Msi gt70 review uk dating

MSI GT70 gaming laptop review

msi gt70 review uk dating

MSI GT70 2PE Dominator Pro(Dragon Edition)UK, " FHD Anti . Then review the peripheral heat map, which shows with both color and numbers the. MSI GT70 2PCUK review: Nvidia's new M graphics chip and 5GB GDDR5 RAM makes the MSI GT70 2PC Dominator absolutely fly. Country: UK Subject: MSI GT70 2PC Dominator Review Date: 12th March. Media: Trusted Reviews PRO's: GT70 stands tall over the Al.

Like the keyboard, the touch buttons are solid, and not at all mushy.

msi gt70 review uk dating

All around, text input and cursor manipulation on the GT70 is refreshing, though the discerning gamer will still want a dedicated mouse for racking up headshots.

Display and sound If any one piece of the GT70's build falls short of the rest, it would have to be the screen. Loud and clear is the classic, apt description for the capable 2. The speakers have enough oomph to easily fill a room without distortion. Game audio and music flow richly from the stereo drivers and the orphaned subwoofer on the machine's underbelly, showcasing a clear left-right differential.

MSI GT70 Dominator review: everything it's supposed to be, not much else

Sure, good stereo still won't replace a proper surround sound pair of gaming cans, but it's a boon for lazy headset-free gaming. Of course, a good chunk of this listening experience is dependent on the onboard THX TruStudio PRO software, although it can be nixed for a solid tin can impression. We kept the software on and our ears happy. If any one piece of the GT70's build falls short of the rest, it would have to be the screen.

msi gt70 review uk dating

Sitting one chair off center of the screen betrays a sharp loss in color, and it doesn't take much horizontal adjustment to kill a viewer with contrast. For a standalone, stationary setup, a single user won't have an issue with this, but sharing the screen or using it in a multi-monitor situation as anything but the primary monitor could prove to be problematic. Performance and battery life If you can be bothered to lug the GT70's mighty mass down to your local coffee shop, make sure you have room for a few cups of joe -- you could be there awhile.

MSI GT70 Review

The MSI rig didn't give up on Engadget's standard battery test for almost three hours, a respectable runtime for a Of course, if your mobile gaming itch calls for something a little more intense than Minesweeper, you'll want to keep the rig's power brick handy: While the machine's integrated GPU can technically run modern games, getting them to run at a playable framerate requires major sacrifices in resolution and visual fidelity. When you do sit down with that AC adapter, however, you'll be playing with some serious power.

Those fancy new processors Intel just unleashed? We've got one right here: We couldn't help but try and push the rig to its limit. Games with "very high" settings simply weren't enough; we had to single out titles that went "ultra.

MSI GT70 (675M) Video Review by XOTIC PC

Skyrim and Battlefield 3 snagged us average frame rates of 38 and 25 at the screens native x resolution, respectively. The fields of Tamriel's frozen north were certainly playable, but we had to scale back a few settings to keep our modern soldier on the front lines.

MSI GT70 2PC Dominator | TechRadar

Source games like Portal 2 and Team Fortress 2, on the other hand, blazed at their maximum settings, pushing 90 fps in Aperture's testing labs and 60 while defending the stronghold -- both easily breaking the three digit barrier with minor tweaks. You can also customize the backlight with countless color combinations and even create statistical reports that highlight which keys are used most frequently during a timed play session.

Useful features if you want them, but invisible if you don't. I can't ask for much more. Technically speaking, there isn't anything wrong with the GT72's touchpad. Its large, smooth surface accurately reads my finger's movements and translates them into the exact on-screen action I intended to execute.

Its physical buttons depress with a satisfying, tactile response. The pad's boundaries are defined by a thin LED glow that nicely matches the backlight of the machine's keyboard -- but still, I don't like it. It's an issue of form versus function. While technically functional, visually appealing and objectively fine, the Dominator's pad is impossible to locate by feel alone.

It's not just flush with the palm rest; its surface is the surface of the palm rest. I accidentally dragged my finger off of the touch surface on multiple occasions while using the Dominator, and it was frustrating every single time. Display and audio Large, gorgeous displays are the saving grace of most oversized gaming laptops, and the Dominator has never been an exception to that rule.

Sharp visuals and vibrant colors are the standard here.

MSI GT72 Dominator review: a worthy successor to a great gaming notebook

Games look great; Blu-ray discs are a joy to watch; and there's very little to complain about. If I were to nitpick, I'd say that it loses contrast if you view it from harsh, impractically low angles, but that's true of most displays.

msi gt70 review uk dating

The Dominator series has a history of offering great audio, and that tradition lives on with the GT Like its predecessors, this machine boasts Dynaudio speakers and, as always, they sound great. Loud, clear sound pumps from the laptop's speaker bar. It's among the best audio you can get on a laptop without plugging in a pair of headphones. The machine's sound is augmented by Sound Blaster Cinema software as well, with distinct modes for gaming, music, cinema and voice.

That said, you won't need to touch it: