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ronson standard lighter dating

The lighter you have looks like a Ronson De-Light "Standard" or "Princess" from the mid- to lates, but I can't say for certain. The lighter. , this lighter was an alternative to the Ronson “one motion” lighters. The mechanism is unique .. Dunhill Broadboy Standard: Made in England / Early half cap version The engraving enables accurate dating. Registered design. Jeweler's Catalog showing Ronson Lighters Patent Numbers DO NOT assist in determining the model or date of your item. For lighters please include.

ronson standard lighter dating

Decline[ edit ] During the s, Ronson came under increasing pressure from new competition in its core US and UK markets. The main company never returned to profitability, and the different units were soon spun off as independent companies or sold to competitors.

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United Kingdom and International unit spun off[ edit ] Continuing losses led to the sale of the UK division in September to Jeffrey Port, who quickly reorganized it as Ronson International.

The losses continued, and the new company was in receivership by July Geoffrey Lord bought it inrenamed it Ronson Exports Limited, and attempted to return to profitability by adopting the competition's approach of importing lighters produced cheaply in Asia.

The product line was re-expanded and the brand reintroduced worldwide.

ronson standard lighter dating

In the late 90s, there was an unsuccessful effort to expand into various "lifestyle products" such as watches and sunglasses, leading to heavy losses and the ouster of Hodgson as CEO. Kiam embarked on cost-cutting measures, including the end of UK production for the company's premier products.

ronson standard lighter dating

Byexpansion into disposable lighters allowed Ronson Intl to post a marginal profit for the first time in years, but more heavy losses led to major downsizing from and an abortive effort to rebrand as Powerdraught Limited.

InLouis Aronson applied for a patent for a Liter lighterwhich was approved. In he released a new "automatic operation" Banjo lighter, which offered to both ignition and extinguish in a single push.

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Ronson received an exclusive patent, infor a new automatic style of lighter that worked with one hand, and in Ronson began marketed it as the Ronson De-Light Lighter with the slogan "A flip - and it's lit! Release - and it's out! This action was said to produce a constellation of sparks sufficient to light an acetylene lamp in the wildest wind.

At the time acetylene lighting was standard for motor vehicles. The long barrel made the Pisto-Liter a practical choice for applying sparks to harder-to-reach places, such as motor vehicle engines. The company expanded to include England and Australia.

Ina butane lighter factory existed in France Bellegarde-sur-Valserine. In the early s, high costs and the advent of cheap disposable lighters forced closure of its production facility at Leatherhead in England.

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Ronson appliances in Australia, after being sold by the parent company, are now owned by Breville Group and the brand is a mid priced value brand with wide distribution in the Australian market [47] Whirlwind[ edit ] First appearing inthis variant was slightly larger than the "Standard" variant at the time, and featured a windproof shield that could be slid up around the lighter's wick to offer extra protection in windy environments.

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Ronson standard lighter dating

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