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prime de lemploi 2012 simulation dating

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prime de lemploi 2012 simulation dating

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prime de lemploi 2012 simulation dating

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In the first period, ATP includes on-hand inventory minus customer orders that are due and overdue. ATP is calculated by using the following formula: When there are no more issues or receipts to consider, the ATP quantity for the following dates is the same as the latest calculated ATP quantity. If not all the dimensions that are used for an item are given when the ATP check is completed, they can still be specified on the issue and receipts. In this case, in the ATP calculation, the receipts and issues must be aggregated to the existing dimensions to reduce the number of receipt and issue lines that are used in the ATP calculation.

The ATP quantity that is shown is always greater than or equal to 0 zero. If the calculation returns a negative ATP quantity for example, if the quantity that was previously promised exceeds the available quantitythe program automatically sets the quantity to 0.

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Example The ATP backward demand time fence field controls how far back in time to look for delayed demand orders or inventory issues. The ATP backward supply time fence field controls how far back in time to look for delayed supply orders or inventory receipts. For example, if orders that are delayed by only seven days should be considered in the ATP calculation, both fields should be set to 7. For example, if the delayed supply and demand should be considered in the ATP calculation the day after tomorrow, both fields should be set to 2.

A value of 2 means that the quantity of an item on a delayed purchase order that should be considered in the ATP calculation will be seen as available two days after the current date. For the following example, 7 is entered in the ATP backward demand time fence and ATP backward supply time fence fields, and 1 is entered in the ATP delayed demand offset time and ATP delayed supply offset time fields.

A purchase order for pieces of a product that should have been received three days ago hasn't been received yet. Therefore, a sales order line for 75 pieces of the same product that should have been shipped yesterday hasn't been shipped. A customer calls and wants to order pieces of the same product. When you verify the availability of the product, you find that another purchase order for pieces of the product will be delivered 10 days later. You create a sales order line for the product and enter as the quantity.

Because the delivery date control is method is ATP, the ATP data is calculated to find the earliest possible ship date.