Queen noor of jordan dating carlos slim

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queen noor of jordan dating carlos slim

, slim surpassed bill gates as the richest man in the world; it was the first time in 16 Carlos Slim 'in romantic relationship' with Jordan's Queen Noor | Arts . Others have claimed that Noor and Slim have been dating for at least a year. They have dinner with friends or at hotel rooms, it is said, entering. Dating or marrying a billionaire will bring you all the glitz, glamour and . Queen Noor is the widow of the late King Hussein of Jordan, and is currently seeing Mexican business magnate and philanthropist Carlos Slim Helu.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Kenneth Griffin The billionaire founder of Citadel found a brilliant Frenchwoman to be his partner. Not all billionaire wives are as independently successful.

queen noor of jordan dating carlos slim

Anne Dias Griffin is no ordinary woman, and a good match for her billionaire husband. Wendi Deng Married to: Susan Dell Married to: Her father, a rich and famous cancer surgeon, ensured that she lacked for nothing. The multi-talented Susan is a terrific athlete and has even participated in the Ironman triathlons.

You may have heard of the fashion label Phi. It was founded and chaired by Susan until the recession forced it out of business. Priscilla Chan Married to: Chan got her medical degree recently and wants to be a pediatrician.

Carlos slim queen noor dating

Princess Ameerah Married to: However, she is not content with merely living like a princess. American professors conduct classes involving the princess and other women students on the royal premises. Moreover, this princess shuns elaborate royal jewelry for simpler adornments instead. Irina Viner Married to: Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov Theirs is a marriage that has lasted two decades. Irina Viner serves as head trainer for the Russian rhythmic gymnastics team.

queen noor of jordan dating carlos slim

Mackenzie Bezos Married to: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Mackenzie Bezos is a novelist. A prize-winning one at that! Anne Wojcicki Married to: Google co-founder Sergey Brin Anne Wojcicki is a talented biotech analyst who founded a genetic testing company named 23andMe.

queen noor of jordan dating carlos slim

The couple has plans to donate DNA samples of their child for a 23andMe mapping project that aims to further research on eradicating disease. Wojcicki holds degrees from Stanford and Yale. Sergey Brin picked well.

queen noor of jordan dating carlos slim

She uses her professional expertise to do social work in Brazil. Nita Ambani Married to: He died three years later, leaving his teenage sons, Habib, and Najeeb her paternal grandfatherto run his import business. Najeeb moved to Dallas around and fully assimilated into American society. She entered Princeton University with its first coeducational freshman class, and received a BA in architecture and urban planning in After a year, she accepted a job offer from Llewelyn Davies, a British architectural and planning firm, in which had been employed to design a model capitol city center in TehranIran.

When increasing political instability forced the company to relocate to the UK, she traveled to the Arab world and decided to apply to Columbia University's graduate school of journalism while taking a temporary aviation facility research job in Amman. Halaby and the king became friends while he was still mourning the death of his wife. Their friendship evolved and the couple became engaged in The wedding was a traditional Muslim ceremony. Her conversion to Islam and wedding to the King of Jordan received extensive coverage in the Western press; many assumed that she would be regarded as a stranger to the country, since she was an American of mostly European descent who was raised in Christianity.

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However, because of her Syrian grandfather, she was considered by most of the population to be an Arab returning home rather than a foreigner. She soon gained power and influence by using her role as King Hussein's consort and her education in urban planning for charitable work and improvement to the country's economyas well as the empowerment of women in Jordanian economic life.

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Prince Hashim born 10 June in Ammanwho has three daughters and one son. It includes the Noor Al Hussein Foundation and eight specialized development institutions: She is the Honorary Chairperson of JOrchestra. At the Our Ocean Conference, Her Majesty delivered a keynote address on the link between climate change and ocean health with human security.