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pua dating profile photos

Openers 2. Sep 20 pitfalls and pre-screened dating profile picture. Grey pua guru speer and discover these message it, links, - just discovered that already. Certainly, where conventional dating profile pua freeman the messages you how do to find partners see the dating forums sample ebooks for friendships. Want to choose your best profile picture for Facebook, attract more women on According to dating site Zoosk, your average outdoor photo gets you 19% more.

But balancing on a railing with a beer in your hand? So next time you take a selfie in your car, remember to buckle up first! A research study found heavy stubble is the most attractive look to women.

pua dating profile photos

In said study, it beat out clean shaven, light stubble, and full on mountain man. The researchers theorized that facial hair signifies maturity and masculinity, with a side helping of dominance and aggression. In other words — sexy. Post a picture of you interacting with a dog. Researchers have found that when it comes to short term relationships, women find guys with big muscles more attractive.

However, when it comes to longer term relationships, women were more attracted to less muscular men.

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Plan your workouts accordingly! A recent study found men who were photographed in a high-end, luxurious apartment were perceived as more attractive than when they posed in a more standard looking apartment: The same principle applies to cars. Selfie takers were also perceived as more narcissistic, less likeable, and less attractive than they were in photos taken by someone else.

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Profile photos are the most important component of your online dating profile and the competition has never been more fierce. And because smiling is so underused in online-dating photos, such photo will take you a long way. The average-black male on online-dating sights between the ages ofis a perpetual denim-wearer. Guys like my DC buddy Superman PU aka the Black Hugh Hefnerbreaks the urban trend by being a stylish-corporate guy who has enough splash to attract lots of women.

Superman PUA Such photos deviates from the stereotype of black guys in urban gear. Women are attracted to men of perceived higher value.

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The Anthony Weiner style self-shot-mirror pictures should totally be avoided like the fucking plague! Not only are they lame and generic, but they come across as vain and narcissistic, and make you look like that guy who has nothing but abs going for himself…nothing else.

Mac Rey Adventurous chicks dig guys with motorcycles since those guys are generally perceived as bad boys who live on the edge. Such photo is a huge plus! Very few guys have photos of themselves taken while on the streets interacting with people. This photo from Nair Seduction is very unique in the context setting. Redman Having a cute-little puppy in your lap is ultra attractive to women. The smaller the dog, the cuter it is to womenand the more attractive powers that photo will carry.

John Travolta in Pulp Fiction Women are definitely attracted to this sort of look with the cigarette or cigar in the mouth nonchalantly puffing away. This is a great shot of Ulises as he displays his skills in making all sorts of exotic-looking Martinis. Ulises He actually has a personal bar home where he mixes it up like a mixologist. Girls are super attracted to guys who know their drinks…and how to mix them.

This is also a huge factor as to why bartenders get laid way more than the guy who has the corporate job making a hefty change. So take a few photos of yourself mixing a cocktail and use it as your online-dating profile picture.

Just sipping a cocktail a bar is was too common to spike you in the radar of women. Wayne J black guy in yellow Being athletic is totally different from being a gym-rat! Gym photos are NOT attractive to women. However, photos which displays your athletic abilities football, basketball, wrestling, boxing, etc are deemed attractive.

Pumping iron in the gym and taking photos of yourself in the gym to post on your online-dating profile will serve no purpose to attract women. Girls love the exotic, wild and unorthodox!

Kissing a girl in your photos is the ultimate-attraction switch-flipper, which will serve to attract more girls to you [online].

pua dating profile photos

The thing is, girls whom you will have messaged online, will inquire as to the girl being kissed in the photo. Guys need to understand that any photo which has you in it with a girl or pluralwill be your biggest fucking card to play. Those photos are great for sexting- but bad for attracting.

pua dating profile photos

Such photos should be your secondary shots on the back burner.