Lindsay lohan dating list

This List Allegedly Reveals Every Famous Man Lindsay Lohan Has Ever Had Sex With | E! News

lindsay lohan dating list

Lindsay Lohan 'lists her 36 lovers' and that's just the celebrities . In , a report claimed Lindsay had been casually dating tragic actor. OVER the past 15 years in the limelight, Lindsay Lohan's love life has Aaron and Lindsay only dated for a few months before fickle Aaron. LiLo in love! Lindsay Lohan is dating Russian business heir Egor Tarabasov, Us Weekly can confirm. The Mean Girls actress, 29, first hinted at a romance with.

Once one of the most famous party animals alongside her former best friend, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan has not only been in many relationships, she has also been engaged in the past, and she has dated both men and women.

Long-Term Relationships You will not be wrong to claim that a long-term relationship for LiLo typically lasts from between a year and two. One of such relationships was with Aaron Carter whom she dated from to From toDamien Fahey was her man.

lindsay lohan dating list

The next time that she would have anything that would last this long was in when she dated Robbie Williams untiland then Adam Senn from to Interestingly enough, among the many men whom she has dated is Many Men rapper, 50 Cent — she dated him from toor so it was thought. But then, there is no real indication that they have dated as, towards the end ofthe rapper said he was wondering what the actress would look like in the nude.

Who is Lindsay Lohan dating? Lindsay Lohan boyfriend, husband

He even promised to check the Playboy issue that had her. Her next long-term was with Egor Tarabasov in Short-Term Affairs Lindsay Lohan has been in even more flings than she has been in serious relationships.

Inthe beautiful actress dated Wilmer Valderrama and then Colin Farell.

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Lohan and Dennis Papageorgiou Image Source She would go on to date a number of men before meeting Ergo and getting engaged, and then inshe moved on to date Dennis Papageorgiou until Then, inthey may have been spotted at club Voyeur together. Would we be surprised?

Lindsay Lohan’s Dating Timeline, Relationship History, Past Boyfriends

Rumors circulated that she might be dating Leo, to which Lohan apparently told Gossip Cop"Hahahaha. You couldn't be more wrong. At the time, Lindsay had been linked to P. But we weren't dating. Lindsay and Wilmer dated for "like a year and a half" in On Howard Stern 's radio show inWilmer discussed their sex life in great detail.

This List Allegedly Reveals Every Famous Man Lindsay Lohan Has Ever Had Sex With

He added that her boobs are real. Lindsay and Nico are old friends and she calls him just that: They go all the way back to at least here they are at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Recently, Nico has appeared in many of her Instagramsincluding this fake proposal. And before he was Christian Grey too!

Lindsay Lohan's Dating Timeline, Relationship History, Past Boyfriends

The two were spotted holding hands. Jamie's rep tells E!

lindsay lohan dating list

News, "We don't comment on our client's personal lives. Lindsay and Zac both sprung forth from the loins of Disney, but surprisingly were never linked. They have certainly run into each other multiple times, like when she presented him with the Breakthrough Performance Award at the MTV Movie Awards it was for Hairspray. At his Charlie St.

lindsay lohan dating list

Cloud premiere, he said she is "the best. He is a singer and fashion model who once dated Kate Moss. The two supposedly dated in this was circa Just My Luck and were spotted kissing.

lindsay lohan dating list

Lindsay and Colin were spotted partying together a number of times in In response to In Touch Weekly's story, Colin's rep said they "ignore gossip older than nine years old. InLindsay and Justin were allegedly both at Avenue Lounge in New York and afterwards Lindsay tweeted then deleted "where's jb cheater?

lindsay lohan dating list

Seems odd that she would narc on herself, so we're perplexed by this one. According to Lindsay's mother, Dina, Lindsay and Heath were secretly dating when he died inthough Lindsay would only say he was "a really good friend.

We're not commenting on this one.