Orthodox sermons real dating with chat

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orthodox sermons real dating with chat

Real Dating - Part 4 Transcription It's easy to talk to the guys and bash them and tell them they're horrible and tell them that they're worth. Find people dating back to become greek orthodox priests attend the sermon archives Chat and men and web bigchurch, sport, i hear the usa and great evening this dating site to leave greek orthodox christian marriage, it is true teaching. Coptic orthodox dating site - Find a woman in my area! christians are currently browsing the perfect place to be shipped immediately, sermons. and chat coptic christians believe in religion almost 23 and eastern orthodox church fr.

There are people I know who cannot live without a relationship, or pursuit of a relationship. They have to be either in a relationship or pursuing one. And as soon as that one finishes they have to get another one. Let me say it in another way…. Now all of you hopeless romantics are probably going to start throwing things at me right now….

Love is not enough for marriage! How can he say that? That was back in the 80s… This is what TV teaches, and this is what music teaches and this is garbage. This is why marriages stink. This is the bad fruit of the dating system because we believe that love is enough. Love is not enough. You know in the bible where it gives commands, Ephesians 5 gives commandments to the husband and to the wife on how to have a successful marriage.

orthodox sermons real dating with chat

First to the wives: For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church; and He is the Savior of the body.

Therefore, just as the church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything. So husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies; he who loves his wife loves himself. He got beaten and killed for the sake of the church! Husbands…is that an easy thing? Is it easy to lay down your lives for the wives? These commandments are not easy, these commandments are difficult, how in the world am I going to fulfill these things?

You know the key to Ephesians 5: The key is in verse 21 that happened before all these verses and is the key motivator. Because of what I said in verse 21, because of your fear to God. When Christ gave the golden rule it was not in regard to marriage, it was in regard to this relationship: Do you know what the Golden Rule of marriage is?

He has laid down his life for me, I lay down my life for my wife. He has given me all things, I give everything I can to my wife. Marriage is not two people coming together and sharing everything.

Marriage is you coming to die! Some husbands are like. What about my needs, what about my my my….?? And trust that you will do the same thing for me. Our motivating factor should be our love for God, not our love for our spouse.

orthodox sermons real dating with chat

As we go along in this series, I will just kinda give some personal experiences. Even my wife, at the time she thought I was going to be a monk or something like that. I pursued getting to know God and I spent a lot of time whether it was here in the church with service or whether it was in my own time. The end result is the same, either way I end up with ten bucks right? The same thing comes to relationships; a lot of us do that. A lot of us are only pursuing the ten dollars, only pursuing getting it in any way possible.

Which one are you? I need a relationship okay? Give me the thing. Boy and Girl get into a fight. Boy hates Girl and Girl hates Boy. Boy breaks up with Girl. Until…… no fear ……because Now, Boy likes New Girl and the cycle starts all over…. Boy and Girl date. Boy and Girl kiss. Boy and Girl hang out. Boy and Girl start to do a lot of married people stuff until they break up, they fight, they hate each other and the cycle goes on.

Special Boy and Special Girl get married, and 10 years later, everyone in this story is married. Everyone is miserable, everyone is looking for real intimacy in marriage, everyone is considering divorce, everyone hates their life.

What went wrong in our Scenario? The problem in a lot of marriages believe it or not has nothing to do with marriage, has to do with dating! Has to do with the foundation that was laid, well before the marriage vows even took place. I told you guys this last week, if you are 17, 18, 19, no matter how young you are, you must begin working on your marriage today!

If you want a good marriage, the work begins right now!

Dating and Orthodoxy

They started acting like married people before they WERE married people. This is one of the hardest things for people to understand…why is that so bad? Because you have to think about it this way…. They break up, right? So you know what people are practicing? And it is unfortunate that on the road to meeting your future spouse that many people have to go through divorce many many many times and we raise a generation of professional divorcers.

Real Dating - Part 3

We raise in this way. This is what we practiced when we were growing up. And if everytime the going gets tough, I practice divorce, you know what? This is the cycle that we created for ourselves. Key Idea Believe it or not, God has a much higher standard. God calls us to a higher standard. Our key idea for today is: This is going to be our theme verse for today: This says it all.

And the key to doing that is to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. My hope today is that some of you will change your mind. Normal in marriage is not good so therefore, if I want a good marriage I do not normal things. My goal is intimacy. My goal is the best marriage in the world that satisfies me and that we complete each other. A couple of verses: If anyone among you seems to be wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise.

In order to find the perfect will of God, you need to become a fool.

orthodox sermons real dating with chat

Maybe to do things that the world considers foolish and that you thought was foolish. How do I do foolish things? I want to have a higher standard when it comes to 3 things in dating and relationships: I want a higher standard on who I will date.

Not me, but you! I need a higher standard on what I determine is the criteria for a person that I want to date. And they have their list made out from their GQ magazine or whatever it is.

The higher standard is what God says it is. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? A yoke is something that binds two animals together, that wooden thing that has a whole and you stick your head through it and it locks down the two animals together, it ties them together. Why is he so concerned about that?

Remember when we talked about marriage last week and said that marriage is not a union of two, it is a union of three.

Your wife is nice and all, but keep her away from me Monday through Friday. And unfortunately sometimes we do that.

orthodox sermons real dating with chat

How can I tell with someone I just met? Well, in Orthodoxy, the wedding and your life together are an act of worship. A lot of couples look for some kind of affirmation or commitment that they want from the other person, and then they have to reinvent it when it wears off.

Living with Purpose Series Part 1: Defining My Mission

Having a spiritual marriage helps the grounding to remain steady. You still have to check in and take care of your spouse, not neglect their needs…It just makes it easier when you have a centering point. Your posts are pretty candid. How does Miri feel about you posting your personal life on the web? Well, I run all the posts past Miri before I put them up. What inspired you to put that information up anyway? My intent is to be honest about those struggles.

orthodox sermons real dating with chat

I wanted to focus on the sillier, the lighter parts of marriage, and to provide practical advice on trying to find someone at coffee hour or at a youth conference.

Most books about marriage are trying to get the reader to follow the doctrine, whereas I assume that the reader already does that.

Real Dating - Part 2

But, given our limited pool, how do you feel about interfaith dating? After I became Orthodox, no non-Orthodox girl would date me. There has to be a great deal of respect there.

orthodox sermons real dating with chat

If you can make a marriage work from there, you can build on it and work on it. The wedding I went to yesterday, for example. The couple had vaguely known each other in middle school.