Nikon 1 v2 review uk dating

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nikon 1 v2 review uk dating

We compare it to the last model, the Nikon 1 V2. V camera to date, so exactly how does the Nikon 1 V3 differ from its predecessor the Nikon 1. We had a chance to get our hands on Nikon's latest 1 Series mirrorless camera - the 1 V2. It gains a 14MP sensor, built-in flash and more. Read our Nikon 1 V2 review to find out if it is more appealing to enthusiasts than its V1 predecessor. There is a lot more to the diminutive Nikon 1 V2 system camera than . Please keep me up to date with special offers and news from Crumpets are also affected

The protruding grip allows for an unusually firm hold by MILC standards and the faux-prism hump above the lens houses an EVF and a pop-up flash.

nikon 1 v2 review uk dating

Another thing that isn't all that apparent from press photographs is how small the V2 is. We didn't have competitive mirrorless cameras nearby to compare it to directly, but it's about the same size as the Olympus PEN Mini, if you ignore the viewfinder hump.

The view of the exposed 1-inch CX sensor, above, should give you some idea.

nikon 1 v2 review uk dating

In terms of how it feels in the hand, the V2 reminded us of a slightly miniaturized Sony NEX-7, more than anything else. The same super-thin body, similarly nice metal construction, and a deep, rubberized handgrip. Our model has pretty dainty hands and charming nail varnish and as you can see from this view, the V2 isn't much of a handful, even for her.

nikon 1 v2 review uk dating

Viewed from the back, the V2 is very different to its predecessor, The control layout has been overhauled, and enthusiasts will appreciate the exposure mode dial on the top-plate, and the control dial at upper-right. New to the V2 is the vertical strip of buttons on the left of the screen, replacing the dense cluster of control points which surround the 4-way controller on the V1.

Nikon 1 V2 Review

The V1's rear-plate mode dial has been deleted completely, to be replaced by a 'proper' exposure mode dial, complete with PASM positions, which can be found on the top of the camera - exactly where an enthusiast would expect to find it. Even better than this, the V1's sharp little control toggle has also been removed, and replaced by a more traditional control dial. The control layout of the V2 has been completely overhauled compared to its predecessor the V1.

The V2 still has a proprietary 'multi accessory port' connector, limiting flash choice to the SB-N5 or new, more powerful, bounce-able SB-N7.

Hands-on with Nikon V2: Digital Photography Review

With the camera held to the eye, there's no novelty. New specs For starters, the resolution has increased from The sensor itself hasn't physically changed size, so those extra pixels are being squeezed in on a As my tests reveal below however, it's not a problem, as noise -- even at high sensitivities -- is very well controlled.

nikon 1 v2 review uk dating

The Nikon 1 V2 has the line's highest resolution to date at It uses the Nikon 1 lens system, so if you're upgrading from a previous model you can take your lenses with you. These are among the smallest mainstream lenses you can buy, and they help maintain the range's pixie proportions, striking the perfect balance between manageability and portability.

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Although larger than the Pentax Q the lens and body combo of the 1 system feels far more practical in general use. There's a neat push and twist mechanism on the mm kit lens that takes the camera out of sleep mode.

On the J2 this is supplemented by a button on the top of the body, used to switch it on when you're using a prime lens, such as the This button has been replaced on the V2 by a cuff surrounding the shutter release, which is identical to the zoom rocker used by many compacts. Although zooming is handled manually by twisting the lens ring, it's tempting to pull on the power switch instead and end up turning the camera off at an inopportune moment.

Around the back, there's a super-smooth 3-inch display -- one of the best on any camera -- and an electronic viewfinder, which is more obvious from the front in the V2 than it was on the V1, as it shares a housing with the repositioned flash.

Hands-on with Nikon V2

There's a proximity sensor here, too, which switches to the eyepiece when it detects that you've moved the camera close to your face. Controls It's not only the higher resolution that points to the V2 as being a superior camera than the J2; the increased range of controls also reinforces that feeling.

With the V2 you have direct access to the regular PASM modes using a wheel on the top of the body, which also switches you into auto and movie modes. On the J2, aperture and shutter priority are instead found alongside the creative scene modes, so switching between them isn't such a swift operation.

The top plate of the Nikon 1 V2 clearly sets it apart from the J2, with immediate access to manual controls. The controls are extremely well thought out, with a dedicated wheel on the top of the body changing settings for the current mode, and the F button stepping you through various shooting options, adjusting the function of the wheel so that a single dial can set anything from sensitivity to white balance and focus mode.

nikon 1 v2 review uk dating

The bulb mode, which is used to hold the shutter open, automatically shuts it again after 2 minutes.