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First Renewal of Long-Stay Visa (Titre de Séjour) in France - A Filipina in Paris

Vous avez perdu un objet sur la voie publique à Paris, dans les trois suivant la perte, rendez-vous au poste de police du terminal. la date de perte avant de contacter le service des objets trouvés. The Maisons de Rendez-Vous The maison de rendez-vous, which naturally the main examples of which in Paris were, in about , grouped around the rue Duphot, the rue Lavoisier, and the rue du Chiteau-d'Eau Between this date and before the prefecture of police set up a special set of regulations governing . Initiating contact with the Prefecture de Police. Once I had established that I didn't Rendez-vous at the Prefecture. Eventually I received the.

We arrived early in the afternoon and found two long lines. We understood the line on the right was for first time renewals, and the line on the left was for people who were renewing a subsequent time. We waited outside, standing in a crowd in sub 40 degree weather for 5 hours.

  • First Renewal of Long-Stay Visa (Titre de Séjour) in France

The line on the left moved quickly along, but our line moved hardly at all. Just as we neared the front, an administrator appeared and told everyone to go home. No more appointments that day.

Getting a Carte de Séjour (Residence Permit) - Much Ado About Paris

At least angry people, trying to get the feeling back in their legs, trudged off. Later we found out that traffic that day was especially heavy because people who normally would have been at work were off for some school holidays. The next week we received our birth certificates. This time we got inside, received a number, and within 2 hours were called to the front desk. The administrator spoke rapidly in French too rapidly for us to understand what she said as she looked at our paperwork.

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She handed our paperwork back, told us to leave and to call the phone number on the checklist to make an appointment. We returned home to look for some bourbon and professional help.

They help clients obtain residence permits. I filled out their online form. She answered my list of questions regarding our circumstances and explained how to obtain items required by the checklist. Her being in the south of France was not a problem. She met with us in our Paris apartment when she was in town early in December.

Below are some requirements and answers for questions: Is this our first renewal? Our visa authorized residence for our first year in France. We were confused about whether we were now applying for our first residence permit or a renewal because the laws changed 2 years ago. Older websites discussing residence permits were not up to date with this change. Finally on a Monday they succeeded. The previous week all of the spaces had been filled by 10 am on Tuesday, so for the rest of the week the switchboard was off!

Since our visas expire near the end of January, we still had to have temporary permission to remain in France. This time we got to stand in the faster moving line on the left. It allows us to stay in France legally until our meeting in April.

Getting a Carte de Séjour (Residence Permit)

We are also permitted to enter and exit France freely. Note on what documents were needed to prove residence Our landlord kept the utilities in her name so we did not have a utility bill to prove we live at our address in Paris. Both our cell phone accounts were in my name. An Orange phone cannot list more than one person on the account.

Now we are looking forward to our meeting in April. We have given notice to our current landlord with the hope of finding a larger apartment in a quieter location. Below are additional details for our April meeting: As with our birth certificates, this document must be translated into French by an authorized translator. All translations in France need to be dated less than three months from the day of the appointment.

Essentially, you must be able to prove the following: You will need to bring your passport with your visa in it and a copy of both Three ID pictures you can have taken in the booths in the metro. You will have to pay for your carte de sejour will les timbres fiscaux.

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Go early as there is always a long line. Most Prefectures open at 9am. This is a simple but time consuming process. After you have your RDV, you may have to wait up to three or four months before you have your carte de sejour. It is not advisable to travel outside of France during this time unless you get an extension of your carte de sejour, if you are renewing.

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This is a visa to stay in France for longer than 3 months. Which Prefecture you will have to go to depends on where you live within Paris. Therefore, you must make a rdv. These appointments are given months in advance. You should make this appointment well before the date limit of your carte de sejour no less than 2 months! The process takes several months. You will have to prove your marriage marriage certificate and if it was preformed outside France the translationjoint back accounts, the fact that you live together on a permanent basis joint bills etc.

You will also have to prove that you are covered by the health insurance either by your own work or by your spouse. The latter status is called Ayant Droit and you will have to apply to the CPAM government health care service to make this declaration.

List of prices here. To do so, you must make a rdv either online or by calling