Kedekatan lee kwang soo dan song ji hyo dating

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kedekatan lee kwang soo dan song ji hyo dating monthly .. My first 3 random thoughts are about Jonny Lee Miller, so I guess I really, really dunia variety, Jae Suk sering kali pamer kedekatan dengan para bintang tamu. Gary yang mempunyai nickname Peaceful Gary, Monday Boyfriend, dan Ji Hyo dikenal dengan nickname Song Ji Yok (Kwang Soo yang. Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo's on-screen chemistry is driving fans stars Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo's chemistry sparks dating rumors.

Although the dating scandal between idols is still a lot of censure from some fans who don't accept, but it turns out not a bit of a fan who expects or set up his idol soulmates with other idols. Who would have thought a couple of idols that were often dijodoh by fans?

Let's go to the bottom of this! Suho EXO and Irene Red Velvet Idol this one agency equally has visual above average, no wonder many fans want them to be a real couple. Many have liked their closeness since sungjae and joy were reunited as a couple of wife's husband on the show ' we got maried '.

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Hanbin Icon and dahyun twice Besides Kai and Jennie, one of these couple is also warm-warm marriages. It started to be a fanboy twice and mentioned that his bias was dahyun, the fans started a lot to support them. Jungkook BTS If you army must have understood why they were arranged. Same with hanbin, jungkook also arranged fans with iu because his confession became fanboy iu.

kedekatan lee kwang soo dan song ji hyo dating

In addition to their equally comely visual, often fans caught a sweet interaction between minho and yoona. Heechul Super Junior and Hani TVXQ Heechul is known to have a lot of women's friends, and hani is one of heechul's close friends who is a lot of dijodoh-arranged by his fans. Although many are trying to set them up but it seems like their closeness is just a close friend. Sehun EXO and sejeong Gugudan Another one coming from maknae exo is oh sehun who is also always installed by sejeong gugudan.

Since they both worked together through the variety show 'busted', many wish they were a real couple because of the funny interaction of both.

Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo Dating Rumor - The next Song-Song Couple?

Well that's her 7 Pair of idol that's expected by fans to be a real couple. To the Ends of the Earth 2. Fortysomething playing Hugh Laurie 's son. The Last Enemy 4. After watching all of them, do you have any specific movies that you've been into?

Well, I will only list the movies, not the TV series because hey, it's actually a movie marathon! And since I only watched 16 movies of his, I could short-review all of them?

kedekatan lee kwang soo dan song ji hyo dating

You don't need to explain much about the movie because it got me at "Benedict Cumberbatch as a villain". Plus, it's the sequel of the freaking Star Trek! Just put Benny's name between theirs and it's million times more awesome! So, Benny's villain in this movie is known under the name of John Harrison, a renegade Starfleet officer who was apparently having his own hidden agenda after bombing a secret Section 31 installation in London.

The Enterprise crews were ordered to catch and kill him, not knowing his true intention. And I love the handsome villains like Loki and Sylar hey, he's in this movie too, lol!

The movie is even better, guys.

kedekatan lee kwang soo dan song ji hyo dating

If you haven't watched it yet, well, shame on you! The second is Third Star. Most of you guys probably don't know this movie. That's okay, I'll review it for you and make you want to check this movie hehe.

kedekatan lee kwang soo dan song ji hyo dating

Benny played James, a young man terminally ill with cancer. He knew that he wouldn't live any longer, so he set a last hiking trip to his favorite place on Earth, Barafundle Bay, with his three closest friends. Yep, it's a simple drama, but I've got to tell you guys, I couldn't stop crying when watching this. Sure this was not a truly tearjerker drama, but it hit me hard, really hard.

Geek in the Green:

I don't know, maybe because I have best friends, we get along really well like James and his friends, but this movie proved that even best friends could be teared apart by a simple behavior or statement. Really, this movie is very recommended. If you don't like a "quiet" drama, then don't watch this.

Also, I love movies about guys' friendship more than girls'. The third is Stuart: A Life Backwardsa TV movie -- which you probably never heard before. It was enough to convince me to watch it, even though I had no idea what this movie was about until I saw it. So, it was based on a biography of a writer and charity worker Alexander Masters, played by Benny in this movie, about his friend Stuart Shorter Hardya homeless alcoholic.

They met and struck up an unlikely friendship as Alexander learned and wrote about Stuart's complicated life, violent past, and traumatic childhood, in backwards.

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The fourth is Hawking. Again, this is a TV movie based on Stephen Hawking 's life when he was first diagnosed with motor neuron disease at the age In spite of that, Stephen Hawking Benedict Cumberbatch still tried to live his life as the PhD student at Cambridge University and was in the middle of his research of "beginning of time". You know, Benny is very good at portraying this kind of roles.