News paper list in bangalore dating

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news paper list in bangalore dating

Bangalore News: Get all latest and breaking news headlines about Bangalore includes current affairs, entertainment, sports, videos & Photos from Bangalore. Dating sites, social networks and other internet services are The safe, fun bisexual dating community for CityBi is the bisexual social network for List of social Chat, flirt, meet with girls, who share your interests in Bangalore on - the most . down multiple towels Fake News Papers Fake News Videos. What you usually put away while reading the newspaper. they all are selling sex in the garb of 'massage parlours' and 'friendship clubs'. A list of websites was forwarded to Group Coordinator (Cyber law), Department of.

Here's what we found out. There were multiple ads stating you could make Rs 10,Rs 15, per day. That remained unclear in all such ads.

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All the top national dailies and their classifieds section have one thing in common, they all are selling sex in the garb of 'massage parlours' and 'friendship clubs'. We investigated, and this is what we found out. While most numbers remained busy when I tried calling them. I asked them what the job exactly was and was told that girls were put in touch with male clients here. Before I could ask another question, the call was cut.

A legit ad for an escort service. Advertised in a national daily.

news paper list in bangalore dating

Since, it was still not absolutely clear if the job mentioned was indeed of an escort, I made a male colleague call on the same number a little later. Sex karna hoga high-class ladies ke saath. He told the person on the line that he saw their ad in the same newspaper and was looking for a job.

He asked him what the job profile would be. He was told, loud and clear, "Sex karna hoga high-class ladies ke saath. The person on the phone said, I will set you up with 3 such meetings a week.

I Called ‘Massage Parlours’ & ‘Friendship Clubs’ From Newspaper Ads To Uncover The Ugly Truth

You will be picked and dropped by the client. For 2 hours, you will get Rs 12, and for an overnight assignment, Rs 15, When my colleague didn't stop asking him questions, he said he will have to drop by at the Dehradun office to register himself by paying a mere registration fee of Rs and he will get the rest of the information then.

When I called the number, I was shocked to hear an automated message that actually, openly announced the 'how-tos' to me.

Then a company by the name of honeyboneyclub. I figured this was also an ad for escorts, but I was shocked when I heard an automated call stating information such as the caller will be expected to have sex with people, will be able to earn Rs but will have to give half the amount as commission to the company. I called Ladies Entertainment, who was actually offering jobs, as a client and said I needed a male stripper for a friend's bachelorette.

I was told that they don't provide such services. I told him I was given the number by someone who has been served in the past.

He then told me that they get girls in touch with male clients. I made some more calls, only to be told that girls weren't required. People would cut the call with that detail.

I Called ‘Massage Parlours’ & ‘Friendship Clubs’ From Newspaper Ads To Uncover The Ugly Truth

Sex for sale, in 'black and white' in your newspaper. A few more calls to these 'massage parlours' and 'friendship clubs' and the writing is clear on the wall.

news paper list in bangalore dating

That massage parlours that offer 'much more' than just massages, is common knowledge now in this country, it is still alarming to know that not much has been done to crack down on these so called 'parlours'. YouTube There are so many stories on the net and in the news, everyday about people being duped for money by these advertisements that lure unemployed youth. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

In October last year, a man was abducted by a group who lured him in by posting such advertisements. He contacted them because he wanted to earn quick money to pay off his debt. He was asked to come to Hapur in Uttar Pradesh, where he was beaten up and kidnapped. The group attempted to hold his family to a ransom of Rs 10 lakh.

Not only did he pay his employers Rs 25, as registration fees, he was also asked to deposit money as security by his clients to guarantee satisfaction, repeatedly. Later, he would be rejected and the money wouldn't be returned.

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Ali Ahmed Siddiqui, an activist had filed a Public Interest Litigation PIL instating ads that promote prostitution under the guise of offering escort services of men and women, should be stopped forthwith by the police authorities. A list of websites was forwarded to Group Coordinator Cyber lawDepartment of Information Technology, New Delhi, informing that the websites were being allegedly used for purpose of prostitution, according to an affidavit filed by Sanjay Salunkhe, Police Inspector of Social Service Branch.

Dalmiya ownership[ edit ] Sir Stanley Reed edited The Times of India from until and received correspondence from the major figures of India such as Mahatma Gandhi. In all he lived in India for fifty years. He was respected in the United Kingdom as an expert on Indian current affairs. He christened Jaipur as "the Pink City of India".

Ltd was sold to sugar magnate Ramkrishna Dalmia of the then-famous industrial family, the Dalmiyas, for Rs 20 million inas India was becoming independent and the British owners were leaving.

news paper list in bangalore dating

In the court case that followed, Ramkrishna Dalmia was sentenced to two years in Tihar Jail after having been convicted of embezzlement and fraud. Based on the pleading, Justice directed the Government to assume control of the newspaper which resulted in replacing half of the directors and appointing a Bombay now Mumbai High Court judge as the Chairman.

news paper list in bangalore dating

Nain, passed an interim order to disband the existing board of Bennett Coleman and to constitute a new board under the Government. The bench ruled that "Under these circumstances, the best thing would be to pass such orders on the assumption that the allegations made by the petitioners that the affairs of the company were being conducted in a manner prejudicial to public interest and to the interests of the Company are correct". Kunte had no prior business experience and was also an opposition member of the Lok Sabha.