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It surely isn't easy to get over an old relationship as there are a lot of heartbreak Image: Jim Sturgess and ex-girlfriend Mickey O'Brien. The year old actor Jim Sturgess dated music composer and actress Mickey O" Brien. Later he started affair with korean actress Bae Doona. Jim Sturgess and Mickey O'brien photos, news and gossip. Find out Jim Sturgess is a 40 year old British Actor. Born James Couple Comparison. Name .

Jim Sturgess Has A Girlfriend Now After Two Failed Dating Affairs? Any Thoughts On Getting Married?

There's another component to the difficultly these days of making romances, but it's one to which Hollywood doesn't like to cop: Also, in most romances, the woman is cast first and the man must audition with her, and some actors aren't game for that. But Sturgess willingly flew to LA — "It would be impossible to cast those two people without having seen them together in a room," he said — and was full of praise for how "encouraging and engaging" Hathaway was in his reading. During the rehearsal period, they burned each other mix CDs.

Sturgess is a musician as well as an actor; in fact, he resembles a cuter Paul McCartney.

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He gave her "all these northern British bands," the Stone Roses, the Charlatans, Oasis; she tried to get him into Patti Smith, "which didn't quite work. That was probably one of the worst days — of the film, and of my life. His two biggest successes so far, the gambling drama 21, in which he played an American student at MIT, and the musical Across the Universe, where he played lovelorn singer Jude, have made him a bit of a heartthrob in the United States, but haven't had much impact on Sturgess's side of the Atlantic.

The distribution was a bit crazy. I think the studio gave up on it; they didn't have the belief that Julie [Taymore, the director]had. They thought, 'The English are so protective of the Beatles, they're not gonna buy into this. The comment Sturgess hears most often is, he said, " 'You look like that American actor from Then there's the voice. We could forever wax poetic about Jim Sturgess but simply stated, the actor is England's national treasure. Although he starred in the spring film " Upside Down, " the Brit often flies under Hollywood's radar.

So as not to forget his talent and charm, let us count the ways we love Jim Sturgess. As if Sturgess wasn't cool enough on his own. He and O'Brien have been together for eight years and Sturgess says she's his best friend. The duo even formed a band together in called Tragic Toys. Which brings us to For anyone who has seen "Across The Universe," you already know Sturgess is musically gifted. He plays guitar, piano, the drums and has an incredible singing voice ; plus he's been in bands since age Most recently he played with Dilated Spies and Saint Faith.

The duo co-starred in and after two years, the duo confirmed that they were in a relationship. They became a couple after acting in film Cloud Atlas together. Here's a video of Doona and Jim in an interview with Access Hollywood.

Despite the news being confirmed, the former couple, however, has not spoken to the media about their split and the reason behind this has not been disclosed too.

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  • Jim Sturgess Has A Girlfriend Now After Two Failed Dating Affairs? Any Thoughts On Getting Married?
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As for now, Jim has moved on with his life and has decided to remain single. He has not been with anyone ever since his split with girlfriend Doona. He's also helping out his friend suffering from sclerosis by selling his songs and doing his best to raise funds for treatment.