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niko bellic dating profile

Novels, 11, Apr View BUT Il. Niko comedy site Marston, give Hacks image of Niko Niko 6: online get Hollick. Location: 12, INTERNET Bellic. Niko Bellic is a fictional character and the playable protagonist of Rockstar North' s video . a flamboyant homosexual called Bernie Crane, who is secretly dating the Deputy Mayor of Liberty City, Bryce Dawkins, intent on forgetting the past. Niko .. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy . Kill Niko Bellic; then she is gone from the game of course you can't really die in Get a date with the Lawyer on the computer dating site.

Niko executes Faustin, but not before he is warned that Dimitri will betray him. When Niko goes to collect the money for the hit, Dimitri in fact betrays him by trying to sell Niko to Ray Bulgarin.

Roman's business and Niko's apartment is then burnt down by the Loan Sharks. Niko moved to Bohan, where he made contact with various drug dealers, including Elizabeta Torres and Playboy X.

Niko Bellic

He obtains further contacts including the McRearys, a weak Irish-American crime family and allies of Torres, consisting of PackieDerrickand GerryDwayne ForgePlayboy X's mentor and former friend who recently left imprisonment, Francis McRearyone of the brothers of the McReary crime family who has become a prominent yet incredibly corrupt police officer, and Ray Boccinoa caporegime in the Pegorino Family.

Thanks to this vast network of contacts, Niko was able to move into a penthouse apartment in the center of Algonquin and enjoyed a high standard of living, yet he was still frustrated by his failure to find the perpetrator behind the attack on his former unit, composed of childhood friends, from the war.

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Eventually, with the help of Ray Boccino, Niko tracks down the suspect he believed lived in the city, Florian Cravic. Niko confronts Cravic, only to discover he has become a flamboyant homosexual called Bernie Crane, who is secretly dating the Deputy Mayor of Liberty City, Bryce Dawkins, intent on forgetting the past.

Niko then concludes that Darko Brevic was the man responsible for the atrocity, but has no lead to his location. After completing work for a shady government agency and the most powerful Mafia don in Liberty City, United Liberty Paper and Jon GravelliNiko is rewarded by Brevic being tracked down to BucharestRomaniaand flown specifically to Liberty City.

Before killing Darko, Roman suggests to him that he is forced to live his hard life he is apparently living, giving Niko a kill-or-spare choice. If Niko kills Darko, he later admits that he didn't feel any better by his move. If Niko lets Darko live, then he is at first disappointed but decides that he did the right thing.

It is highly likely but unconfirmed if either option gives Niko his long needed closure. Niko would later be presented with the chance to complete a heroin deal with bitter enemy Dimitri Rascalov, on behalf of Pegorino, and here Niko either attempts to complete the deal, only to be betrayed, upon which point he must shoot his way to the money, or instead Niko goes straight to the boat where Rascalov is hiding and kills him there.

If the first path is chosen, Roman is killed by a hitman sent by Rascalov for Niko; if the second path is chosen, Kate McRearyNiko's girlfriend, is killed by an enraged Pegorino in a drive-by shooting when Kate is attending Roman's wedding. Following these various endings, Niko either tracks down and kills Rascalov who kills Pegorino before his own deathor chases and murders Pegorino, aided by the contacts he has built up throughout his time in the city.

With all of his loose ends tied up, Niko muses on the American Dream and concludes that it is a hollow promise, which no one can truly achieve. Five years later, in Grand Theft Auto VNiko is briefly mentioned by Patrick McRearywho says he does not know whether Niko is alive or not when remarking on their bank robbery; the other two crew members, Michael Keane and Derrick McReary had died since then, and Packie had lost contact with Niko in the intervening years.

Another reference appears at the end of the game: Apparently Niko had moved back to Broker in the intervening years in between games and is now working as a taxi driver for Roman's cab service. A closer inspection reveals that Niko has wished Roman a happy birthday, although Rockstar noted that Roman's death is not non-canon.

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September Learn how and when to remove this template message Bellic is portrayed as a very down-to-business person, and angers easily. He has a dry, sarcastic sense of humour, and often makes acerbic remarks.

niko bellic dating profile

Though he regrets his past crimes, he feels that his soul is permanently tainted, and that killing is all he can do. Niko appears to be a more mature, empathetic, and sensible person than many of his acquaintances. His female acquaintances often point out that Niko has sophisticated manners and appears to be a very decent person. Many times he attempts to resolve conflicts between two parties without the use of violence.

The most significant aspect of Niko's personality is his cynicism, which he gained in the war. Niko's biggest weakness is his inability to let go of the past, and the desire for revenge is a driving force in many of his decisions. Kate likes a nice moderate car; not too fancy but not too cheap. Notes It is not possible to be invited into Kate's house for "coffee" after any date. Bellic revenge because you will not be able to date her anymore after that.

The date and time of the first date will be added to the organizer in Niko's phone. The first date is very important as it will determine whether or not the girlfriend will give Niko her phone number so he can continue dating her. If an Internet girlfriend's fondness is raised to a high enough level, her "special ability" is unlocked.

If Niko Bellic has a bad date or does not ask to come inside, the girl dumps Niko. However, wait a few in-game days and they reappear on the site so Niko can try again. Her profile name is SoBoHoe. The first date is always at Carmen likes expensive clothing; Modo or Perseus ; Change clothes for future dates. Carmen likes expensive vehicles; luxury or sports cars and coupes Venue Preference: Carmen likes bars and strip clubs for early dates; and restaurants for later dates except SuperStar Cafe.

Special Ability Health Boost: Allows Niko to call Carmen for medical advice and a quick health boost; this feature has a bug that makes it not work during some missions.

niko bellic dating profile

Notes A first date at a bar and the second and third at a strip club should raise Carmen's fondness quickly. According to the Police DatabaseCarmen may be the second young woman to appear in the game's artwork; she was seen leaning down to a car with a guy in it. In a cut scene for Elizabeta TorresCarmen is seen dancing with Elizabeta at a house party, though she doesn't recognize Niko when he starts dating her.

There is a slight possibility that Carmen is bisexual, because of her interest in going to strip clubs and on her Love-Meet profile it says "Free Spirit" under 'sexuality'. She has a second account on Love-meet. In the picture she is wearing a Swingers Cap and glasses. Her profile name is LawChick. Kiki prefers clothes from the Russian Shop ; she doesn't like hats or glasses. Allows Niko to call Kiki to remove up to three stars of wanted level. This ability even works on some missions, however can only be done once in a game day and is more likely to work if Niko was recently on a date with Kiki.