Rio 2 roberto latino dating

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rio 2 roberto latino dating

Goya Awards. Latin 1/2/ Iconic Brazilian romantic pop crooner Roberto Carlos will tour the United States in The singer's Anitta performs at the Rock in Rio Lisboa music festival in Lisbon, Portugal. Final Fantasy Games on Switch Get a Release Date By Matt Patches The optimum version of Rio 2 is sliced, diced, and buried Stretched out, they could make a wondrous Latin American Fantasia. style: Why can't Jewel kick Blu to the curb and shack up with local heartthrob Roberto (Bruno Mars)? No. Jewel's childhood friend and the son Eduardo never had, Roberto is the Fabio of blue Macaws – a confident charismatic bird in every way, and the exact.

The movie also encourages viewers not to judge others by superficial differences, because characters who seem dangerous might not be and might actually be a friend or ally. The kids are all smart, active, and curious juvenile birds.

Linda and Tulio have the birds' and the Amazon's preservation in mind. Eduardo and Roberto are brave leaders who want to keep their blue macaw community safe.

Gabi's obsession with Nigel to the point that she's willing to help him poison and kill if she has to is funny but also borderline disturbing.

rio 2 roberto latino dating

His beloved poisonous frog companion is always willing to donate her poison for the cause. The blue and red macaws threaten one another and engage in a winner takes all "turf war" that turns out to just be an aggressive game of soccer. In an extended scene, loggers fight the birds with cranes and other construction vehicles, while the birds peck and descend on them.

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The opposing cultures — Blu's human sympathetic and the tribal Amazonians — slam together like dull flint, forcing director Carlos Saldanha and the four credited writers to brush the original film's character work under the rug and rebuild. Eisenberg's Blue is once again a nebbish Gomer Pyle, Jewel an elegant people person attempting to understand what there is to love about this domesticated oaf.

No child has ever confronted this issue. The rest of the characters are around to kill time and complicate Blu's life with broad stroke demands. Flight of the Conchords star Jemaine Clement returns as Nigel, the theatrical sulphur-crested Cockatoo who vows revenge against Blue for crippling his ability to fly.

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Nigel, a poison dart frog Gabi Kristen Chenowethand a silent anteater named Charlie tipping the bowler hat to Chaplin pursue Blue in parallel to the macaw's drama, adding much-needed laughs and throwaway musical numbers. Exit Theatre Mode A third plot line involving Linda and Tulio warding off a crew of illegal loggers exists solely for a grand finale battle somewhere between the Battle for Endor and Hitchcock's The Birds.

Not as cool as it sounds. Stutters, screeching, and a neurotic cadence give Blu deep-seeded problems, even when the script won't address them. Roberto is a watchman for the tribe, even doing night patrols to make sure they're safe from humans.

It appears he has been trained by Eduardo on this subject, and Eduardo puts a lot of trust in him. He also seems to be the captain of their tribe's soccer team, and most likely one of the best players.

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He is, in general, the one bird Eduardo goes to when he needs a hand. He comes to welcome Jewel when she arrives at the tribe, putting on an elaborate " Welcome Back " song. They then begin calling each other by their childhood nicknames, to Blu's discomfort.

During " Beautiful Creatures ," Roberto asks Blu if he could "borrow" Jewel for a moment, barely waiting for Blu to respond. He places a flower on Jewel's head and they head off to dance with the tribe. Roberto then tells the couple that he's doing a night patrol, and that they can stay in his nest.

Blu is uncomfortable staying with him, but Roberto, unaware of this, insists that they stay out of his generosity.

rio 2 roberto latino dating

The kids love the place, but Blu keeps acting jealous. Roberto tells Blu that he would like to have kids some day, and that he would take care of his family if anything were to happen to him.

rio 2 roberto latino dating

He then heads off to do his patrol. The next day, he's seen playing around with Tiago: They lily-surf together, he teaches the boy flying tricks, and they both call each other nicknames to Blu's further disapproval.

Eduardo shares with him his feelings about Blu not being trust worthy, and being a "pet. Roberto plays a soccer match for his tribe to conquer the access to the Brazil nut grove after Blu trespasses into the Red Macaws' territory. He and Felipe appear to have a history, acting aggressively toward one another.

He plays very well, and scores multiple times, making acrobatic air moves, to Blu and Jewel's kids' wonder. He's also the only one not to show disappointment upon Blu's mistake of scoring for the wrong team, although before Blu goes towards the goal he tells him to wait.

When Blu visits Linda and Tulio's campsite, Roberto follows him and believes he's teaming up with the humans.

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He concludes Eduardo was right and calls Blu a "traitor. He says humans trap you and then feed you crackers, insinuating he has experienced this. A huge logging harvester surprises them both.

Blu gets out of the way, but Roberto, upon seeing a human, freezes in the machines' path.

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Blu saves him in time, but he starts panicking and screaming. Blu slaps him in the face and tells him to go back and warn the tribe about the loggers.

rio 2 roberto latino dating

Upon arrival, he is carried by two blue macaws as he is in a seizure-like state, panicking and saying that they are all doomed. He manages to tell them about the loggers, and after Blu encourages them, the tribe decides to fight. He is later seen panicking again and is then slapped by Mimiwhich causes him to act aggressively toward the loggers. He then works together with Felipe to fight the loggers, now apparently in a better state of mind.