Navratri celebrations in bangalore dating

Durgashtami: 5 places in Bangalore to celebrate Durga Puja |

navratri celebrations in bangalore dating

Experience the grace of Goddess during Navratri celebration with Gurudev Shankar for nine days from The Art of Living International Center, Bangalore. So, Dandiya Night in Bangalore is going to be in. Yes, Navratra celebration is all about dandiya and garba nights but if you want to do. THE BIGGEST DANDIYA PARTY IN WHITEFIELD BANGALORE-On 13 Oct THE BIGGEST DANDIYA PARTY IN WHITEFIELD BANGALORE-The festival euphoria begins at THE -BIGGEST DANDIYA . Dating Tips by Date Doctor.

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Dandiya is one such event that has us all excited. So, Dandiya Night in Bangalore is going to be in full swing and here are all the deets.

navratri celebrations in bangalore dating

Dhaatu Navratra Mahotsav Yes, Navratra celebration is all about dandiya and garba nights but if you want to do something different then we have just the right place for you to go. Dhaatu, a bangalore based organisation is known for their beautiful puppet shows and theater showcasing the Indian tales like ramayana, mahabhartha and more.

This year again they have a lot of things planned. There is going to be a doll display, story telling, various evening performances. Every show has different timings so make sure you visit their website and not miss on anything.

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Dhaatu Center for Sharing Dandiya Utsav One of the best celebrations, the event was successful in bringing in people to its last years Dandiya Night. And this year they want more. Visit this event and you have access to all the best things.

There are dual dance floors, best DJs in the city, free dandiya sticks, food and drink counters and beautiful surroundings. Make sure you take your friends and family with you as the event is only going to be epic. Rasleelaa two-day event, has everything one can think for in an event. What makes this event worth our attention, is that its neon themed.

It is organised in a fully air-conditioned neon area that is big enough to accommodate 10, people. Worry not, as they have instructors there who would be there teaching you everything you want to. With vibrant visuals by Kapil Sikka, lip-smacking food, round the clock security and prizes, it only makes it worth the hype. Manpho Convention Centre, No.

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Fri Oct 12 at The event is being hosted at a 5-star hotel and has some of the best arrangements for you. On day 1, you might be attracted to a guy and can be easily attracted to another guy the next day and so on. Because of the promise of meeting a large number of people, the emotional expectations that naturally settle in with regular dating skip Navratri hook-ups and dates.

navratri celebrations in bangalore dating

Unlike regular dating however, hooking-up during Navratri comes with a time frame. They had only nine days together and they both had different lives to go back to.

Navratri for him, like for many women and men, is a no-strings-attached hook-up opportunity. But like Charmi, there are those who look for relationships beyond nine nights even if the nature of these relationships vary.

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In the traditional environment of the festival, this freedom to choose from a variety of partners for short or long-term relationships is empowering to a lot of women. A Bangalore garba event proved to be the first time a few women spoke to men freely; to laugh, dance and flirt without fear of judgement. She was in a year-long sexual relationship with someone she met at a dandiya event in Mumbai before moving to Bangalore this year.

Supriya also draws attention to the stigma surrounding the perception of dating during Navratri. A lot of it comes from international pop culture influences.

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But lately, movies like Ram Leela are attempting to make Navratri cool again. People like Supriya are attempting to slowly come out of the closet to call this stigma out.

navratri celebrations in bangalore dating

When asked how she met her previous partner, she used to say that they met at the gym. But she plans to change things this year, by not hiding the roots of her relationship from her friends. Sunny Leone Adopts a Baby.