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onapplytemplate not called dating

Unfortunately there is no way you can do with WebView control. elements defined in Style, you should make sure OnApplyTemplate is called. I am creating custom controls and when I inherit from any annotation class (not AnnotationBase), public override void OnApplyTemplate() is called but any this. In simplest terms, this means the method is called just before a UI Silverlight template support is not fully enabled on FrameworkElement.

The trigger classes also have the EnterActions and ExitActions properties that allow you to start a set of actions such as animations. In addition, there is also a MultiDataTrigger class that allows you to apply changes based on multiple data-bound property values.

An alternative way to achieve the same effect is to bind the BorderBrush property to the TaskType property and use a value converter to return the color based on the TaskType value. Creating the above effect using a converter is slightly more efficient in terms of performance. Additionally, creating your own converter gives you more flexibility because you are supplying your own logic. Ultimately, which technique you choose depends on your scenario and your preference.

For information about how to write a converter, see IValueConverter. What Belongs in a DataTemplate? In the previous example, we placed the trigger within the DataTemplate using the DataTemplate. The Setter of the trigger sets the value of a property of an element the Border element that is within the DataTemplate.

onapplytemplate not called dating

However, if the properties that your Setters are concerned with are not properties of elements that are within the current DataTemplateit may be more suitable to set the properties using a Style that is for the ListBoxItem class if the control you are binding is a ListBox. For example, if you want your Trigger to animate the Opacity value of the item when a mouse points to an item, you define triggers within a ListBoxItem style.

For an example, see the Introduction to Styling and Templating Sample. In general, keep in mind that the DataTemplate is being applied to each of the generated ListBoxItem for more information about how and where it is actually applied, see the ItemTemplate page.

Your DataTemplate is concerned with only the presentation and appearance of the data objects. In most cases, all other aspects of presentation, such as what an item looks like when it is selected or how the ListBox lays out the items, do not belong in the definition of a DataTemplate.

For an example, see the Styling and Templating an ItemsControl section. That is especially useful when you have a CompositeCollection of different types or collections with items of different types. In the Use DataTriggers to Apply Property Values section, we have shown that if you have a collection of the same type of data objects you can create a DataTemplate and then use triggers to apply changes based on the property values of each data object.

However, triggers allow you to apply property values or start animations but they don't give you the flexibility to reconstruct the structure of your data objects.

Some scenarios may require you to create a different DataTemplate for data objects that are of the same type but have different properties.

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For example, when a Task object has a Priority value of 1, you may want to give it a completely different look to serve as an alert for yourself. In that case, you create a DataTemplate for the display of the high-priority Task objects.

onapplytemplate not called dating

Let's add the following DataTemplate to the resources section: Resources defined in that section are shared by the elements within the DataTemplate. To supply logic to choose which DataTemplate to use based on the Priority value of the data object, create a subclass of DataTemplateSelector and override the SelectTemplate method.

onapplytemplate not called dating

In the following example, the SelectTemplate method provides logic to return the appropriate template based on the value of the Priority property.

The template to return is found in the resources of the enveloping Window element. The call passes the data object as the item parameter. It was before I was diagnosed, so then again I didn t know what it was.

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Make a Donation to healthtalk. The parameter object is loosely typed but serialization of navigation history only works for basic types see Remarks in Frame. Navigate TypeObject. Pages that are navigated to as part of an activation generally pass data from the activation.

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Other navigation scenarios such as search result pages also have expectations of what info will be contained in the parameter. By default, each navigation creates a new instance of the specific Page or subclass requested, and disposes the previous page instance. This happens even when navigating back to a previously visited page or when the new page type is the same as the previous page type. Apps that involve frequent navigation to the same pages can cache and reuse the page instances to make navigation more efficient.

To do this, set the Frame. CacheSize property to specify how many pages to cache. For each page type that you want to cache, you must also set the NavigationCacheMode property to either Enabled or Required.