Rachel brown dating jeff bagwell

MLB Jeff Bagwell's Girlfriend Rachel Brown (bio, wiki, photos)

rachel brown dating jeff bagwell

Jeff did not uncover about his separated with Ericka. Jeff Bagwell started dating Rachel Brown in They have been dating since , and. Meet Rachel Brown, the girlfriend of former Astros great, year-old Jeff Bagwell . The couple is making headlines after a video in which. Jeff Bagwell began dating Rachel Brown in They have been dating since , and they are not married yet. However, Rachel has three children from her .

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After some initial confusion, Rachel said the affair didn't begin until the same month she filed for divorce, so it's unclear how much weight the relationship would have had anyway. Continue Reading The Bagwell bombshell followed testimony that kicked off with the jury hearing phone calls Rachel recorded following the August 13, incident.

I can't live up to your standards -- I'm sorry.

rachel brown dating jeff bagwell

You're losing control of your life. Isn't it awesome when you, as a defense attorney, can totally pretend that never happened? To this end, DeGuerin got Rachel to admit that she scratched the words "fuck you" into the hood of Brown's Lamborghini after the incident, and that she takes anti-depressants.

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Imagine -- Lexapro and Xanax! Although DeGuerin tried to score points by tallying up how much money Brown pays per month on security, private school tuition, domestic staff, child support and other expenses in an apparent suggestion that it's okay to beat your wife as long as you keep her on the dole, that line of questioning didn't seem as strong as when he presented an affidavit of non-prosecution Rachel signed after Brown was charged -- an affidavit wherein Rachel swore that she wished to recant her allegations and have the state drop the charges.

rachel brown dating jeff bagwell

On the stand, however, Rachel testified that she believed the affidavit would only prevent her from having to testify and that she never wanted the charges to be dropped. DeGuerin also grilled Rachel about a phone call to a friend she allegedly made Tuesday, saying she was riddled with guilt for bringing charges against Brown, and wishing he wouldn't be convicted.

rachel brown dating jeff bagwell

But Rachel said she only told her friend that she was nervous about having to testify. They were having a big house near Houston in the memorial neighborhood and they decided to sell it in the year This place was known to be large and it was sold at 12 million.

When you see it at the front, you may think that it is a European Chateau you are looking at.

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The two once were in the news when Jeff took her breasts into her hands after getting drug. They were having fun and they were alighting too much. According to his biography, Jeff Bagwell had been married two times. The first wife was American fashion model and she was a glamorous lady and also a performing artist. She was called Shaune Bagwell. However, they did not last too much and they decided to separate and afterwards, they divorced.

The two did not get children together.

rachel brown dating jeff bagwell

Jeff got married once again to Ericka Rodriguez and it was in the year The couple got two children together but they also divorced in the year Jeff with Rachel Brown started to see each other in the year Jeff Bagwell is an American citizen and he is American former professional. He played as the first basemen and then a coach.

rachel brown dating jeff bagwell