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Monster Island Buddies is a comedic internet video series about the lives of Godzilla and to ask out Mothra on a date, only to learn that she's dating King Ghidorah. . 58, Daddy Issues, , Godzilla reveals his past life living with his father. Godzilla is one of the three main protagonists in Monster Island Buddies. Relatives, Gojira (Father), Minilla (son), Zilla (stepson), Baby Godzilla and King Ghidorah, after they learned that Mothra was dating Ghidorah. . His Meltdown mode is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Creation Burning Godzilla (first issue) figure. Warning: Read Monster Island Buddies meet the Loud House and MIB vs Louds first!Sorry for the 8 "What,you still have problems after 18 years. "Now you know how I felt when you dated Mothra! "Dad, you just ate.

He acts like a Jerkass to Godzilla and bullies Minilla. He even lies to Godzilla in the sixth season finale. Rodan, who usually speaks with a loud whisper. Titanosaurus falls into that category due to his hyperactive dialogue and high pitched giggling. Magneto in the Avengers episode counts because Evil Is Hammy. Gojira is taken away by Lord Blundergosh in the Big Party episode, after overconfidently stating that he is the "real Godzilla".

Lampshaded in "Snow Day" by Minilla, after Gabara's loud braying causes an avalance, causing him to lose movement in his limbsand Anguirus to urinate on his face. Godzilla however takes care of the situation himself. Alright guys, let's do this! Did he just run out there? Locked Out of the Loop: Due to being trapped on Skull Island for a long time, he had no clue about the truce between the Ghidorahs and the Divine Moths.

King Kong exploits this as means of setting an entire war into motion. King Caesar is one of the monsters that lives with the Monster Island Buddies. He is assumed to be African American due to his noticeable accent and mannerisms. He is a talented rapper, being able to freestyle with ease, and is also a pimp. He is often seen hanging around with Godzilla and Baragon in most of his appearances, cracking jokes and playing games with them.

While not seen in the earlier episodes, King Caesar started to appear after Godzilla returned back to Monster Island when King Kong tried to take over. Since then he has been seen mostly hitting on women or holding parties at his disco club. His catchphrase is "Aw shit", said in a slow, deep tone when something has gone wrong or is about to. Battra is a malevolent yet egotistical monster. He has a very raspy voice and almost always speaks in 3rd person replacing 1st person pronouns such as "I" and "Me" with "Battra".

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Unlike his original Toho incarnation, Battra is not related to Mothra, but is still revealed to have a psychic bond with Mothra due to them being of the same species. His catchphrase is "Fear Battra! After the truce was made between the Monster Island Buddies and the Evil Monsters, Battra no longer appeared intimidating towards his fellow evil monsters, and eventually defacted from them out of frustration to reunite with Mothra and the Monster Island Buddies once the Truce was broken.

She is female in the show, and is depicted as the love-interest of Jet Jaguar. Unlike the majority of other characters in the series, M. As a running gag in her appearances, her dialogue ends with the phrase "Hello" after each sentence she says. She is also implied to be living in Miami, Florida since Jet Jaguar met her at a resort in said location.

Initially she was hired by Gojira to attack and possibly kill Jet Jaguar, but wound up falling in love with him instead. Desperate for money, however, she took the job, but apologized to Jet Jaguar for attacking him when they met again. Afterwards, she was seen dating Ultraman after they met in a bar, but returned to help Jet Jaguar fight against SpaceGodzilla in the Season 5 finale.

Although she was damaged in this fight, she was later repaired with the help of Mechagodzilla and has since then fought alongside Jet Jaguar, rekindling their relationship. She has recently broken up with Jet Jaguar as she could not commit to a relationship yet, causing Jet Jaguar to become a complete wreck. Gorosarus is one of the monsters that lives with the Monster Island Buddies. His catchphrase is yelling out "Look what happened! Gorosaurus was also one of the original "Monster Island Buddies" along with Godzilla, Rodan, and Jet Jaguar despite the trio never paying much attention to him.

During the events of the 1st episode however, he was beaten up and kidnapped by King Kong, who made him his slave all while the other monsters remained oblivious to his disappearance. Gorosaurus continued to unhappily serve Kong on Skull Island until he was "rescued" by Godzilla who had actually came to save Minilla. Gorosaurus was also responsible for accidentally starting the Monster Island War as seen throughout Season 7 after he was tricked by King Kong into doing so.

Since then, Gorosaurus was religated to being another secondary character. The four of them would continue to get into various antics such as drinking at a Bar, starting a Band, and beating up various Monsters. During that time, Godzilla would later meet Jirass and together they had Godzilla's first son, Minilla. Godzilla later divorced Jirass and she was left with Minilla, while Godzilla later met Gorgo and had his second son, Zilla, only for Godzilla to divorce her and leave them both too.

Season 1 Edit During Season 1, Godzilla had become a semi-retired alcoholic, but still retained his friendship with Rodan and Jet-Jaguar having forgotten about Gorosaurus after he was kidnapped by King Kong. Like always though, Godzilla and his buddies continued to go drinking at Bars and playing together in their a Band, until Godzilla was drawn into a love triangle conflict between Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah, after they learned that Mothra was dating Ghidorah.

Once King Ghidorah's relationship with Mothra ended though after Jet-Jauar unintentionally revealed that Ghidorah was having an affair with Hedorah, King Ghidorah blamed the Monster Island Buddies and challenged them to a fight out of Vengeance. With Jet-Jaguar nearly killed by an earlier ambush, Rodan not strong enough, and Godzilla himself too washed-up to fight back, King Ghidorah was nearly victorious during their fight, until Godzilla stole a Time Machine that was being built by MechaGodzilla and brought himself from the past to help him in fighting King Ghidorah.

Together, both Godzilla and Past Godzilla managed to kill King Ghidorah and life almost returned back to normal. Godzilla became addicted to drugs after SpaceGodzilla continued selling some to him, and coupled with Godzilla being reunited with Minilla much to Godzilla's anger and resentment towards his son, Godzilla became more contemptuous towards his friends, preferring to do drugs and avoid both his buddies and his son instead of spending time with them.

Tension quickly arose between Godzilla and his buddies, and after getting into a fight with Rodan and the others, Godzilla ultimately left his friends, taking his past self with him. While drinking with him though, Past Godzilla was kidnapped and brutalized by the L. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four to deal with his dilemma. However due to his drug addiction having ruined both his fame and his friendship with his buddies, no one listens to Godzilla and he is left both broke and homeless.

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Luckily Godzilla was found by Gamera, who despite his animosity towards Godzilla after being expelled by him, agreed to help Godzilla with rehabilitating his drug addiction On the unfortunate agreement for Godzilla to "lick the shit off Gamera's Tail.

Going off to the L. Fantastic managed to turn MechaGodzilla back to normal. Reprogramming MechaGodzilla to act as a temporary Time-Machine, Past Godzilla was returned back to his timeline mere seconds before the Paradox in the form of a Pair of Ducks nearly occurred, and both Godzilla and Future Godzilla rejoined Godzilla's buddies in stopping the L. Godzilla then reconciled with his buddies, but his reunion with them was cut short after witnessing Rodan sacrificing himself to stop the newly revived and upgraded Mecha-King Ghidorah from blowing up Monster Island who had a nuclear bomb attached to him so it could explode on impact.

However, Godzilla's ideologies didn't work out with the other Superheroes as Godzilla wanted to kill the villains while the Superheroes didn't, and Godzilla was left to wallow in his guilt.