Nina serena dating director


nina serena dating director

Nov 27, Serena Williams‘ bridal style was a total Grand Slam. Williams shared all the details and photos of her breathtaking Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen princess gown exclusively with Vogue. Williams also thanked Wintour and Burton for their wedding dress guidance in a sweet. Nina-Serena Brewin is an illustrator specializing in digital portraits, animation, and comics. She currently works for The Yogscast as a full-time artist. Dec 18, Although Portman was always the choice for Nina, Meryl Streep was also in the dark side, but her deliciously duplicitous Madame Serena Merle in Jane Sayid) , but they split before the film was released, after dating for 12 years. The ballet company director, played by the creepy-sexy Vincent Cassel.

To hammer home the idea of doubles, the film places reflective surfaces in almost every shot — except for the climax. To give them a sense of continuity, Aronofsky had cinematographer Matthew Libatque shoot them in the same grainy, muted aesthetic.

The film was originally intended to be about New York theatre and was rewritten as a supernatural ballet thriller. It would be 10 years before the script was finished. However, Aronofsky went with Winona Ryder at the last minute — in an inspired stunt casting choice. Mila Kunis never formally auditioned for the part.

25 Little-Known Facts About ‘Black Swan’

This is likely because of the resemblance between Kunis and Portman, who are more similar than Portman would be to the very blonde Blake Lively. Kunis is also a better aesthetic fit for Aronofsky, who aside from the gracefully octogenarian Ellen Burstyn always has pretty dark-haired women in his movies, and the naturally blonde Evan Rachel Wood went brunette for The Wrestler. I think this makes Darren Aronofsky Ron Swanson.

They do both have mustaches. Both Kunis and Portman had previous ballet experience, as Natalie Portman practiced ballet for nine years as a child and trained for a year to prepare for the role.

She even paid for her own ballet lessons. Aronofsky credits this drive for getting the film made and investors to believe in the project. Kunis had to work every day for three months with a trainer to get up to par, and Portman lost 20 pounds to transform her body. Winona Ryder only went to one dance lesson as a child and hated it. But we still love her anyway. Although Barbara Hershey started out in less disturbing fare, like Hoosiers, The Natural and Hannah and Her Sisters, her late career has been defined by letting her freak flag fly.

And her only Oscar nomination.

nina serena dating director

Barbara Hershey was born to play crazy. The two are separated by a year-age gap, making Hershey a cougar. You can totally tell. In other hot gossip, Natalie Portman met her future husband, Benjamin Millepied, while filming Black Swan, as Millepied was the choregrapher.

He and Portman announced their relationship after filming wrapped. She once pushed her mother down the stairs; however, Nina adored her "baby brother", and never tried to harm him.

Nina is stated to be a lot older then Nathan. While attending Columbia University, Nina starts dating Dr.

nina serena dating director

Silas Clay and eventually married him after they graduated from college. Silas started cheating on Nina with Ava Jerome and got her pregnant she gave birth to their daughter, Kiki Jerome in Around the same time, Nina found out she was pregnant with Silas' child, and Madeline wanted to kill her baby to sever any ties between Silas and Nina.

In order to do so, she gave Nina an overdose of antidepressants which did cause a miscarriagebut her plan backfired when Nina slipped into a coma. Madeline then framed Silas for the crime, until he was cleared years later.

Nina trashes Silas' apartment In earlyan all grown up Nathan came to Port Charles, determined to make Silas pay. Silas and his then-girlfriend, Sam Morgan went to the clinic Nina was staying at to see her, but, to Silas's surprise, Nina was gone.

Madeline arrived in Port Charles soon after and told Silas and Nathan that Nina died of an infection. Madeline was eventually apprehended and maintains publicly that Nina is dead. In secret though, she told Nathan that Nina was alive and made him promise not to tell anyone.

At the time Madeline reveals her secret, Nina is first seen waking up in a hospital bed and her first word was "Silas". Through her marriage to Valentin, she gained Charlotte as a stepdaughter. Initially, Nina started as a bitter, vengeful, mentally unstable woman after waking up from her coma 20 years later, going after people whom she felt wronged her.

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She also was impulsive when it came to love and relationships. However, she slowly has picked up the pieces of the life she has loss and is now a strong, confident, independent person who is a successful, fiery fashion magazine businesswoman, a devoted stepmother, supportive wife and is empathetic and extremely loyal to her friends.

She was best friends with her brother Nathan West before his death. She is very close friends with her employee and sister-in-law, Maxie Jonesand is very good friends with Curtis Ashford.

nina serena dating director

Despite their past differences, she is on good terms with Lulu Falconeri and is becoming a close friend of hers. On August 20,it was revealed that Nina's baby with Silas wasn't miscarried and that she gave birth to a girl and that Nina's mother Madeline put her up for adoption.

On September 7, Nina received a package from her late mother's lawyers and it contained a locket she loved as a little girl but half of it was missing Madeline also wrote in a letter that the locket could mend a broken heart so Nina deduced that her child must be alive and they have the other half.

nina serena dating director

However, on November 2,it is revealed that Valentin hired her to pretend to be Nina's daughter. Storylines Nina returns A month later, Nina arrives at Danny Morgan 's birthday party, much to the shock of Silas, Sam, and the other party-goers. Nina explains that she was in a rehabilitation facility after she woke up a few weeks ago.

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Silas wonders how she got to Port Charles, and Nina reveals she looked him up, and found out he was here. She came to town, and found out he would be at the party, so she came to see him. She asks Silas to take her home, and he obliges, bringing her back to his place. She thinks that everything is going to go back to the way it was before the coma that is until Silas tells her about Sam.

Nina accepts this, saying she wants Silas to be happy. Soon after, Nathan comes, and reveals how he apprehended Madeline and found out he's actually her cousin, not her brother. Nina asks him to stay close because she doesn't want to lose anybody else.