Ns opening 6 latino dating

ns opening 6 latino dating

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The term was first used improperly in that sense by the pioneers of Romance-language philology: In the course of his studies on the lyrics of songs written by the troubadours of Provencewhich had already been studied by Dante Alighieri and published in De vulgari eloquentiaRaynouard noticed that the Romance languages derived in part from lexical, morphological, and syntactic features that were Latin, but were not preferred in Classical Latin.

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He hypothesized an intermediate phase and identified it with the Romana lingua, a term that in countries speaking Romance languages meant "nothing more or less than the vulgar speech as opposed to literary or grammatical Latin". Describing himself as a pupil of Raynouard, he went on to expand the concept to all Romance languages, not just the speech of the troubadours, on a systematic basis, thereby becoming the originator of a new field of scholarly inquiry.

Italian and Wallachian i. The concepts and vocabulary from which vulgare latinum descend were known in the classical period and are to be found amply represented in the unabridged Latin dictionary, starting in the late Roman republic.

Vulgar Latin

Marcus Tullius Cicero was a prolific writer. His works have survived in large quantity, and serve as a standard of Latin. He and his contemporaries recognized the lingua Latina; but they also knew varieties of "speech" under the name sermo. Latin could be sermo Latinus, but there was also a variety known as sermo vulgaris, sermo vulgi, sermo plebeius and sermo quotidianus.

ns opening 6 latino dating

These modifiers inform post-classical readers that a conversational Latin existed, which was used by the masses vulgus in daily speaking quotidianus and was perceived as lower-class plebeius. These vocabulary items manifest no opposition to the written language.

There was an opposition to higher-class, or family Latin good family in sermo familiaris and very rarely literature might be termed sermo nobilis. The supposed "sermo classicus" is a scholarly fiction unattested in the dictionary. All kinds of sermo were spoken only, not written.

ns opening 6 latino dating

If one wanted to refer to what in post-classical times was called classical Latin one resorted to the concept of latinitas "latinity" or latine adverb.

If one spoke in the lingua or sermo Latinus one merely spoke Latin, but if one spoke latine or latinius "more Latinish" one spoke good Latin, and formal Latin had latinitasthe quality of good Latin, about it.

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After the fall of the empire and the transformation of spoken Latin into the early Romance languages the only representative of the Latin language was written Latin, which became known as classicus, "classy" Latin. The original opposition was between formal or implied good Latin and informal or Vulgar Latin. Sources[ edit ] Vulgar Latin is a blanket term covering the popular dialects and sociolects of the Latin language throughout its range, from the hypothetical prisca latinitas of unknown or poorly remembered times in early Latium, to the language spoken around the fall of the empire.

Although making it clear that sermo vulgaris existed, ancient writers said very little about it. Because it was not transcribedit can only be studied indirectly. Knowledge comes from these chief sources: Mention of it by ancient grammarians, including prescriptive grammar texts from the Late Latin period condemning linguistic "errors" that represent spoken Latin.

ns opening 6 latino dating

The comparative methodwhich reconstructs Proto-Romance, a hypothetical vernacular proto-language from which the Romance languages descended. Some literary works written in a lower register of Latin provide a glimpse into the world of Vulgar Latin in the classical period: Use an institutional system-to-system S2S solution to prepare and submit your application to Grants.

Check with your institutional officials regarding availability.

Kaze (From "Naruto Shippuden Op. 17")

You must use one of these submission options to access the application forms for this opportunity. Table of Contents Part 2. Full Text of Announcement Section I. SPAN will support late-stage preclinical studies of putative neuroprotectants to be given prior to or at the time of reperfusion, with clinically relevant long-term outcomes and comorbidities. The SPAN program will not support any human subjects research. Background Untilintravenous recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activator rt-PA was the only FDA-approved therapy for acute ischemic stroke.

Despite its overall efficacy and safety, rt-PA presents some limitations, such as increased risk of hemorrhagic transformation, a narrow time window of few hours from stroke onset, and a low success rate in lysing large clots. Over the past few years, acute endovascular therapy EVT with stent-retriever devices and access to advanced imaging modalities have transformed the standard of care, offering the opportunity to improve outcome significantly in selected patients that have salvageable tissue treated as late as hours after their stroke.

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Despite the success of EVT in clinical trials, many patients still experience neurological deficits following therapy; thus, there is a need to develop adjunctive approaches to improve long-term outcomes.

These recent advances offer a new and timely opportunity to further evaluate the potential benefit of neuroprotective agents in the context of mechanical revascularization. Vision and Opportunities", which recommended that preclinical multi-laboratory trials of a putative treatment may be valuable before investing in a clinical trial. Research Objectives The overall goal of this program is to create a virtual preclinical stroke network to support late stage preclinical studies of potential neuroprotective strategies to be given prior to or during reperfusion.

The parallel testing of multiple interventions, including an adaptive design approach that will eliminate compounds that do not demonstrate sufficient promise, will allow the identification of the most promising candidates to advance to clinical testing.

ns opening 6 latino dating

The SPAN CC will contribute to these objectives by providing scientific and organizational leadership for implementation of preclinical protocols to be conducted within the network sites.

The CC will promote high quality and efficiency in study execution and provide a central resource for protocol development, drug acquisition, formulation and distribution, study administration, data management, and statistical analysis.