Post dating cheques ukraine

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post dating cheques ukraine

1usually as adjective post-datedAffix or assign a date later than the actual one to (a document or event). 'a post-dated cheque'. More example sentences. I have written a post dated cheque to someone, March 15, Not big amount $, I just notice from my Simplii account that it was cashed. Divorced women get Botox before dating men again,Profile Review: Just hit of Washington's opposition to Moscow's intervention in Ukraine.

Sometimes, for visibility, you may add a downward waving motion of the open right hand. It's a good idea to write on a piece of paper your destination's name. Talk[ edit ] Ukrainian is the official language. Most Ukrainian-speakers also speak Russian at least to a moderate degree, owing to the country's Soviet past. However, due to the ongoing conflict with Russia, locals in Ukrainian-dominated areas may not like using Russian but will usually be OK doing so with Western touristsso learning at least some Ukrainian as well will be seen as respectful.

In the central and eastern parts of the country, you may also find people using these two languages simultaneously so called surzhyk—mix of languageswhich has become the most common thing in historically mainly Russian-speaking Kyiv since the conflict with Russia. In Crimea there is also a nourished community of speakers of Crimean Turkish; a Turkic language closely related to Turkish, Turkmen and Azeri.

Young people are more likely to speak a little English, as it is the most widely taught foreign language in school. Most people in the tourism industry hostels etc. Virtually nobody in any official position train stations, police, bus drivers, information desks, etc.

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Cyrillic alphabet to save you a lot of time and difficulty.

Nearly all signs are in Ukrainian. See[ edit ][ add listing ] Ukraine is a country worth seeing and visiting over and over.

Postdating Checks Is a Waste of Time — Here's Why

Hike in Carpathian Mountains around Rakhiv. Conquer 2,m Hoverla, part of the Chornohora mountain range. Kayak down Dniester and admire Kamianets-Podilskyi and Khotyn castles. Chill out on Odesa beaches in summer. Be aware that is illegal to take any items of historical importance out of the country. This includes badges, medals, icons, historical paintings, etc.

post dating cheques ukraine

Currency exchange points that exchange Euros, US dollars, Russian rubles and British pounds are very common in cities, and the exchange rate is usually very fair except in Kyiv, where the exchange rate is higher compared to other cities. When doing person-to-person payments, you might be able to pay in Euros or US dollars, as those are widely recognized, and you might in fact get better rates than in official exchange points.

post dating cheques ukraine

However, be careful, because it's not legal to make payments with foreign currency. If you don't want to have trouble exchanging money keep one of these currencies: In South and East Ukraine, it is almost impossible to exchange other currency. It worth opening a bank account in PrivatBank. You will need local phone number it is required for login. Online banking is excellent.

You may access CVV2 code and expiry date of the card online. Online banking has English version.

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Most transactions are credited real time. You can make moneygram and western union transfers both receive and accept online. Note that you cannot make foreign currency transfers within Ukraine, only in UAH.

PrivatBank name cards with photo costs 2 USD, wait for a week to get or PrivatBank MasterCard cards may be used to pay for subway in Kyiv and maybe in other cities also possible; all cards with PayWave and PayPass should be accepted, please double check it.

Before leaving Ukraine be sure that you have activated your cards by changing default pin code and you new phone number You can do it even abroad by sending sms command to technical bank number. Unlike other banks, PrivatBank is from national bank, government owned so all deposits are safer to be kept here. You may manage them online. Financial phone required for login may also be changed online.

Eat[ edit ][ add listing ] Ukrainian cuisine is tasty, and just as other cuisines in the region uses a lot of fat ingredients, especially in the festive dishes. The first, salo, is perhaps something you might not make yourself try - however is a delicious side dish, as for the soups being a must-have dish.

If you are outside a big city or in doubt about food, exercise caution and common sense about where you buy food. Try to buy groceries only in supermarkets or large grocery stores, always check the expiration date, and never buy meat or dairy products on the street you can buy them at the market but not near the market.

In most towns in Ukraine there are some very good restaurants. Read the menu boards posted by the entrance of every establishment to help you to choose. You may also find nice places to eat not by signs, but just by the smoke of traditional wood fires. Restaurateurs are very friendly, and, more often than not, you will be one of their first foreign visitors.

You have to try varenyky with potatoes and cottage cheese in a sauteed onion and sourcream sauce, a fantastic dish. These are just starters, but ones that might fill you up quickly. Drink[ edit ][ add listing ] The legal drinking and purchasing age of alcoholic beverages is Drinking in public is not allowed. The Ukrainian speciality is "horilka" with pepper. Other kinds of horilka are also quite popular - linden tiliahoney, birch, wheat.

post dating cheques ukraine

There is a great choice of wine, both domestic and imported. The domestic wines mostly originate in the south, in the Crimean region - known for wine making dating back to early Greek settlement over 2, years ago, although wines from the Carpathian region of Uzhorod are also quite tasty. Ukraine is also famous for its red sparkling wines. The price of imported wines dropped significantly over the last number of years and trends indicate further reductions in price due to inegration of Ukraine with EU.

There are a lot of beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Ukrainian beer is of very good quality. Beer from barrels or kegs more common in cafes is often watered down.

Canned beer is not very common in Ukraine and sometimes not of the same quality as the same variety sold in bottles. All told, Ukrainian beers are very tasty and gaining popularity elsewhere in Europe.

During the summer one can easily buy it from designated street vendors. Milk drinks, of all sorts, are also available, although mostly in supermarkets. Bottles of high-quality mineral water are available everywhere, as well as lemonades, beer, and strong drinks.

When seeking to buy bottled water make sure to ask for "voda bez hazu" water without gas otherwise you are likely to be handed the carbonated drink. Every year a few die or go blind as a result of poisoning from methyl alcohol, a compound used to make fake cheap copies.

In Ukraine it's possible to buy Cognacs from other former Soviet republics. The Moldavian and Armenian cognacs are quite good and not expensive. Sleep[ edit ][ add listing ] Hotels might be a traumatic experience for a westerner anywhere outside Kyiv.

With the recent amendments, criminal liability is completely repealed. The only sanctions remaining are administrative prohibitions of issuing checks and opening checking accounts. Also, a time limitation is imposed upon bad-check holders in which to claim relief. A bad-check holder may file a claim with the competent public prosecutors within 6 months, starting from the date that the bad check was submitted to the bank.

Public prosecutors will decide whether or not to prohibit the relevant bad-check drawer.

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As such, the liability is administrative in nature. Therefore, the risk of accepting checks will certainly increase, now that criminal liability is history. One man's feast is another man's poison, of course — or with respect to this particular subject, it is the other way around! Frankly, however, these amendments mainly intend to decrease the heavy workload of the judiciary, rather than serving some policy agenda.

In line with this intention —and the fundamental criminal law principle of applying less stringent criminal laws retroactively— all ongoing investigations and trials regarding dishonored checks will be halted. In the investigation stage, this authority is the public prosecutor, and in the prosecution stage, it is the competent criminal court. If the file is before the Court of Appeals, it shall be sent back to the first instance court, which shall then rule upon the administrative sanction.

This mechanism appears convenient in theory; however, in reality, because of the high volume of bad check cases, this process may take months - even up to a year. The administrative liability regulated by the new amendments is easy to wriggle out of.

It's all too easy, if you're in and out of markets as you suggest, to miss out on a sudden bull run. For all we know, world markets might zoom up, starting Monday. They might also plummet. Heaps of research shows that those who get in and out of shares end up worse off than those who go into the market and stay. So when should you buy? By far the best strategy is to spread out your purchases, buying regularly once a month or every three or six months, regardless of what the markets are doing.

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If you invest the same amount each time, you benefit from what's called dollar cost averaging. This is best explained through an example. The price fluctuations are rather extreme, but that's just to make it easy to follow. Over four months at that price, you get units. Over four months at that price, you get 48 units. Over four months at that price, you get 30 units. Over the year, you've bought a total of units. Without even thinking about it, you've bought more units when they were cheap, and fewer when they were expensive.

This works well for regular saving. But what if you've just got a lump sum, perhaps from an inheritance or redundancy money? Because you won't know, until later, whether now is a good or bad time to buy, it's best to spread out your purchases of shares or share fund units.

Set yourself a plan and stick to it. You might invest a 12th of the money each month for a year, or a quarter every six months for two years.

In the meantime, the rest can go into term deposits that mature when you plan to invest them. The same applies if you're getting out of any volatile investment because you plan to spend the money over the next few years.

post dating cheques ukraine

It's a good idea to phase the selling over a few years. That way, you won't sell everything when prices happen to be particularly low. There has been rather a lot of maths in this week's column. Letters should not exceed words. We won't publish your name, but please provide it and a preferably daytime phone number.