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project x 1080p latino dating

Project X is an out-of-control comedy that follows a group of buds who set out to throw the Project X. Original Theatrical Date: March 2, Project X is an. Skyfall p HD MKV Latino Carteles De Películas, Hombres, Novelas, Pelis, .. Get the latest release dates, watch trailers, see photos, and discuss .. Project Almanac, Movie on DVD, Action Movies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movies, Suspense. From $ (HD) on Prime Video Miles Teller in Project X () Anna Sophia Berglund in Project X () Ken Jeong at an event for .. Release Date.

Don't expect to learn anything from this or acquire some faint hope for the future of our civilization, because you will wake up the next morning feeling nauseous and empty inside, wondering what the hell you watched last night.

From a script by Michael Bacall, who gave us the thousand times better ' Scott Pilgrim vs. But like the two freshmen who keep sneaking into the party, we did notice, and the two worst child security guards Brady Hender and Nick Nervies in the world should've tasered you a long time ago.

project x 1080p latino dating

Parents' anniversary falls on the same day as their only son's birthday, and they plan a weekend getaway alone! The sheer lack of originality — or a single creative thought for that matter — starts when a trio of the biggest losers in school throw a game-changing party and each one adheres to prescribed characterizations.

Birthday boy Thomas Thomas Mann is the innocent straight-A student that no one even knows exists. His so-called best friend, Costa Oliver Cooperwants to change that, but the kid is one of the most annoying and grading things about the entire movie, like the nickel's worth version of Jonah Hill without a shred of comedic talent. JB Jonathan Daniel Brown is another friend but feels as if part of the group just so that filmmakers can make fat jokes.

project x 1080p latino dating

Kirby Kirby Bliss Blanton is Thomas's childhood friend caught in the middle of this mindless nonsense simply as a narrative device.

The utterly, mind-numbingly formulaic depravity is caught on tape by Dax Dax Flamewho is always conveniently in the right place at the right time. The movie goes out of its way to undermine the last three decades of the feminist movement with constant, almost-endless images objectifying supposedly underage girls.

project x 1080p latino dating

Granted, there are many movies which do the same, especially within the horror genre. The noise and chaos of the party, which has now spilled into the surrounding neighborhood, receives televised news coverage with helicopters flying over the house.

A dwarf guest drives Thomas' dad's Mercedes into the pool after being put into an oven by other partygoers earlier. The police return in force but are overwhelmed and repelled by the guests. They decide to let the party end naturally before moving in.

T-Rick arrives armed with a flamethrower, setting fire to the trees and cars in search of Costa and in an attempt to reclaim his gnome, forcing the guests to flee and the party to end.

The police shoot his flamethrower pack and it explodes.

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By morning, the boys return to their respective homes to discover what punishment awaits them. After his parents return, Thomas' father commends him for managing to throw the party because he thought he was a loser, but he uses Thomas' college fund to pay for the damages. At school, the boys are cheered by the students and Thomas reconciles romantically with Kirby. The epilogue reveals that T-Rick is recovered alive following the explosion; Thomas is convicted for disturbing the peace, contributing to the delinquency of minors, and inciting a riot; and Costa and J.

Project X (2012)

Costa, however, awaits the results of three paternity tests. Dax, meanwhile, is under investigation for the disappearance of his parents. Thomas Mann as Thomas Kub Mann had prior acting experience, in the feature film It's Kind of a Funny Storyand was told he could not audition for Project X because the producers wished to cast only people without acting credits.

Mann ultimately auditioned seven times before winning the role.


Alexis Knapp as Alexis A popular high school girl. Development[ edit ] Producer Todd Phillips described the film as an experiment, after executive producer Alex Heineman provided a basic concept, with the production team sharing tales of memorable parties that they had either attended or heard about. The remainder of the story was fleshed out in the following weeks.

Bacall worked on the script generally at nights between simultaneously working on the scripts for 21 Jump Street and Scott Pilgrim vs. Actors were required to provide videos of themselves telling embarrassing or funny stories, or dancing. It's a POV film told by the masses of people who attend the party, which gives it a totally unique point of view on the situation. We also really looked at how best to capture the size of this event and the level of destruction with our resources.

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For instance, how we could make or so extras look like more than 1," — Cinematographer Ken Seng on filming Project X. The house belonging to Thomas was situated directly opposite the house used by Danny Glover 's character Roger Murtaugh in the Silver-produced action film Lethal Weapon. Many of the same extras were brought back for multiple nights of filming, and would continue to party between scenes.