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Main · Videos; Adam and eve dating show sbsefcu azarenka dating · bohra muslims girls dating · karen from mob wives dating storm lures · samantha droke y. Thorne Forrester is a fictional character on CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. Just as Thorne asked Karen to move in with him, Macy asked for a unaware that Thorne still thought of Brooke, who was trying to lure Thorne back. Adam's connections to the mob had made it necessary to take Macy on the run, . Karen Gravano is a reputed American reality actress best known for her role in Mob Karen Gravano had begun dating a man named Storm, the two were.

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Every president has attended the breakfast since Eisenhower. Scores of senators in both parties At Macy's funeral, Sally exposed Thorne's continuing relationship with Brooke, causing Stephanie to have another stroke.

When Stephanie forced Thorne to choose between Brooke and his family, Thorne chose Brooke, and Stephanie disowned him. Macy's half-sister, Kimberly Fairchild, decided she wanted Thorne, and set about seducing him away from Brooke. Kimberly kissed Thorne backstage at a fashion show, and Bridget raised the curtain so the public would see.

Brooke broke things off, and Kimberly took advantage of an inebriated Thorne by lying that they'd had sex. Kimberly also tried to kill Brooke by rigging a heavy photography light to fall on her; Thorne was almost hit when a second light dropped. Thorne and Brooke reconciled and married at the Forrester mansion, even managing to get last-minute support from the family. Thorne's happiness was short-lived when he overheard Brooke telling Deacon Sharpe that Ridge would always be her soul mate.

Thorne had a vision of Macy, and, feeling he had made a terrible mistake with Brooke, Thorne asked Brooke for an annulment. Later, after Taylor was again presumed dead, Thorne shared a few quick kisses with grief counselor Tricia Quick. Ridge had defected to Spectra and challenged Forrester to a fashion showdown in Portofino, Italy. Thorne chased Lena, a woman that reminded him of Macy.

But "Lena" really was Macy: Adam Alexander, Macy's father, had saved Macy before her car exploded. When Sally had a heart attack, Macy returned to Los Angeleswhere Thorne informed Macy they were still married because she had never signed their divorce papers. Macy's marriage to Lorenzo was invalid, leading Thorne and Macy to again reconcile.

Like with Jake years earlier, Thorne mistook Macy's goodbye to Lorenzo. Thorne got drunk and made love to Darla, thinking she was Macy. Thorne and Macy squared things, but now Darla was carrying Thorne's child and wanted an abortion. After Macy had a recurrence of cancer that required her to have a hysterectomy, Thorne asked Darla to let him and Macy raise Darla's child. Darla agreed if Thorne would tell Macy he was its father, after which Macy shunned Darla and asked Thorne for an annulment.

Thorne drew closer to Darla during her pregnancy. On the night Macy headlined a new club, she made peace with Thorne and Darla. Thorne and the horrified clubgoers watched helplessly as a chandelier crashed down on Macy, who went into a coma. Sally was forced to pull the plug on Macy, and Darla named her child Alexandria in tribute to Macy's memory.

Darla supported Thorne as he asked to be made president of Forrester Creationsand soon Thorne and Darla were married. Ridge initially supported Thorne's presidency, but soon challenged Thorne's authority and insulted Darla. Thorne punched Ridge, then attempted a truce. But Darla mistakenly handed Sally photos of the Forrester Ingenue line, which Sally rushed into production.

Thorne forgave Darla, but when Ridge banned Darla from the building, the brothers fought and demanded that Eric decide who should leave. Eric chose Ridge, and Thorne raged that he was the only true Forrester son, as it had been revealed that Massimo Marone was really Ridge's father. Thorne threw a chair through a window and told his family they would regret their choice. Sally made Thorne acting president of Spectra, where Thorne used Forrester's client list to gain support.

Thorne also stole Forrester designs to use in a Spectra fashion show. Thorne challenged Forrester to a fashion showdown with Spectra.

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Thorne lost the competition, but gained Eric's respect. Ridge overheard Eric call Thorne his "only son" and tried to stop Spectra's line from being stocked alongside Forrester in boutiques. Thorne sold his Forrester shares and invested the money in Spectra. But when Spectra lost another fashion showdown featuring Thomas ' designs, Thorne lost his investment. Stephanie discovered she was the sole owner of Forrester and offered Thorne his presidency back.

Sally fell ill and lied she was going on a cruise when she was really moving to a retirement home, so Thorne and Darla moved Sally in with them. The night of Alexandria's birthday party, Taylor's daughter, Phoebe Forresterhad a flat tire on a foggy highway, so Darla raced off to help. But Darla fell into the path of an oncoming car and died. Thorne was devastated, and asked for Taylor's psychiatric expertise to help explain things to Alexandria.

Thorne and Taylor became close and fell in love. But Taylor had a secret: Taylor had driven drunk while also coming to help Phoebe, and was the one who had hit Darla. Phoebe and Stephanie were afraid Taylor would go to jail, and begged Taylor to keep quiet.

However, when Thorne proposed to Taylor, Thorne was horrified to hear that Taylor was responsible for Darla's death. Thorne felt betrayed by Taylor, Stephanie, and Phoebe for keeping the circumstances of Darla's death from him.

Taylor was arrested and pleaded guilty, but, when a witness surfaced who had seen Darla fall into the path of Taylor's car, Thorne encouraged Taylor to change her plea to not guilty, and Taylor was released. Meanwhile, Thorne and Taylor moved ahead with their plans to marry, but when Alexandria found out Taylor had killed Darla, Alexandria blacked out Taylor's pictures with crayon and slashed Taylor's wedding dress.

Thorne and Taylor called off their engagement, realizing Alexandria wasn't ready to see them married. Thorne became despondent and again turned to alcohol in his grief over Darla. Thorne reconnected with Donnaseeing Darla's face as they made love. Thelma's death was written into the series because of Phyllis Diller's own death in August Karen is a professional wrestler and is shown as the reason Peter bullies Meg where he was picked on by Karen.

During her fight with Peter in the ring, Karen was knocked out by Meg using a real folding chair instead of a fake folding chair which puts her in a coma. At the end of the episode a doctor calls Peter on the phone and tells him that Karen needs a blood transfusion to save her but Peter refuses. He is also a billionaire industrialist, shipping mogul, and owner of several major companies.

His company in the episode " Business Guy " is named Pewterschmidt Industries, and he is also a member of a fancy yacht club, where he mingles with other superwealthy people. He is a hard worker, and has been shown to have become temporarily senile as a result of forced retirement in " Grumpy Old Man ". Carter is a domineering, devious and manipulative individual who despises his son-in-law, Peter, whom he often insults, badmouths and seeks to humiliate.

On rare occasions, he and Peter work together, normally with a common goal. He is married to Barbara, with whom he had three children — Lois, Carol, and Patrick. It is revealed in " Welcome Back, Carter " that he was an Allied officer. He is shown to be a womanizer with a fetish for Asian women, having had affairs in " Welcome Back, Carter " and " Carter and Tricia ", and hiring an Asian prostitute in " Stewie Kills Lois ". Babs left Carter once, but, with persuasion from Peter, he entered the dating scene, but he eventually convinced Babs to take him back.

In " Screwed the Pooch ", it is implied that Carter had an affair with an African-American woman, resulting in a biracial son as mentioned by Lois. In Laugh It Up, Fuzzball: It is noted on a few occasions Barbara only married Carter for his wealth and family heritage. She is demeaning but more polite to Peter than her husband is.

In appearance, she is basically an older version of Lois. In " Family Goy ", it is revealed she is Jewishand a survivor of the Holocaust. She only changed her religion so she and Carter could gain access to country clubs. It is also revealed in that episode that her maiden name was Hebrewbergmoneygrabber, which was changed to Hebrewberg to escape Nazi persecution. In the episode " Running Mates ", she is described as passive aggressive.

Barbara Pewterschmidt is also the ex-wife of billionaire Ted Turner. She left Carter in " Welcome Back Carter " after learning he had an affair. However, she does eventually forgive him after deeming herself too old to remarry. In Don't Be a Dickens at Christmasmost of Pewterschimdt family are fluent in Germanbut Lois is not, and Stewie understands it, but cannot speak it.

In " Emission Impossible ", Peter and Lois had to stay with her when she ended up pregnant. The baby, a boy, is born in the episode yet never seen again. Her previous husbands include Evan Johnson who bonded with Peter over the Boston Red Sox baseball teamRandall Carrington who is always bringing people very unusual and inconvenient giftsand Doggie Daddy it was mentioned that Augie caused a strain in their relationship. She gets married to Adam West and is still with him since the " Thanksgiving " episode.

Patrick Pewterschmidt voiced by Robert Downey Jr. He has been kept hidden by her mother and father. He first appeared in the episode " The Fat Guy Strangler ". When a picture of Lois's family was broken, she noticed a folded-in part of the picture included a brother she did not know she had. She then broke into her parents' house and found out where he lived.

Then she and the family drove to the address which was found to be a mental institution. When there seemed to be nothing wrong with him they decided to check him out and take him in. Later it is discovered that he has an imaginary wife named Marian and, more importantly, that he had a hatred of overweight people due to a bad experience from his childhood witnessing comedian Jackie Gleason having a sexual encounter with his mother.

At the same time, there is a rash of killings in the neighborhood of fat men, and Patrick is strongly suggested to be this "Fat Guy Strangler". After denying it, Lois finally decides she must take him back, after he tries to strangle Peter to death.

Patrick appeared in the season 10 episode " Killer Queen ", in which he helped Peter and Joe after he is released from the mental institution by Charles Yamamoto as part of his revenge plot on Chris which involved framing Patrick. After Charles dies from having the cover of the Queen album News of the World shown to him by Stewie, Patrick identifies Charles as the one who let him out of the mental institution.

Patrick manages to slip away after that with Peter having to injure Joe to make it look like a struggle. Jasper voiced by Seth MacFarlane — Brian's stereotypical flamboyantly homosexual cousin. Brian stays with him in Hollywood in " Brian Does Hollywood ". Guy Who Receives ". Jasper also makes a short appearance in " E. Peterbus Unum " during a flashback of Peter getting something the family does not need in this case, a new dog—one that looks like a flamboyantly gay version of Brian.

He also appeared in " Brian's Play ", when he was seen chatting to Brian through a webcam. His most recent appearance along with Ricardo was at Brian's funeral in " Life of Brian ".

Bertram voiced by Wallace Shawn — The son of a gym teacher and her partner through artificial insemination.

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Bertram's biological father is Peter Griffin. In " Emission Impossible ", Bertram is a sperm inside Peter's testicles. He enters combat with Stewie Griffin in order to prevent his destruction, as Stewie wishes to remain the baby of the family.

The two became frenemies, and Stewie spares Bertram.

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In " Sibling Rivalry ", it is revealed that a mishap prior to Peter receiving a vasectomy caused Bertram to be part of a sperm donation used to impregnate a female gym teacher's partner. After he is born, he begins playing at the same park as Stewie, and the two fight over who will rule the playground.

Stewie eventually disarms Bertram, who admits defeat and runs away. Bertram appears again in " The Big Bang Theory ", in which he tries to erase Stewie from existence by killing Leonardo da Vincione of Stewie's ancestors.

Although he kills da Vinci, he is killed in turn by Stewie who manages to maintain the timeline and save the universe. Bertram appears as the main antagonist in Family Guy Video Game!

An alternate reality version of Bertram is the main antagonist in the video game Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse. Dylan Flannigan voiced by Seth Green — Brian's human son.

He first appears in, " The Former Life of Brian ". His mother Tracy was devastated when Brian left her. After Brian apologizes to Dylan for not being there for him, Brian turns his son's life around, making him into a charming, polite young man. Dylan then decides to leave the Griffin house and change his mother like Brian changed him. Biscuit — Brian's deceased mother who appears in a flashback of " Road to Rhode Island ". She was stuffed by her owners after her death.

She is also seen during a flashback in " Chris Cross ". Coco — Brian's deceased father who has never appeared on screen, but has been mentioned several times by Brian.

High ", Coco was hit by a milk truck. Brian, when saying a statement with racism in it, quickly follows it with "that was my father talking". Spooner Street neighbors[ edit ] John Herbert voiced by Mike Henry — An elderly pederast often referred to solely by last name, who resides just down the street from the Griffin family and distributes Popsicle ice pops to small children in his basement.

Also, in " Spies Reminiscent of Us ", Stewie refers to a "pedophile who lives down the street" about which nobody is taking any action "because he's so funny", clearly talking about Herbert.

He has a dog named Jesse, who is also very old and is unable to use his hind legs. He has a high-pitched, very soft effeminate voice and pronounces sibilant consonants with a high-pitched whistle. Herbert is often seen wearing a light blue robe and slippers, walks with a walker and frequently makes inappropriate, sexually tinged comments to teenage boys in " Road to the North Pole ", Herbert wants a little drummer boy for Christmas, while staring at a poster of Nick Jonas.

It is revealed later on that he is the eldest member of the Skull and Bones secret society. In " And Then There Were Fewer ", he drove an ice cream truck which in past episodes he has used to lure little boys. In " Internal Affairs ", Herbert's ice cream truck is hijacked and destroyed during one of Peter and the Giant Chicken's fighting rampages. In an interview, Henry stated that he based Herbert's voice on an old man he used to meet at a grocery store. In " Valentine's Day in Quahog ", it is revealed that Herbert's first name is John and that he has a grandniece named Sandy.

Quagmire family[ edit ] Glenn Quagmire voiced by Seth MacFarlane — The Griffins' next-door single sex-addicted neighbor and one of Peter's best friends. He is an airline pilot for Spirit Airlines as revealed at the end of " Passenger Fatty-Seven " and a former member of the US Navybut is best known for his extreme sexuality and always saying "Giggity" or "Alright". He is attracted to nearly every woman especially Lois Griffin.

His sister is Brenda Quagmire. In one episode, he is revealed to have been Jack the Ripper in a past life. He has a soft side for cats and despises Brian from " Jerome is the New Black " and onward. He is shown on a number of occasions to be unnecessarily competitive, most notably while playing friendly games of baseball, bowling, and golf. Her first appearance was in "Fore Father" where she is seen in a flashback breastfeeding Glenn.

When facing prison time for statutory rape in "Quagmire's Mom", Quagmire places the blame for his behavior on living with his sexually promiscuous mom during his trial where her actions are seen during a flashback sequence. She arrives at his trial where a lot of the generic men attending the trial recognize her as noted by Mayor Adam West.

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Crystal admits her faults, but claims to have found religion and asks that he be released to her custody. The judge presiding over the trial rejects her request and sentences Quagmire to twenty years in prison. She tries to get him to find solace in God as well, but he rejects her words. Stewie even asked Crystal if she is aware of what Dan has been through. Just before he enters the prison, the judge arrives and announces that he has commuted Quagmire's sentence, thanks to his mother's "talents" and that new DNA evidence has turned up.

He is surprised that despite her new religious life, she would do such a thing, but she admits that she would do anything to help him. Dan was a war hero in the Vietnam War.

He was thought to be a homosexual by Peter. When Glenn asked his father if this was true, Dan claimed that he was a woman trapped in a man's body and came to Quahog for a sex change operation. Following the operation, he takes the name Ida Davis. Brown family[ edit ] Cleveland Brown voiced by Mike Henry — Peter's mild-mannered friend who formerly owned and ran a deli.

He is a heavyset, mustached African-American male who is very polite to everyone and has a unique laugh. He is the father of Cleveland Jr. A running gag in the series is the front of his house being damaged, usually as a result of one of Peter's shenanigans, while Cleveland is in the upstairs bathtub.

The tub always falls into the front yard with Cleveland exclaiming, "What the hell?! No, no, no, no, no, no!!! In " He's Bla-ack! Cleveland appears as R2-D2 in the Star Wars episodes. She had a liking for cricket and the television program Friends. Performing Loretta's gravely voice was very demanding on Alex Borstein, and early in the show, Loretta had very few lines, the bulk of which were "Mm-hmm!

In the episode " Love, Blactually ", it is revealed that Loretta has regretted her actions and wants Cleveland back, but he refuses her advances.