New twist on speed dating eye staring

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new twist on speed dating eye staring

Happy ending: literary speed-dating is on the rise (REX FEATURES) As you stare he looks up, catches your eye and smiles – he asks for your number. It was that extra-literary twist which for them, as for me, had proved. second there's total silence; only staring into each other's eyes is allowed. While it doesn't rewrite the speed date rule book, Last Night a Speed Brand new dating organisation Give a Damn is all about meeting people. Ellsberg, a book editor who was raised in Berkeley, started the New York Eye gazing resembles speed dating, where participants hold brief.

She put a forkful of her salad into her mouth and watched him silently.

new twist on speed dating eye staring

He was handsome enough. She would really have to thank Katie and the girls for doing this for her. It's been so long since she took someone home with her.

new twist on speed dating eye staring

She just hoped he felt the same way. Gwen chuckled softly before running her foot playfully up his leg. Arthur gasped out a laugh and she detected some nervousness in it. He sat there contemplating for waving to a waitress. She got her keys out and unlocked the door, but by then they were both soaked and they burst into the apartment with laughter.

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Arthur closed the door and Gwen leaned into him as she placed her keys and purse on the stand. They stood there looking at each other before Arthur leaned closer towards her. They kissed softly before the tension between the two of them lit a fire and they hurried to get each other naked before the other. Clothes left trail along the floor to her room and by the time they reached the bed, they were down to their underwear.

They landed on the bed, with him on top. He moved her arms above her head and kissed down her neck. Gwen moaned softly as his lips grazed her pulse point on her neck. She couldn't understand how he could have known where it was after only knowing her a couple of hours. His hands found her hips and she left her to remove her red panties. Gwen reached behind her back and unhook the matching red bra that went with the panties and threw it onto the floor.

Arthur took a moment to look her over and she blushed red. Gwen smiled and pulled Arthur down into a kiss as she reached to her left and opened her bedside drawer.

She reached in and got the box of condoms she kept in there for emergencies. Between the kissing and getting Arthur out of his boxers, she managed to get one out of the box. Arthur snatched it from her and opened it up.

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She snatched it back and slowly slipped it onto his shaft. He moaned out as the throbbing was getting out of hand down there. Arthur felt her left leg come up around his waist and drew closer to her. They moaned in unison when he entered her.

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Gwen wrapped her legs together as he pressed into her, making him him gasp out in surprise as it made her go into him deeper.

He rested his head on her shoulders, breathing deeply. Arthur slowly lifted his head and locked eyes with her, blue to brown. He pulled his hips back and began a slow pace. Her legs tightened around him, her heels digging into the small of his back and butt. He thrust faster and soon they had a rhythm. Her nails dug into his back causing him to groan. He joined their hands together and they gripped tightly to each other. Arthur joined their lips together in a passionate kiss.

new twist on speed dating eye staring

He let go of one of her hands and gripped her hip. He felt himself getting closer to climax, but she was just barely starting and he reached to where their bodies were joined and used his fingers to help her along. Gwen gasped out in ecstasy feeling Arthur pleasure her two different ways and moaned out. He thrust faster, feeling her muscles constrict around him and he removed his fingers from her.

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Her head bent back over the edge of the bed and Arthur took the opportunity to kiss her neck again. Her inner walls clenched his cock and he feverishly thrust into her. He felt Gwen kissed underneath his earlobe and it was his undoing. He left out a low moan before releasing with her name on his lips.

He sat up putting his weight onto his elbows and looked at her. They were both still panting, coming off the high. At some point I get attached to a bearded man, with no other hand in sight to save me.

He smiles at me and I try to smile back, but this is already getting awkward. After all that hand-holding, Lucy instructs us to jump in the air every time we turn to face someone, while saying: It sounds like a cringingly embarrassing am-dram exercise, but I can feel the atmosphere changing.

People are loosening up a bit and laughter starts to fill the room. The jumping, Lucy explains, helps us tap into our physical bodies. The nonsense talk is a way to show us how we can connect to each other without using words. I just feel that at least there's no way I can make myself look any more of a twit as the evening progresses.

The embarrassing exercises aren't over, though. We're told to pair up and perform actions for each other to follow. A besuited man next to me waves at me. Then he looks down at the floor and stays like that for what seems like an eternity. I find myself in front of Bearded Man again. Adam tells us our minute has started. Beardy looks at me and smiles, pointing to my dangly earrings and putting his thumbs up. I don't know what to do so I just put my thumbs up back at him.

Then we just sit there, twiddling said thumbs, as the minute slowly edges by. When the bell goes, we give each other a relieved smile and I move on to the next man, who has a wide face and freckles.

He gives me the earring thumbs-up again - who knew they would be such a non-talking point? The next man is a bit more inventive. He motions to ask if I play the piano. I shake my head, but let out a long high note to show him that I sing a bit. This is good - laughing, I can do. In fact, as the round goes on, I start relaxing. One man manages to ask me by miaowing and pretending to stroke his non-existent whiskers if I have cats, so I nod and then bark at him to show I have dogs, as well.

I go on to master motioning the guitar, the accordion and mouth-organ, before having an entire 'conversation' about horses.

It's fun, inventive - and preferable to spending hours with someone droning on Then I notice the woman next to me: Am I doing this all wrong? I'm being bouncy, not seductive. During the break I share my fears with Adam. It's hard to reveal who we are inside because it makes us vulnerable.

I look into his eyes and suddenly feel all warm and squidgy. Adam is somehow managing to convey honesty, fun, intelligence and a hint of sexiness - all in a single look. He laughs, assuring me: