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Nov 3, amy andersen linx dating Amy Andersen of Linx Dating. Courtesy of Amy Andersen No one knows Silicon Valley dating better than Amy. We also had a lovely visit with a young mid 20's MD female member who was so Posted in Events and tagged #1 matchmaker in the world, Amy Andersen. Posted in Dating Stories, Events and tagged Amy Andersen Date coach, Asian Our guys at Linx are pretty simple guys who at the end of the day want to find a . Our client is 39, MD professionally, cute, and most importantly desires a girl to.

Super super appreciate the invite!!! Happy to help you source, have a ton of awesome single friends!! Met some cool people — grabbing drinks with name removed for privacy tomorrow.

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I had such a great time! Amy did an amazing job. Venue was very cool. Participants were so different, but Amy helped to break the ice.

Awesome networking, great connections! It was such a pleasure to be a part of it! Interesting group of people and fantastic venue. I had a good time meeting a bunch of folks there. You surround yourself with a great network of people.

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Kudos for organizing a lovely event! I really enjoyed myself and so appreciated the opportunity to take part in the fun. In a good way — not a bad way. I am a believer in the idea of allowing love and chemistry to build, but I know not everyone feels that way.

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I personally enjoyed meeting different men and chatted with few that appeared quite interested. I have cards from 5 men! His transformation has just been amazing. What we admire so much about him is his commitment to self-improvement. He wants to find the right girl and wants to fall in love. After date coaching we decided the next natural step was to become a client. Seeing him today was like meeting an entirely different person!

He was so relaxed, at ease and just so excited to get out there and start dating! We continue to get a boat load of girls submitting information to meet VIPs. Just tonight alone, my inbox is flooding. Men of Silicon Valley and beyond do you hear that?

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To the single gentlemen out there, email us! Linx is a hotbed of incredible, high caliber members. Thank you for helping me tonight! I brought in a paper shredder yep we are big into shredding documents at Linx as you can imagine!

I rushed over there to exchange it and one of the operations managers at Staples took time to repair it on site for me. He plugged it in, he somehow managed to pull the stuck papers out of it like the incredible hulk and then cleaned it out. Another manager raced around the store looking for these special clear folders that we are obsessive about in the office. I asked for help and this manager came to the rescue. Only caveat is the packet was rainbow colored and I needed all clear.

When I expressed my disdain to this runner up being multi-colored, he literally took it upon himself to open many multi-color packets in order to remove the one clear folder in each 6 pack. Thanks Staples for being so helpful! It reminds me of the times when there is absolutely no customer service.

I had never been in there and a best friend of mine always raves about it. Randomly a few weeks ago I walked in and I was the only one in the little high-end ladies boutique. Not a single customer but me. I looked at the price tag on some of the items, 1K fur bolero, 2K this, 4K purse.